Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) from new AFK Arena players. You properly might want to take a look at them first before finding for the answers somewhere else!

Frequently Asked Questions AFK Arena

AFK Arena FAQs

Can I re-roll summons?

We are so sorry to say but there isn’t any re-roll function for you when summoning the scrolls. All of the items in the game are one-time use and cannot be re-used.

How should I spend my Diamonds & Gold?

Assuming that you are a new player, do not spend your gem Diamonds on anything apart the 10x common hero scroll Summon bundle. This is hands down the best way in the game for you to spend your hard-earned Diamonds on.

It’s best to save gold Gold for levelling up your Heroes. Apart from that, you can also use Gold to buy hero essence Hero Essence every day in the shop.

Follow this advice strictly If you do not want to get bankrupt later.

Can I Restart My Game Progress?

There isn’t any way for you to start your game again using your current account in the current server.

However, you can absolutely start from scratch by creating a new account in another server by tapping on your profile picture → Settings → Servers → Select a Server to start again.

create new account afk arena
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Faction Advantages, What are they?

Any faction in AFK Arena has an advantage over another specific type of faction. That advantage increases the output damage by 25%.

lightbearer faction Lightbearer → maulers Mauler → wilders Wilder → graveborn Graveborn → lightbearer faction Lightbearer

Celestials Celestials ? Celestials Hypogeans

What are Faction Aura Bonuses?

When your AFK Arena team has a certain amount of Heroes coming from the same faction, the faction bonuses will get triggered.

faction aura afk arena

For more details regarding this, please check out What is Lineup?

I am getting stuck! Help!

AFK more, or spend a little money If you would love to. This is the best advice we could give you.

Besides, focus on the Heroes that give you the faction advantages and keep spamming attacks that specific stages. There are times you get lucky due to the critical strikes and some other factors. There are many stages that take days to weeks to defeat so just take it easy and play the game like the name of it.

What are Library Unions?

Unions help you gain buffs for your Heroes by putting your and your friends’ Heroes into the specific groups in the Library.

All of the Heroes in the Unions will get the buffs. These buffs affect all of the modes in AFK Arena: Campaign, King’s Tower, Peaks of Time, Arcane Labyrinth and the rest.

For more details, please check out the article Library Unions.

Who should I level up first?

Focus on levelling up your best Heroes and the ones that help you gain the faction auras.

But don’t worry If you level up the wrong Heroes, you can always reset them and get all of the resources spent before by spending just about gem 50 Diamonds per Hero via the Rickety Cart.

In addition, you can always level up your level 1 Heroes to a high level using Resonating Crystal.

What are the best Heroes right now?

At the moment, the best Heroes all new players should get are Golus, Saveas, Nemora, Lucius, Ira and Tasi. For more details, please take a look at the AFK Arena Tier List.

What is the best team composition in AFK Arena?

There is absolutely no best team in AFK Arena. However, there are teams which do a lot better than the others in a specific.

To check out the best teams in the game at the moment, take a look at Best Team Compositions.

Why the Arcane Labyrinth is so hard?

The Arcane Labyrinth is not actually hard. It’s a Labyrinth and there is always a way to solve a Labyrinth.

Here are some of the best tips for you to defeat the Arcane Labyrinth every single time

  1. When you are about to lose the battle, or when one of your strongest Heroes gets defeated, pause the battle, exit then repeat until you defeat the enemies. This is definitely the best trick for everyone trying to beat the Arcane Labyrinth.
  2. Avoid using the x2 speed mode in the last floor. You might get defeated really fast here without even noticing it, and won’t be able to exit the battle in time.
  3. Focus on defeating the Red Flags. They give you the best Relics.
  4. Shemira is the best hero for this mode.
  5. You might want to have at least a healer in your team.
  6. Later on, you will be able to get Mythic Items here at a great discount price by spending your Diamonds.

Check out the Ultimate Arcane Labyrinth Guide for more details!


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