Library Unions – Complete List and Tips

In AFK Arena, the Library is where you can use your own Heroes or your friends’ Heroes to get more buffs for those exact Heroes in your team! You still can use the assigned Heroes for all of the other activities in the game! The … Read more

VIP Ranks – Costs, Perks and Rewards

The VIP Rank in AFK Arena offers players a lot of huge advantages with unique perks that help progress throughout the game faster and a lot easier. There are different ways to get VIP Ranks in game: By leveling up your account (Campaign Quests). By … Read more

AFK Arena Private Server – How to Download & Play

AFK Arena Private Server is definitely one of the most popular topics these days amongst the community. Although we already have the test server, a lot of players really want to get into the private server for testing team composition easier or simply to just … Read more

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