AFK Arena v1.112 Patch Notes

Hi everyone, the AFK Arena v1.112 update is getting released soon. Please take a look at the changelog below for the full details regarding the update.

Our Servers will be unavailable during Local Time: 23/03/2023 04:00 – 06:00 while we are updating the game. You will be unable to log in during this time. We apologize for the inconvenience this may bring and would like to offer you a 1200 diamond compensatory gift.

New Heroes

1. Added a new Mauler hero: Crassio – The Vagabond Blade.

2. The new hero Crassio – The Vagabond Blade will be available to test play from Local Time: 23/03/2023 21:00.

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3. Added the Bountiful Trials event for Crassio – The Vagabond Blade, as well as the Arena of Trials event “Guild Trials”, which shall commence on Local Time: 23/03/2023 21:00.

New Additions and optimizations

1. Added a new festival themed appearance to Ranhorn.

2. Added a new event called “The Luminous Feast”, which will be available from Local Time: 28/03/2023 21:00. It includes features such as *Gourmelee” and “Hall of Fame”.

– Gourmelee: Adventurers travel with Rosaline to various places to gather special ingredients, create delicious culinary delights, and earn rewards.

– Hall of Fame: Players can review their adventures in Esperia over the past year and check out a personalized icon that is all their own.

3. Added Skreg – The Cunning’s new skin “Bake Boss”, which can be claimed by adventurers after completing Gourmelee quests. This skin can be purchased at its original price from the Wardrobe after the event.

4. Added a new skin for Nevanthi – The Green Lady called “Lazy Afternoon’, which can be purchased for a discounted price at the Wardrobe during Local Time: 28/03/2023 21:00 – Local Time: 11/04/2023 20:59. This skin will be removed from the Wardrobe after the event.

5. Added the “Gloria Spectacular” event, which will be available from Local Time: 29/03/2023 21:00. During the event, adventurers can complete quests to get Golden Keys for free, and open the Celebratory Chest to receive random rewards for different tiers. Additionally, they also stand a chance to get an Awakened Hero Choice Chest.

6. Added the adventure “The Great Escake” to the Voyage of Wonders feature, which will be available from Local Time: 28/03/2023 21:00.

7. Added a new exclusive limited-time skin for Dolly’s Makeover Contest at the Noble Tavern called “Cooling Camellia”. This skin can be claimed for free during Local Time: 28/03/2023 21:00 – Local Time: 25/04/2023 20:59 and used for a limited time. It will be removed from the shelf after the end of the limited use period.

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8. Added a new beast – Savage Soufflé. Adventurers can enter Beast Grounds to lure and capture them after completing Stage 14-40.

9. Added a new Fantastic Beasts adventure – “Delicious Dreamland”. Adventurers can join the challenge after completing Stage 14-40.

10. Added a new “Nightmare Corridor” feature, where adventurers that reach Resonating Crystal Level 350 or have at least 30 Ascended Tier Heroes can enter the challenge through the Guild Grounds – Hellscape.

– Nightmare Corridor is a region-divided event that is available once every 7 days.

– Each Nightmare Corridor session comes with 6 Bosses. The more Bosses a player kills, the higher they rank. For the same number of Bosses killed, the player who takes the shorter time to do so ranks higher. Where no Bosses are killed, the greater the total damage dealt, the higher the player ranks.

– The Boss formation will be updated every 28 days, replacing an expired Boss with a new one.

– Players can complete Nightmare Corridor quests to earn Dream Tokens, which are exchangable for rewards at the Dream Store. The Nightmare Corridor quests and Dream Store are refreshed every 28 days, at which point all Dream Tokens will be reset to 0.

11. Added the “New Voyage” feature, where components such as Beginner’s Benefits, events, and campaign stage previews are consolidated under this feature.

12. A new Misty Valley round is about to commence and will be available from Local Time: 02/04/2023 21:00.

13. Added new Bosses to Campaign Chapters 3-36 and 4-36. The challenge difficulty remains unaffected.

14. Improved the resolution of Animated Avatars.

Hero Adjustments and Changes

1. Drez – The Quicksand Recluse

– Fixed an issue where, in certain extreme situations, Drez was wrongly targeted by certain skills before he returned to the battlefield during the skill “Tactical Retreat”.

2. Mulan – The Iron Magnolia

– Optimized the positioning logic for Mulan’s Ultimate “Rider’s Wrath” so that she can alight from the horse at the center of the battlefield when there are no selectable targets.

3. Edwin – The Usurper

– Fixed an issue where, in certain circumstances, the silencing effect of the skill “Disarming Flurry” worked improperly.

4. Beast – Phantasmoth

– Fixed an issue where after Phantasmoth ended its Gossamer Wings bond with a hero, the Dreamtorn effect of shimmering scales scattered by it worked improperly against untargetable enemies.

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