AFK Arena Update v1.35 Patch Notes

Dear Adventurer, below is the full changelog of the upcoming AFK Arena Patch v1.35 Update.

afk arena oden

New Heroes

Added the new graveborn Graveborn hero: Oden – Bitterblight

New Additions and Optimizations

1. Added new “Dispatch All” and “Collect All” options to the Bounty Board, which will become available after completing Stage 12-40 or reaching VIP level 6.

2. The Bounty Board now has 8 different levels of quests. Elite tier quests will no longer appear after a player has reached level 8.

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3. Optimized the campaign replay feature, allowing for more types of replays to be chosen from.

4. Added a new follow-up quest to the “Accumulate a Total of X Gold While AFK” quest.

5. Fixed an error affecting the accuracy of Attack Ratings displayed within the Arcane Labyrinth, Peaks of Time and Voyage of Wonders.

6. Players can now tap any blank area within The Noble Tavern to close the page.

7. Optimized the sound effects of several interfaces.

Hero Balance Changes

1. Fixed a bug that would cause damage which was intended for a particular hero or ally be incorrectly calculated as damage dealt towards Twisted Realm bosses.

2. Ogi – Nature’s Strength – Reworked Ogi’s battle animations. – Reworked Ogi’s ultimate ability. For specifics please view Ogi’s skill page in-game. – Made several changes to the later levels of Ogi’s “Bombard” and “Ground Fissure” abilities.

3. Arden – Nature’s Voice – Reworked Arden’s battle animations.

4. Mezoth – The Abysmal Butcher – Fixed an issue that was preventing the signature ability “Virulent Greed” from correctly allowing Mezoth to gain energy at the beginning of battles in certain game modes.

5. Antandra – Desert Fury – Fixed an issue that preventing Antandra from becoming immune to enemy attacks while she was using her “Fury Strike” ability.

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6. Gorvo – The Indomitable – Fixed an issue that was causing Gorvo to jump tc suboptimal locations on the battlefield while using his “Dive Bomb” ability

7. Nara – Heartcarver – Fixed a problem that was allowing the ability ” Butchery” to move certain, immovable enemies.

8. Belinda – Beam of Hope – Fixed a bug affecting the “Divine Light” ability, that would prevent any subsequent damage from having an effect on enemies when the damage was completely mitigated the first time the ability was used.

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