Nightmare’s Emergence Event

Collect the Dream Realm Pieces from the event Nightmare’s Emergence, unlock the hidden artwork, and obtain the final reward!

Nightmare’s Emergence Event

Every 2 days, players need to attack the Twisted Realm bosses to collect the fragments and obtain the rewards.

Collect all 6 fragments to unlock the final rewards.

Don’t forget to check out our Twisted Realm guide for the best working comps at the moment.

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In the dark depths of the Dreamrealm, a Hypogean breaks free of the seal that binds him in place. Dreams and reality alike are both corroded by the influence he holds over them. Writhing and twitching within the Twisted Realm, ominous nightmares brood, planning their descent into Esperia.

Valiant Dream Divers, heed Tasi’s call, venture into the Twisted Realm and engage the ominous nightmares within. Defeat the evil entities one by one, and the dark enveloping mist shall be dispersed, to reveal the true face of evil.

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