AFK Arena Relic Tier List

This AFK Arena Relic Tier List gives you the general idea of the best relics to pick while solving mazes in the game. Relics are the items that help boost Heroes’ power in Arcane Labyrinth, Peaks of Time and Voyage of Wonders. Every time you … Read more

How Basic Stats Work

Have you ever wanted to know how exactly the Hero basic stats in AFK Arena work? Understanding how the basic stats actually work helps you easily determine the best stats you should focus on while building specific Heroes, eventually increasing the power of your team … Read more

The Oak Inn Guide

In AFK Arena, The Oak Inn is a sweet hotel where our Heroes can take some rest after the hard fights while getting their stats increased. Your heroes work tirelessly fighting the forces of evil to collect coin, gear, and other loot for you, even … Read more

100 AFK Arena Tips For A Better Start!

Below is the top 100 AFK Arena Tips everyone should know! To me, I wish I had known all of them when I first started playing the game. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment down below! Top 100 AFK Arena Tips You Should … Read more

Complete Skin List in AFK Arena

The new AFK Arena skin system is officially released from the update v1.31 with a Brutus Skin, which is is the very first skin in-game. Let’s take a quick look at this new game feature! From now on, Lilith starts releasing skins for all of … Read more

Best AFK Arena Hacks

Firstly, If these are not the AFK Arena hacks most of you are looking for, I am sorry. There are absolutely no diamond hacks or gold hacks in AFK Arena and any other online games, they are just trying to fool you. If there are, … Read more

Free Diamonds (Gems): 10 Ways To Get

In this guide, you are going to find the easiest ways to get free diamonds or Gems in AFK Arena. These methods are actually very familiar with most players in the game. However, If you are a new player, you will find this guide extremely … Read more

How to Revert Heroes

In AFK Arena, If you accidentally ascend more than 1 copy of a Hero to higher than the Elite+ tier, you can always revert the lower ascension one back any time. So don’t worry. When you revert a Legendary hero, or higher tier of ascension, … Read more

Divine Realm Guide (PoT Chapter 7)

The Divine Realm Map Guide [PoT 7] Divine Realm is actually a very straightforward chapter of Peaks of Time. The basic idea to defeat this chapter is to push all of the buttons of the same color down to trigger a portal which leads you … Read more

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