Valentine’s Events: A Sweet Romance & Floral Flirtation

Players in AFK Arena will have 2 special events for the upcoming Valentine’s Day, which are  A Sweet Romance & Floral Flirtation. Collect Mehira’s Chocolate and Roses in order to get a lot of valuable items as well as exclusive avatar frames! A Sweet Romance … Read more

How to Fix Unable to Make a Purchase Problem

I believe that many of us have faced the issue that causes us unable to purchase any merchant in AFK Arena. The exact message you should receive is: “You are attempting to make a purchase with a device that is not secure. To ensure your … Read more

Hero Level Caps & Upgrade Costs (Remove 240 Cap)

The table below gives you the quick look at the Hero level caps in AFK Arena. AFK Arena Hero Level Caps But how to level up Heroes beyond level 240? Ascended Heroes are capped at level 240 as we all know. However, there is a … Read more

Sigils Shop Helper

This is the tool that helps you manage your sigils easier so that you can easily see what you should focus on next to achieve the goal while participating in The List Sigils Event. You gonna buy the $1 boxes each day? Yes Sigils Shop … Read more

Under His Thumb

Part I: The Bantus Wasteland As the Bantus Empire, Thoran’s lands had flourished for generations. Nowadays, it is a place of death and solitude, corrupted and defiled by death and necromancy. Countless souls wander the streets of the abandoned capital, the deathly vapors of their … Read more

Patch Notes v1.23.01

New Heroes Added the new Mauler hero: Antandra – Desert Fury Added the new Mauler hem Satrana – Flame Weaver New Additions and Optimizations Added the “Champions of Esperia’ event wherein players can acquire rewards by slaying bosses within the Arcane Labyrinth. Event Begins: 16/08/2019 … Read more

The Origins of the Graveborn

Part I: The Birth of Necromancy The world of the dead has been without supervision since Annih walked away from his duties in pursuit of blasphemous conquest. More and more, the long-slumbering souls have begun to wake up. Their eagerness to return to the world … Read more

AFK Arena Private Server – How to Download & Play

AFK Arena Private Server is definitely one of the most popular topics these days amongst the community. Although we already have the test server, a lot of players really want to get into the private server for testing team composition easier or simply to just … Read more

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