Dance of Wonder & Ravishing Roses Event

During the Dance of Wonder & Ravishing Roses event, players need to do the daily quests to obtain roses and the new Grezhul Skin. The more roses you get, the more rewards you can obtain.

How many roses Free Players can get?

Every day, free players can get 45 roses from the daily quests. Since the event lasts for 12 days, you will be able to get 540 roses in total for free.

How to get roses?

  • Daily Quests
  • In-game merchants.

Which rewards should I exchange?

  1. Optional: Grezhul Skin. If you use him every day, it’s up to you to get him a new look :). Not recommended for new players.
  2. red chest Red Emblem Chests + 30xprimordial emblems Primordial Emblems = recommended. (Read more: Signature Item Tier List)
  3. Artifact Chest Artifact Fragment Chest + red chest Red Emblem Chests If you are looking to max out Dura’s Call.
  4. poe coinPoe Coins + 30xprimordial emblems Primordial Emblems (Read more: Furniture Tier List)
  5. Twin + red chest Red Emblem Chests (If you need the 1 copy to get to Elite+)
  6. rare hero card Rare cards If you are a new player and want more fodder heroes.
  7. Twisted Essence (Read more: Elder Tree guide).
  8. Elemental ShardElemental Core Engraving Materials (Read more: Engraving Guide).
  9. Lucretia Lucretia + red chest Red Emblem Chests (If you need the last copy to get to ascend)

Otherwise, you can buy the $0.99 package for 18 extra roses Roses every day.

Dance of Wonder

Based on the total number of roses you obtain, you can get the following rewards:

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dance of wonder rewards

  • Unlock All Amethyst Chests Contains a Limited Edition Animated Avatar Frame, Limited Edition Emoji Pack, Limited Edition Chat Bubble, T4 Stone Choice Chest and tons of resource rewards.
  • Unlock Sapphire Chest Produces T1/T2/T3 Stone Choice Chests, Poe Coins, Elemental Shards, Elemental Cores, Twisted Essence, Emblem Choice Chests etc.
  • Unlock Silver Chest Produces T1/T2 Stone Choice Chests, Primordial Emblems, Elemental Shards, Amplifying Emblems, Poe Coins etc.
  • Unlock Bronze Chest: Produces Hero Experience, Hero’s Essence, Gold and Elite Hero Soulstones.

Free Players can only get all of the Bronze Chests.

Ravishing Roses rewards

Ravishing Roses

1. Players can exchange Double-petal Roses for various rewards during the 14-day event.
2. Players can earn lots of Double-petal Roses from daily quests.
3. Players can exchange Grezhul’s limited edition skin during the event – The Loyal Protector.
4. Players must possess at least 1 Mythic hero in order to be able to redeem items for activating or
enhancing Signature Items.
5. Event items may be exchanged for Twisted Essence at the Elder Tree, which can be used to strengthen heroes after completing Stage 12-40.
6. Players may exchange Poe Coins in this event after unlocking the Oak Inn feature.
7. Event items can be exchanged for Mythic Variety Chests after completing Stage 23-60.
8. Once a player has completed Stage 16-40 they may exchange Reset Scrolls in this event. Reset Scrolls can be used to reset the factional bonuses of Mythic tier or
higher gear.
9. Event items can be exchanged for Dura’s Artifact Fragment Choice Chests after completing stage 13-40.
10. Event items can be exchanged for Tl Stone Choice Chests after completing Stage 20-60.
11. Event items can be exchanged for T 2 Stone Choice Chests after completing Stage 25-60.
12. Event items can be exchanged for T3 Stone Choice Chests after completing Stage 29-60.
13. Event items can be exchanged for T4 Stone Choice Chests after  completing Stage 32-60.
14. Event items can be exchanged for Elemental Shards and Elemental Cores after completing Stage 21-60.
15. Remaining Double-petal Roses will be recalled for 24k Gold Coins each once the event has concluded.

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