AFK Arena 1.47 Patch Notes

Here are the full patch notes of the upcoming AFK Arena 1.47 update.

New Additions and Optimizations

  1. Autumn has arrived! Check out the new autumnal themes in Ranhorn, the Dark Forest, and the Oak Inn!
    afk arena autumn theme
  2. Added the adventure “Mirael’s Nightmare” to the Voyage of Wonders.
  3. Added the adventure “The Trembling Highlands” to the Wandering Balloon feature, which can be unlocked after completing Stage 23-20.
  4. Added a new Artifact Blessing feature that allows multiple heroes to equip an artifact simultaneously. Strengthening an artifact will allow for even more heroes to use it simultaneously.
    new artifact system
  5. Added a permanent activation function to the Hero Union system. When players possess heroes that meet a union’s conditions, the union shall be permanently activated.
    permanently active hero union
  6. Added a new “Smart Selections” feature to The Oak Inn. Once players have 5 or more hero rooms, the Smart Selection feature can be used to quickly and conveniently allocate furniture placements.
    smart selections the oak inn
  7. Optimized the selection logic of the Arcane Labyrinth‘s enemy formations.
  8. The previous formation will now be recorded if the player is defeated in the Arena of Trials.
  9. Added Signature Item and Furniture symbols to mercenary lists and also optimized the sorting rules.
  10. Added more selectable areas to place the Guild Statue within the Guild Grounds.
  11. Optimized the visuals of goods and the logic for red markers within the “Merchants” page.

Hero Adjustments and Changes

Fixed an erroneous damage issue that was affecting the relic “Hunter’s Grasp”.



Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause the overall damage to be lower than intended when the ability “Blood Shield” was used within the Twisted Realm.

afk arena pc download

Wu Kong

Fixed an issue that would allow Wu Kong’s clones to remain on the battlefield even after his own death.

The ability “Foresight” will now normally be triggered even if Wu Kong has been knocked down.


Fixed an issue that would allow Mehira’s minions to remain fighting on the battlefield even after her own death.


Fixed an issue that caused the ability “Dream Spirit” to target un-targetable enemies with flying projectiles, resulting in the effects of the ability being null and void.

afk arena pc download


Optimized the mechanics of the 9-piece set effects for Exclusive Furniture Ability “Winds of Harmony”. Previously triggering the effects of “Beguile” would only cause the closest enemy to Nemora to become entranced. After the optimization, the ability will take a few more moments to focus on multiple nearby enemy targets, so that the ability matches its description.

The effects of the 9-piece Exclusive Furniture Ability “Winds of Harmony” shall not be triggered if enemies nearby to Nemora are currently in an un-targetable state. The effects shall be temporarily delayed up until the aforementioned enemies become targetable again or another enemy target, that meets the ability’s triggering requirement appears.

When the effects of the Exclusive Furniture 9-piece set ability “Winds of Harmony” successfully entrances an enemy, the enemy will be immediately interrupted and unable to carry out their current actions.


Fixed an issue that was allowing the ability ” Fireseeds” to stun enemies despite Satrana not having unlocked the ability’s second level.

1.47 PATCH | Artifacts and Hero Union rework, Autumn theme and more QOL improvements [AFK ARENA]

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