How Basic Stats Work

Have you ever wanted to know how exactly the Hero basic stats in AFK Arena work?

afk arena basic stats

Understanding how the basic stats actually work helps you easily determine the best stats you should focus on while building specific Heroes, eventually increasing the power of your team a lot easier, especially after the release of The Oak Inn and Furniture.

AFK Arena Hero Basic Stats

Stat Description
Health (HP) The maximum amount of Health (HP) the hero has. Tank Heroes from Wilders tend to have more HP than the others.

At the same level, ascension and gear level, Mezoth has the highest HP.

Attack (ATK) This determines the amount of damage you can deal towards the enemies.

Mage and Ranger Heroes from Wilders tend to have more damage than the others.

Depending on the type of the Hero (Intelligence/Strength/Agility), the attack could determine either physical or magical damage.

Defense (DEF) Determines your defensive power when taking damage, helps decrease the damage coming towards the hero.

Tank Heroes from Wilders tend to have more DEF than the others.

Crit Rating (CR) The chance of getting Critical Hits (dealing x2 normal damage) while doing normal attacks.

In AFK Arena, all skills have the chance of getting Critical Hits.

Accuracy (ACC) Accuracy matters when your Hero deals physical damage. Magical damage doesn’t have Accuracy because it’s impossible to avoid it.
The more ACC your Hero has, the more chance you can successfully deal damage to the target.Ranger Heroes usually require a lot of ACC. The hero that has the highest ACC is Lyca.
Dodge Dodge allows the Hero to ignore the enemy’s physical damage. Magical attacks cannot be dodged (with the exception of Kaz).

High Dodge allows Hero to fully bypass all of the damage.

Highest Dodge Heroes are Agility heroes because their gears provide a lot of Dodge. Ranger Heroes have the highest Dodge in Elder’s Tree as they are Agility Heroes and also get Dodge boosted from the tree.

The hero that has the highest Dodge is Kaz.

Haste (MSPD) The speed of the Hero.

More haste = faster attack speed = fast skills casted = faster movement speed.

Haste doesn’t affect HP recovery rate.

As the hero attacks faster, he/she will eventually gain more Energy overtime.

Magic Resist (MR) Hero’s resistance to Magical damage. Helps decreased the magical damage received.
Physical Resist (PR) Hero’s resistance to physical damage. Helps decrease the physical damage received.
Life Leech (LL) Life Leech allows Hero to recover a decent amount of HP based on the damage dealt towards the enemies.

Khasos is a great example for Life Leech.

Crit Amplification (CA) Critical Strike damage multipliers.

Initially, Crit Amplification Hit = x2 Normal Attack Damage. The more Crit Amplification you have, the more damage you can deal.

Crit Resistance (CRITD) Determines your defensive power against Critical Hits.

  • If CA – CRITD ≤ 30,  each point difference will alter the Critical Strike’s damage multiplier by 0.5%.
  • If CA – CRITD > 30, each point will alter the Critical Strike’s multiplier by 2%.

In total, the Critical Strike’s multiplier can be increased or decreased by a value of 75%.

Example: Skreg’s CRITD = 60, Shemira’s CA = 40. The difference is 20 pts, so that Shemira’s Crit damage will be decreased by 20×0.5% = 10%

Insight (IS) The more Insight you have, the more chance your Crowd Control skills can be successfully cast.
Tenacity (TY) The more Tenacity you have, the more chance you can ignore the enemy Crowd Control skills.

The chance of getting/resisting CC skill is increased/decreased by 2% for each point difference.

Health Regeneration (HR) HP regen rate from healing skills. 1 HR point increases the rate of HP self-regen from Hero’s own healing skills by 1%.
Received Healing (RH) HP regen rate from healing skills. 1 HR point increases the rate of HP regen from ally healing skills by 1%.

For example, Lucius has 25 HR points and Rowan has 15 RH points. When Lucius casting his Ultimate, he heals himself for 25% more (as he has 25 HR) while Rowan can only get healed by 15% more (as Rowan has 15 RH).

Attack Speed (AS) Each Attack Speed point increases the hero normal attack speed by 1%.
Cooldown (CD) Cooldown time of the skill, from when it’s cast to when it can be used once again.
Casting Speed (CS) The casting speed of the skills. The higher the speed, the faster the skill effects applied.

Hopefully, you have found this guide helpful. Please comment down below if you see any mistake in the guide and help us improve it further!

Remember that the most powerful things come from the most basic stuff!

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