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Hey peeps! This year, a new event has been added for the Midwinter Feast called ๐๐ž๐š๐ฌ๐ญ ๐’๐ช๐ฎ๐š๐! During the event period, the beast ground will be launched in your guild, and as a team, you can recruit the beasts with the guild members and gain the contribution points together! Hope you’re excited to do use your beasts together with your team to gain amazing experiences and earn great rewards!

This event will be available from UTC time 2022/21/12 to UTC 2023/03/01 at 23:59.


This year the snow came sooner than earlier years, catching people unawares. The Empire have urgently issued a draft and the big guilds are springing into action to save the Midwinter Festival. People are working every spare moment but it is still not enough. There are so many incomplete tasks: gathering firewood, creating ice sculptures, delivering letters, collecting fruits, hunting… Lucky for them the beasts have stepped up and these reliable creatures are organizing into special teams and ready to work their hardest! All they ask for in return is a small reward from the guilds. They may prove to be the best help in times of need.

As for what reward they seek… It is said that the beasts’ favorite treasures are contained in Wreathz’s rucksack. It’s time to teach this scoundrel a lesson.

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Hire Beasts

During the event, your Guild Deputy and Guild Master can spend Ancient Crystals to hire new beasts to join the squad and to perform assigned tasks. Hiring a beast does not cost Stamina. All guild members can “like” a beast in the beast menu to indicate which one they want the Guild Master/Deputy to hire.

The beasts hired during the event belong to the guild, not individual players. They will automatically disappear after the event ends.

All beasts will automatically perform their assigned tasks. CP will be calculated based on their current Growth Value at UTC 00:00, and will be included in your guild’s total CP for the event.

Train Beasts

Training a beast costs 5 Stamina and a certain amount of Gold Essence. Training increases a beast’s Growth Value and its speed of completing assigned tasks and earning CP.

Once a beast reaches a certain Growth Value, you will have to spend a large amount of Gold Essence to raise its Growth Limit. Advancing beasts does not cost Stamina.

Hunt Wreathz

Battling Wreathz costs 5 Stamina. Stamina will be de- ducted at the start of battle. If you choose to exit a battle halfway through, the Stamina you spent will not be refunded. After you win the battle, Wreathz will drop varying quantities of Gold Essence based on the total damage you dealt. Wreathz also has a chance to drop a rare Ancient Crystal. Dropped materials will be shared by all guild members.

During the event, you will receive 15 Stamina per day. Unused Stamina will be lost at the end of the day, but you can purchase unused Stamina from the previous day with Diamonds (up to 15 Stamina at a time). You can only purchase Stamina when you have zero Stamina remaining. Your Stamina can only be used by you.

Your guild’s cumulative Stamina consumption for the event cannot exceed 1050 Stamina x the number of event days (e.g. 1050 by day 1, 2100 by day 2, etc).


There will be Guild Rewards as well as individual rewards granted for completing the tasks in this event. Find these below.

Midwinter Box

Also don’t forget to claim these midwinter box full of goodies everyday.

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