How to Get Wu Kong For Free (New Event)

This is the way to share AFK Arena on social medias and get Wu Kong for Free from the new Wu Kong Event!

wu kong event

How to get Wu Kong (Event) For Free

Event Time: Unlimited


  1. Get to Ranhorn -> Library -> Unions
  2. Click on any Union.
    1. If the Union already has full Heroes, replace a Hero in your Union with any other different-tier version of it. The Share button will show up.
    2. If your Union doesn’t have full Heroes yet, add the missing Hero there and the button will show up.
  3. Tap on the Share button, do it 2 times.
  4. Go to the Event menu and get Wu Kong for free!

wu kong event

Note: Sometimes the game is just laggy and the share button doesn’t appear. Just re-do the steps above for 1-2 more times until the button it shows up. And you don’t have to actually share to get the rewards. Just click the button 2 times.

Sharing Brutus Skin & summon pulls works too!

You can check out the video below for more details:

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Elizabeth Rhine

Never mind. It worked lol.


It’s not working for me or my boyfriend


It’s not working for me either. I’ve tried all the normal spots for sharing and no fb symbol comes up.


I don’t have a fb app, never have. Any time i access fb it’s through the browser.


Do you guys have “event” button. For me after update It just disappeared. Where did you claim this wukong.


Fixed. I cleared the game’s cache after that It started updating again and pop, event button is back.


This doesn’t work for me either


Ok so i missed the part where you have to click the event tab to claim him. There was no icon until I dropped the menu down and saw the event.

Thank you


I don’t have FB installed. Clicked the share button twice. Each time a message to update fb client. Went to event and collected Wu Kong.


Can confirm. You DO NOT need to actually “share” anything to get Wukong. Just click any Share Button to get credit. Hardest part was finding the game page to collect him.

Khanh Phan

It’s not working for me. I reinstall it and facebook but still not work.


Tried everything that mentioned, no share button for me


I’ve shared like 50 times and the collect button is still grey. What am I doing wrong?


Me too here…


İt worked,thank you 😊😊


I did the way like that. The button share is shown, I tapped it TWICE and SHARE (real share) it. But it didn’t work. The Collect Wukong Button is still Grey.


I’m not receiving the share button

Andrew Mitchell

Oh… this requires facebook… ofc it would


Do you have to have legendary Heroes in all 3 spots


Well the share button isn’t showing

Septimus Smith

how do you share summon pulls?


GROSO, gracias!


I don’t even see the share button in
My game
Nor a fb small icon
So how am I supposed to share
To even get Wu kong


Hi, i have elite + wukong and elite…

I got from event, and buy from store, what im going to ask… Where i can find again this wukong? (So i can ascended him to upper tier), thx


instead of collect ,it say advanced bro how to make it collect