Fantastic Beasts: Lost in Reverie

A new game mode has been added to AFK Arena known as Fantastic Beasts, as well as an event called Lost in Reverie in that mode. Here in this AFK Arena Lost in Reverie Event Guide we are going to discuss everything about this event, as well as give you some tips on passing the hardest stages.

Adventurers can activate the Fantastic Beasts feature by clearing Stage 14-40, explore it with their beast, and complete the challenges to win bountiful rewards.

Lost In Reverie Event Guide

Lost In Reverie Stage Formations

Stage 1-22

Stage 23

Stage 24

Stage 25

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Crimson Snow Event Guide

Crimson Snow is the first event in the line of future events in the this game mode Fantastic Beasts. As always there are plenty of rewards to be attained from clearing this event. To get the limited rewards in Crimson Snow you only need to clear stage 15. The star based rewards are not time limited and you can continue to work on those after the limited rewards end.

By: OGVuehl

As always, hope this helps and please share your clears as well! This will be updated periodically to include more information. Some information is compiled and provided by Community Resources via Crowd Source Server and Analytica Server. All pets used were tested at Level 9 – Rares were tested at level 18. This event is much more difficult than any previous Hunter Note style events. Some of the teams will just not work and I have yet to figure out why they work for some and not for others even when pet is the same. Have some patience while this is edited and improved.

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Crimson Snow Stage Formations

Stage 1-15

Stage 1-15 Variation 1

Stage 1-15 Variation 2

Stage 16

Stage 17

Stage 18

Stage 19

Stage 20

Stage 21

Stage 21 Variation

Stage 22

Stage 23

Stage 24

Stage 25

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