Regal Rewards and Superb Elite Soulstones(New Purples)

Guide By: Vicksin   What are Superb Elite Soulstones? The Superb Elite Soulstones (new purples) of AFK Arena have an advantage over Elite Soulstones (old purples), in that they guarantee no fodder, celepogeans have a 4% chance, and awakened heroes have a 2% chance. So … Read more

Signature Items Tier List, Priority & Upgrade Costs

Here is the complete list of all Signature Items in AFK Arena! What are Signature Items? Once your heroes have reached the Mythic tier, you will be able to unlock their “Signature Items”. All Legendary Tier Heroes do not have signature items. These special items … Read more

How Wishlist Works & Best Wishlist Heroes

The Wishlist in The Noble Tavern is one of the most important features of AFK Arena. It allows you to have a better chance of getting chosen Heroes when drawing cards. In this guide, let’s take a look at the best Wishlist heroes you should … Read more

Stargazing Priorities, Droprates & Probabilities

In this guide, we are going to show you how basically Stargazing works in AFK Arena, the drop rates of the rewards, and the heroes you should focus on first in the Stagazing Room! Follow our tips clearly to grow your account a lot faster. … Read more

Cursed Realm Guide & Teams

Cursed Realm is the new AFK Arena mode where players have to fight the boss and 5 small teams using different team formations to grab countless massive rewards. You can access to it via the Hellscape building inside the Guild section. Players with a high … Read more

Gear Resonance Guide & How It Works

If you are feeling tired of working on all gear slots for all of your heroes, Gear Resonance should help you get things done a lot easier by allowing all of your heroes to equip high-level gears together. Looking for more information regarding this function … Read more

Peaks of Time – Complete Guide, Maps & Walkthroughs

Peaks of Time (PoT) is a super interesting puzzle mode in AFK Arena which gets unlocked once players passed the Campaign Chapter 6-4. The PoT building is located at the top right of the Dark Forest. It is very similar to the Arcane Labyrinth mode as … Read more

Function Unlocks Guide

There are a lot of interesting features in AFK Arena. However, not all of them are unlocked right at the beginning of the game. Some features require you to go to certain stages of the game to unlock, however you can unlock them quickly at … Read more

Best Twisted Realm Teams & Calendar

Defeat Kane, Demonic Entity, The Unhinged, Ice Shemira, Burning Brute, and Grotesque Mage in the Guild Twisted Realm to get Twisted Essences, which help you strengthen your heroes further in the Elder Tree. The rewards will be sent to the player mailbox based on the … Read more

Solemn Vow Guide (Apprentice & Mentor)

Solemn Vow is a new interesting event in AFK Arena where players who meet conditions can form a Mentor-Apprentice relationship and complete tasks together to claim an abundance of rewards. Players can easily open the event menu via the right sidebar on the screen! Solemn … Read more

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