Rest in Peace Guide (PoT Chapter 4)

In Peaks of Time, Rest in Peace is a pretty easy map. However, we still want to cover the way to defeat this chapter here because a lot of players are still looking for this. Thus, we will go straight-forward. Rest in Peace Map & … Read more

Complete Guide to Team Building

Here, we offer you this team building guide today in order to explain to you my strategy on team building in the game. The goal of this guide is to help you reflect on how to build a team, instead of giving pre-ordered compositions. The … Read more

AFK Arena Guild Wars Guide – Best Tips & Strategies

Guild War Summary: Guild War Battles use the 3 teams vs 3 teams format. Guild members need to submit 3 defensive formations. Guild War is a best-of-five competition. The side that wins 3 rounds will wins the Guild War. You only get the score based … Read more

Most Efficient Ways to Spend Diamonds

Undoubtedly, Diamond is the most valuable resource in AFK Arena. There are a lot of ways to earn Diamonds and there are also a lot of ways to spend them. However, the way you spend your hard-earned Diamonds does affect your account growth a lot. … Read more

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