Complete Skin List in AFK Arena

The new AFK Arena skin system is officially released from the update v1.31 with a Brutus Skin, which is is the very first skin in-game. Let’s take a quick look at this new game feature!

From now on, Lilith starts releasing skins for all of the Heroes in AFK Arena. Each skin comes up with its own exclusive stats that will boost the power of the Hero.

How to view and change Skins for Heroes?

  1. Go to the specific Hero page, you can see the “Skins” section at the bottom of the page
    afk arena skins menu
  2. Tap on the Skins icon to go to view all of the available skins for that Hero. You can also change the skin of your Heroes here.

bladefury skin brutus

The first skin we have in the game is the “Blazefury” for Brutus, which will increase his HP by 2%.

Update: Due to many feedbacks from the community, the Bonus Stats have been removed from the game.

afk arena pc download

How to obtain Hero Skin?

For now, most of the time, players can obtain these skins via different special events in AFK Arena.

Lyca Skin – The Glade Keeper – is the only skin that requires players to spend money to obtain.

AFK Arena Skin List

Brutus Skins

brutus skin

Lyca Skins

lyca skin

Tasi Skins

There will be more and more skins being added to the game soon in the upcoming updates!

afk arena logo

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