AFK Arena 1.33 Patch Notes (New Hero, Event and More!)

Full Patch Notes of the upcoming AFK Arena v1.33 Update!


᠅ New Lightbearer Hero – Cecilia
᠅ Share game with your friends on social medias to get Wu Kong for free
᠅ Replay System for Campaign
᠅ Burning Brute added to Twisted Realm
᠅ Arcane Labyrinth supports Mercenaries

afk arena patch notes

New Hero – Cecilia

New Lightbearer Hero is going to be added into AFK Arena: Cecilia – Purger of Sins

Cecilia afk arena

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New Game Functions

Campaign Replay System

Players now can view the replays of friends’ successful battles in the Campaign. This will give people to build up the best teams for high Campaign stages with ease.

New Event: Wu Kong – The Monkey King

This new event allows players to acquire Wu Kong by simply sharing the game via their social media accounts 2 times.

Twisted Realm Adds Burning Brute

The Burning Brute is going to be added into the Twisted Realm in the upcoming 1.33 Patch Notes.

Mercenaries now support Arcane Labyrinth

Finally, players can borrow Heroes from friends or Guild members in the Mercenaries and use them in the Arcane Labyrinth.

With this new feature, defeating the Arcane Labyrinth should be now a lot easier!

Battle Against Guildmates

Players now can do battle versus guild members to test different team compositions easier.

This feature was only available for Friends.

Other Changes

  • More useful information about stages before the battle.
  • Hero Story Button added to the New Hero screen.
  • The maximum character displayed in Guild messages.

Game Optimizations

  • Guild Team Hunting optimized. Players now can easily view the damage done by other members as well as the extra rewards given.
  • Many game interfaces optimized.
  • New logic to sort out top players in the Twisted Realm’s leaderboard.

Game Balance Changes

  • Low-level Plate Armor stats optimized:
    • HP recovered per second stat removed
    • Other stats increased
  • Fixed issue causing Artifacts effects lost after a Hero is resurrected.
  • Fixed issue causing Dura’s Conviction skills not taking correct effects.

Hero Chances


  • If the focusing stage of the ability “Falling Sun” is already in progress, it will no longer be interrupted and restarted when Safiya’s energy reaches its full state again.
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes allow the use of the Signature Item ability “Arcane Power” to occur without having reached level +30 with said item.


afk arena pc download


  • Fixed an issue preventing the “Glacial Shards” ability from correctly slowing enemies’ movement

  • Fixed an issue caused by the “Slumber” ability, which would sometimes cause battle damage stats to be displayed as a negative number.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause Tasi to completely disappear after using her “Teleportation” ability.

  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause the ability “Blessing” to prioritize summoned entities over heroes.”
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