AFK Arena 2nd Anniversary Party Event Guide

Since the AFK Arena 2nd Anniversary Event is gonna be very huge, we decided to create this specific page to upgrade all information regarding it!

When is the AFK Arena Anniversary Date?

It’s April 9th! Stay tuned for a lot of events in AFK Arena during the upcoming weeks!

AFK Arena 2nd Anniversary Event Summary:

Skriath Skin can be acquired for free. Gwyneth skin costs for $10.

A Musical Tribute: Login every day to receive rewards in 7 days. Find 7 musical notes with the given clues to unlock the final chest sooner.

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How to find Clues (Easter Eggs)

  • Day 1: Rosaline’s Portrait Story page.
  • Day 2: The builder in the Oak Inn (Visit friend’s Inn if you don’t have yours unlocked yet).
  • Day 3: Dolly in The Tavern
  • Day 4: Campaign → World Map → Tap on Chapter 3 Yggdrasil
  • Day 5: Trading Hub Shop Owner.
  • Day 6: Temple of Ascension
  • Day 7: Campaign Screen (next to Community button)

The Forest Escapade: New challenge opens each day, defeat the enemies to earn the rewards. Rewards include Raku, Peggy, new Dolly skin, Skriath Skin, and a lot of other stuff!

Players who deal the most damage to the boss also receive extra rewards daily.

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Best Teams for The Forest Escapade?

kren mortasafk arena silas

kren mortas


For more, please click here.

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A Look Back: Interesting function that shows your and the game’s historical records since the beginning: Your best summoning day, who are your best friends, who helps you the most, how many heroes you have obtained, etc.

AFK Arena 2nd Anniversary Party Event

The AFK Arena 2nd Anniversary Event is happening soon with a ton of special events & valuable rewards, including the 4 new skins for Gwyneth, Lorsan, Izold, and Skriath!

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A Musical Tribute


Find all clues in-game to open the final chest sooner!

  1. Day 1: Rosaline’s Portrait Story page.
  2. Day 2: The builder in the Oak Inn
  3. Day 3: Dolly in The Tavern
  4. Day 4: Campaign → World Map → Tap on Chapter 3 Yggdrasil
  5. Day 5: Trading Hub Shop Owner.
  6. Day 6: Temple of Ascension
  7. Day 7: Campaign Screen (next to Community button)


1. During the event, players are able to claim up to 7 daily login rewards.

2. Players can unlock the corresponding Musical Note Clues after claiming login rewards for the day. By following the clues, players can try to find the corresponding Musical Notes hidden throughout the game, and then illuminate them at event page.

a musical tribute

3. In addition to daily login rewards, a final reward chest will be unlocked on day 14 of the event. Players can unlock this reward chest in advance by illuminating Musical Notes.

4. Each time a player illuminates a Musical Note, the progress of the reward chest will be advanced by 1 day. If a player illuminates all 7 Musical Notes, they can claim the reward chest by day 7 of the event at the earliest.

5. Players can tap on each illuminated Musical Note to play its corresponding tune. When players illuminate all of the Musical Notes and claim the final reward chest, the complete musical score can be played.

phantom bosses

The Forest Escapade

During this event, players need to do different types of battles to collect rewards. New battles and rewards get unlocked every day.

  1. Choose the team you think will win. If it cannot win, you will to fight against it to get the rewards.
  2. Attack normal enemy camps.
  3. Attack enemy camps with specific debuffs, buffs, etc.

Players will also receive acorn Acorns after these battles, which can be exchanged for Relics to raid the Phantom Bosses. Players who deal the most damage to the boss will receive extra rewards.

For more details, please take a look at our The Forest Escapade guide.

Stage of Dreams

  • The new Skriath Skin can be acquired via the event The Forest Escapade for free.
  • The new Gwyneth Skin can be purchased with $10

Roamers’ Rhapsody

During the Anniversary party, participate in the Voyage of Wonders: Roamers’ Rhapsody to obtain a lot of valuable rewards and read the interesting story between Rowan, Angelo, and their friends regarding the party!

A Look Back

An interesting function that most players will enjoy! Here you can find all of the historical records you and the community have made since the beginning!

ANNIVERSARY PARTY EVENTS | The Forest Escapade, Roamers' Rhapsody, A Musical Tribute [AFK ARENA]

New Gwyneth Skin

New Skriath Skin

New Lorsan Skin

Lorsan Skin

New Izold Skin

Izold Skin

afk arena 2nd anniversary event

AFK Arena 1st Anniversary Event

Tips shared by u/whitesushii

Below is something huge that will be released during the event.

You can check out the 1.36 Patch Notes page for more details, for now. Don’t forget to bookmark this page and come back later for more information regarding the event!

Check-in Rewards

Login into the game every day and receive the rewards as shown below. Vibrant Blooms can be used to get various items (see more below).

After 7 days, you will be given the Hero Choice Chest which contains all of the Heroes below. You will be able to pick one of them.

So what are the best hero to pick out from the Hero Choice Chest?

