How Wishlist Works & Best Wishlist Heroes

The Wishlist in The Noble Tavern is actually one of the most underrated features of AFK Arena that most players ignore. It allows you to have a better chance of getting chosen Heroes when drawing cards. In this guide, let’s take a look at the … Read more

The Elder Tree Guide & Build Priority

Complete guide to The Elder Tree in AFK Arena: How to level-up branches effectively, Elder Tree Tier List, stats, and tree ability details. A Guide by Grub. What is the Elder Tree in AFK Arena? The Elder Tree is located in the Library section, being … Read more

Signature Items Tier List, Priority & Upgrade Costs

Here is the complete list of all Signature Items in AFK Arena! What are Signature Items? Once your heroes have reached the Mythic tier, you will be able to unlock their “Signature Items”. All Legendary Tier Heroes do not have signature items. These special items … Read more

Function Unlocks Guide

There are a lot of interesting features in AFK Arena. However, not all of them are unlocked right at the beginning of the game. Some features require you to go to certain stages of the game to unlock, however you can unlock them quickly at … Read more

Ascension Guide: How to Ascend Heroes in AFK Arena

In this AFK Arena Ascension Guide, we will show you a quick guide to ascend your heroes via the Temple of Ascension. This building is where you are able to upgrade your Heroes to the higher tiers by sacrificing some required Heroes. To progress further … Read more

Stores Guide & What To Buy

In AFK Arena, there are 5 Stores for players to purchase different types of items, using different kinds of currencies. For the easiest way, you can visit all of these Stores via the Store building which is located in the Ranhorn. In this guide, we … Read more

How to Use Swap Scrolls?

Feeling bad after putting everything you have on your Shemira +30 9/9? No worries, The Swap Scroll is here to fix all of your mistakes! What is Swap Scroll? Swap Scroll is getting released in the Patch v1.60 Swap Scroll is the new item in … Read more

Mercenaries – How to Hire Heroes

There are different ways in the game for you to actually hire Mercenary heroes from your friends and use them in different modes of AFK Arena! Garrisoned Mercenaries 1. Players can send mercenary hiring requests to their friends or their guild mates. If they approve … Read more

Pillage & Plunder Guide & Camp Layouts

The Guild Grounds, Pillage & Plunder, has finally come back to AFK Arena with a lot of new improvements! Let’s take a closer look to see how it works! Guild Grounds: Pillage & Plunder 1. Only players that own an encampment are eligible to participate … Read more

Field of Stars

Unlocking the starbursts in the Field of Stars to gain a lot of new perks for your overall AFK Arena gameplay. Field of Stars Summary Access into the Field of Stars menu via the Library in Ranhorn. “Field of Stars” includes many constellations, each of … Read more

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