Soul Fusion Guide – How to Ascend Dimensional Heroes

AFK Arena Soul Fusion Guide

AFK Arena Soul Fusion Infomation

  1. Dimensional heroes may only raise their Ascension tiers by undergoing soul fusion.
  2. All dimensional heroes can be fused together with any non-dimensional faction hero. Once fused, the dimensional hero will share the same Ascension tier and level as the non-dimensional target hero.
  3. Any resources used to normally level up a dimensional hero will be fused. While in a fused state dimensional heroes may not be leveled up normally.
  4. Dimensional heroes may not be used simultaneously in battle with their fused target heroes.
  5. Two fused heroes may be unfused at any time, however, this process requires 100 diamonds. Once unfused, the dimensional hero will revert back to its original Elite ascension tier and its level will be reset back to level 1. Dimensional heroes may also be normally ascended and leveled up as is the case with other heroes.
  6. If the fused target hero is consumed in some way, the dimensional hero will be automatically reverted to its original state without the expense of any diamonds.

How to do the Soul Fusion?

In order to do the soul fusion, simply go to the Temple of Ascension, tap on your Dimensional Hero and another Hero to link him to, as shown in the screenshot below:

soul fusion afk arena

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