  1. Tasi because she is one of the best Heroe sin the game and universally good regardless of PvE/PvP
  2. Oscar – Good if you want to try out the new Hero. His first impressions are very good.
  3. Brutus – Not as game-changing as Tasi but he is great in general.
  4. Wu Kong – Great PvP option. Okay PvE Option. He is optainable from the Lab store so only pick him if you are very hungry.
  5. Shemira – No need to pick her here since you can get her from Lab store, Peaks of Time, Chapter 15 rewards and she is also on your wishlist.

The Soul Reaver AFK Arena

The Soul Reaver

Defeat the Soul Reaver to get Vibrant Blooms.

Skill Description

Infernal Surge

Azmonath summons lightning bolts against the 2 weakest enemies. Damage dealt by this ability is increased the lower Azmonath’s health falls and each time Azmonath loses 20% of his max health, an additional lightning bolt is added to the attack.

Soul Erosion

Azmonath curses an enemy that has already used their ultimate ability, causing them to lose 20% health every second until the end of the battle.

Soul Reaver

Azmonath reaves the soul of an enemy whose health is currently lower than 30%, causing them to immediately die. Each time Azmonath uses this ability, the damage he receives is decreased by 25% until the end of the battle.

Best Teams for Azmonath – The Soul Reaver

Play around with his Soul Erosion skill is key. To do so, there are a few ways

  1. Wukong’s main body disappears after ultimate so he can ultimate from the start without penalty, making him amazing for this fight.
  2. With a normal team (i.e. Rowan/Rosa/Lucius/Belinda/Twins), you want to hold your ultimates till the last 40s before casting them.
  3. Rowan/Lucius/Nemora/Cecilia help your team survive long enough to get to that point. You can click “retry” and exit the fight if you need to make adjustments to our heroes etc
  4. A great team for the late-end game (shared by Majorpain) is Shemira + Fareal + Rowan + Athalia + Twins. The main strategy is to not activate Ultimates until 60% and then burst him down with the auto button. Note that the boss is Hypogean so Celestial Heroes do more damage. Low-level Athalia + Twins work well.


  • Players will have the opportunity to challenge Ezmonath once per day.
  • Players will be able to acquire the event items “Vibrant Bloom” flowers by inflicting damage upon Azmonath.
  • Vibrant Bloom flowers may be exchanged for a multitude of rewards.
  • Azmonath’s difficulty will be determined by each player’s own combat rating.
  • Players can choose to repeat battles without the deduction of any battle attempts, however, the rewards earned in the previous battle will subsequently disappear.

Thousands of years ago, during the first Hypogean invasion, there lived a great mage named Azmonath. Though the peoples of Esperia were best by the depredations of the monstrous invader from every side and fought united, ferociously, against this otherworldly invader, there were a few among them whose allegiance wavered. Promises of power were offered to the strongest and brightest of the defenders in the world to come under a Hypogean victory. Such it was that Azmonath gave over his body, soul, and expertise to the demonic forces that sought to subjugate his homeland. In the end, Azmonath was vanquished by Esperia’s defenders as his masters were pushed back into their prison. He left nothing behind save a secret tome containing the dark knowledge he’d gained under their foul tutelage.

Several millennia later, on the very grounds were Azmonath had made his last desperate stand against the vengeful onslaught that claimed his life, a student by the name of Percival studied day and night in the Astral Academy. As with many of the higher arts, the study of magic and the academy itself was dominated by noblemen and the heirs to great fortunes. This was the one thing that set Percival apart from his fellow scholars. He was born neither to a noble house nor to a wealthy merchant family. His placement in the academy had been secured by a burning desire to uncover the secrets of magic and an unrelenting will that supplemented his inborn talents. Due solely to his humble origins, every step forward was accompanied by no shortage of struggle.

Unable to pay the staggering tuitions at the academy, he agreed to assist the institution’s librarians in their constant organization and recategorizing of the innumerable tomes in their collection. He took on these duties happily, savoring the chance to be among the wealth of knowledge afforded by the academy’s library. It was while dragging up bundles of ancient works from the deepest of the library’s depositories that he came across something which he’d never before heard referenced. Between a book of common potions and an antiquated bestiary was a thick, dusty tome with the title The Whisperings of Azmonath, Seer of the Underworld Ascendant.

He felt the power that lurked within its pages as soon as he laid eyes on it, and never suspected while tucking it secretly into his satchel that it could be the book that found him rather than the other way around. Whenever he found a spare moment, he would lock himself into his cell and pore over the strange scrawling spread over the yellowed parchment. Night after night, his understanding of the arcane increased exponentially. The writings and glyphs seemed to speak directly to him, revealing their meanings readily under his hungry gaze.

Outside his cell, his already strained relationship with his peers grew more tense. Where once he was fearful and timid in the face of the regular torment he received from the privileged pupils surrounding him, he began to behave arrogantly. The resentment he felt toward the other students began to color their every interaction. Who were they to condescend to him? If they had an inkling of the progress he was making in secret, they would change their tune. He longed to show them their place.

It was the son of a shipping magnate, Goddard, who became the unfortunate recipient of Percival’s wrath. Goddard was one of Percival’s most hated enemies at the academy. Derisive and sadistic, the boy had found a fair bit of sport in making Percival suffer. Peasants had no business in the ancient arts of magic, and he would make sure his lowborn classmate was regularly reminded of this. It was during one of their many altercations that Percival would reveal his true power. With a bloodied nose, amid a volley of insults and threats, Percival struck down Goddard with a curse. The incantations had seemed to jump straight from his memory of the Whisperings to his lips of their own accord, but still he felt a perverse glee at watching the withered husk that had once been his classmate fall to the ground smoldering and lifeless. The murder would usually have been answered by a sentencing worse than death, but the academy’s rectors found the cell of their young charge devoid of life. The only things left in his cell was his copy of the Whisperings and scattered papers covered in vile incantations. They tracked the wavering light of his soul to the libraries, but something in his presence was amiss. A darker energy than that of a common murderer was subsuming all that Percival had once been. When they arrived at the library from wherein the auras were emanating, they found not their familiar student, but a figure of swirling malevolence. Azmonath’s spirit, formerly bound in its tome, had found a new home in the body of the young man who had once desired nothing more than knowledge and perhaps a modicum of respect.

Knowing that there was no hope at retrieving their bright and promising pupil, the mages of the academy launched a desperate magical assault on the entity. They would become the next victims of Azmonath returned, their essences harvested to fuel his mad arcana. The time of reaving had come again.

“Your life is a small price for my power”

Verdant Valley AFK Arena 1st Anniversary

afk arena pc download

Verdant Valley

How to get lowers?

  • Participate in the Soul Reaver & Login event to claim Vibrant Blooms. Blooms also drop from AFK loot.
  • The flowers drop from AFK rewards for 12 days. Players will have a lot of chance getting from 1408 flowers to 2244 flowers, depending on your chapter progress. This is 47 to 75 free flip!
  • Because this event is pure RNG, you could hit the ultimate rewards multiple time. Comparing to the previous event, a normal player can only open 3 island at max.
  • Players are required to choose their ultimate reward on each new page before they can begin opening presents.
  • Once an island’s ultimate reward has been discovered, players can choose to advance to the next island or may also continue to stay searching on the current island. However, if players choose to advance, the remaining slots on the current island will disappear.
  • Excess Vibrant Blooms will be automatically refunded after the event for 35K Gold coins/items.

Ultimate Rewards Verdant Valley
5. Players can pick the Ultimate Rewards from one of the above lists.

What are the best Rewards to pick?

  1. Celestials + Hypogeans: Best value this time simply due to them costing about half the Faction Emblems of typical events. The only downside is that the Celepogean options aren’t terrific.
  2. Blue Cards: Good value this time round compared to previous events, still wouldn’t give up Faction Emblems for it especially at late game.
  3. Faction Emblems: Always our benchmark and what the player would be short on late game. While not the best this time round, re-mains a solid option regardless.
  4. Heroes: Always terrible value and no exception this time. Only pick them up if you are 1 copy away (but even so it isn’t recommended)
  5. Stargazer Cards: Pretty terrible compared .to previous events plus 15 cards is nowhere close to the value of a single Celepogean
  6. Silver/Gold Emblems: Terrible value not to mention both can be bought using gold from the store.

Spring Bloom

New Tasi Skin AFK Arena

Complete all quests to receive Tasi’s Exclusive Skin: Spring Bloom

Quest Rewards
Share new or summoned Heroes on Facebook 5 times 24-hour Gold Chest
Acquire 1 Elite Lightberarer Hero During the Event 24-hour Gold Chest
Send 100 Companion Points 8-hour Hero’s Essence Chest
Defeat 10 Lightbearer Heroes in the Arena of Heroes (Excludes Legends’ Championship and Challenger events) 24-hour Gold Chest
Defeat Labyrinth Bosses 9 Times 8-hour Hero’s Essence Chest
Acquire 1 Elite Graveborn Hero During the Event 24-hour Gold Chest
Defeat 10 Graveborn Heroes in the Arena of Heroes (Excludes Legends’ Championship and Challenger events) 24-hour Gold Chest
Acquire 1 Elite Mauler Hero During the Event 24-hour Gold Chest
Use Fast Rewards 10 Times 8-hour Hero’s Essence Chest
Acquire 1 Elite Wlder Hero During the Event 24-hour Gold Chest
Participate in 15 Guild Hunts 8-hour Hero’s Essence Chest
Defeat 10 Mauler Heroes in the Arena of Heroes (Excludes Legends’ Championship and Challenger events) 24-hour Gold Chest
Acquire All Rewards in the Voyage of Wonders 24-hour Gold Chest
Defeat 10 Wilder Heroes in the Arena of Heroes (Excludes Legends’ Championship and Challenger events) 24-hour Gold Chest
Make a Purchase Worth Any Amount 300 Diamonds



  1. Players can complete quests on the event page in exchange for a variety of rewards.
  2. Every completed quest will further your progression towards unlocking a new gemstone. If a complete row or column of quests are completed, you will get the chest below:


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