Temple of Time Guide, Awakened Heroes Priority List

In this guide, we are going to show you how basically the Temple of Time works in AFK Arena, the drop rates of the rewards, and the heroes you should focus on first!

Follow our tips clearly to grow your account a lot faster.

The Temple of Time is located in The Noble Tavern building.The Noble Tavern

After Campaign Chapter 15 or after unlocking VIP level 13, you will see a new tab in the Tavern called the Temple of Time.

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Temple of Time: Basic Information

  • Time Emblems can be used to summon Awakened Heroes, Emblems, Legendary Gear and other valuable items.
  • There is a small chance of getting an incredible amount of Diamonds when summoning in the Temple.
  • The prize Heroes can be changed via the button at the top right.
  • When a player possesses one Ascended Awakened hero, they can use Stargazing Cards at the Stargazer to summon the corresponding Awakened hero.

Temple of Time Droprates / Probabilities

Rewards Drop rates
Awakened Hero 2%
Note: it’s proven that there is a pity timer, so you can’t spend more than 65 time emblems by using single pulls or 70 time emblems by using 10x pulls without getting a single copy.
30,000 Diamonds 0.01%
Mythic Variety Chest x1 0.5%
T1/T2 Stone choice chest x1 0.8%
Emblem Choice Chest x2 1%
Emblem Choice Chest x1 1.99%
Amplifying Emblem x2 1%
Amplifying Emblem x1 2%
Primordial Emblem x2 7.2%
Primordial Emblem x1 14%
Elite Lightbearer Card x1 0.8%
Elite Mauler Card x1 0.8%
Elite Wilder Card x1 0.8%
Elite Graveborn Card x1 0.8%
Rare Lightbearer Card x1 2.25%
Rare Mauler Card x1 2.25%
Rare Wilder Card x1 2.25%
Rare Graveborn Card x1 2.25%
Rare Enhancement Tokens x2 1.5%
Rare Enhancement Tokens x1 3%
Common Enhancement Tokens x150 3.74%
Common Enhancement Tokens x100 3.74%
Common Enhancement Tokens x50 3.74%
Gold Chest (L) x2 4.5%
Hero Exp Chest (L) x1 4.5%
Large Crate of Hero’s Essence Chest (L) x1 4.5%
Gold Pile (S) x5 9.36%
Hero Exp Pile (S) x2 9.36%
Small Pile of Hero’s Essence (S) x5 9.36%

Awakened Hero Priority Guide

Awakened PhoenixAwakened-Ezizh

Explanation of the usefulness of each Awakened hero

Awakened Belinda is the strongest hero in the game right now. She is by far the strongest damage dealer in Abyssal Expedition and Hunting Fields. She is one of the strongest heroes for Temporal Rift. She is also extremely strong on all Cursed Realm bosses. And she is meta on PvP with one of the strongest PvP comps (Rowan, Ezizh, Raine, Palmer, ABelinda) in the current meta. She is also one of the best awakened heroes for Campaign.

Awakened Brutus is the core hero of the strongest PvP comp (Albedo, ABrutus, Ezio, Joan of Arc, Merlin). Might class has become meta on Temporal Rift and Abyssal Expedition, and ABrutus is very important if you’re willing to use Might class as your main class in one of these game modes. He is also meta on all Cursed Realm bosses and he is quite useful on Campaign. He is not super important on Hunting Fields because Mauler is the weakest class on this game mode.

Awakened Solise is meta on several Twisted Realm bosses and she is also very important on all Cursed Realm bosses. She is arguably the strongest hero for Temporal Rift and she is the core hero of one of the strongest PvP comps (Canisa & Ruke, Orthros, Tarnos, Nevanthi, ASolise). She is also strong on Abyssal Expedition, Hunting Fields and Campaign.

Awakened Baden is the best damage dealer on several Cursed Realm rounds. He is also very strong on PvP and he is very useful on Campaign and Temporal Rift. He can also be very useful on Abyssal Expedition and Hunting Fields, but not a very high priority for these two game modes.

Awakened Thane is one of the strongest Awakened heroes for Campaign, but his strongest game mode is PvP because he is the core hero of a very unique and strong comp. He is useful in some Cursed Realm bosses, but not a super high priority. He is also great for Abyssal Expedition, Hunting Fields and Temporal Rift.

Awakened Phoenix Awakened Talene is a very strong hero, but she is outclassed by all Awakened heroes mentioned above in most game modes. Her strongest game mode is Temporal Rift. She is an immortal tank and healer, so she is very useful there. She is also great for Campaign, but she can work even at Legendary ascension on this game mode. She is meta in some Cursed Realm bosses, but she also works at Legendary ascension in some of them. She is useful and very flexible in PvP, but definitely not even close as important as the other five Awakened heroes mentioned above for this game mode.

Awakened-Ezizh Awakened Ezizh is by far the weakest Awakened hero. The only game modes where he is top-tier are Campaign and towers, but he works pretty well even at Legendary ascension. So you’ll basically never need more than one copy of him. He is mediocre or below average on all other game modes.

Explanation of the usefulness of Awakened heroes in each game mode

PvE (Campaign/Towers)

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ABelinda, AThane and AEzizh are the three most important Awakened heroes for PvE, but AEzizh only needs to be Legendary. AThane only needs to be Legendary in some very specific scenarios where you will want to use him just because of his awakened skill, but in most situations you will need him Ascended. ABelinda also needs to be Ascended.

AEzizh is most commonly used to counter Flora comps. AThane and ABelinda are carries, they’re used very often on Leonardo comps where you can permastun enemies, both also work without Leonardo as long as your team has a good CC. ABelinda is also very strong as a frontline hero on Alna comps.

ABaden is a great damage dealer and he is most commonly used on Alna comps, replacing Grezhul. He is also great on Queen comps where you permastun enemies. ATalene also works pretty well at Legendary ascension, she is occasionally used on Queen comps too.

ASolise is a great healer with great survivability and great damage. She works pretty well as secondary damage dealer on Alna comps. ABrutus is one of the best damage dealers in the game and he has a great CC too. He works great on Leonardo comps and Queen comps.

Notes: all PvE recommendations above are based on very late game Campaign above 200 level deficits. At lower deficits, all awakened heroes are even stronger.

Notes 2: if you wanna see how PvE meta comps look like, check the bottom half of Heroes Tier List page where there is an explanation of each PvE comp.

PvP (Treasure Scramble, Heroes of Esperia, Arena)

ABrutus, ABelinda, ASolise, AThane and ABaden are all top-tier heroes on PvP. And these are the most common variations of their comps in the current meta:

Dimensional comp with ABrutus: Albedo MerlinEzio

Cycle comp with ABelinda:

ASolise comp:

Alna comp with ABaden: alna mortasafk arena silas

AThane comp: Haelus

The two strongest comps are ABrutus and ABelinda comps. ABrutus comp is the most consistent comp against every other comp in the game and ABelinda comp is the most consistent comp against ABrutus comp. ASolise comp is the third strongest comp in most situations. ABaden comp is the fourth best comp. AThane comp is weaker than the other four comps in most situations, but it still a very strong comp.

It is possible to build several variations of Dimensional comp, Cycle comp and Alna comp without Awakened heroes, but it is not possible to build ASolise comp and AThane comp without ASolise and AThane, so their value is pretty high on PvP.

ATalene is significantly weaker on PvP than the other five Awakened heroes mentioned above, but she is still a great PvP hero. She is usually a core hero on the 6th or 7th best PvP comp of most top players.

AEzizh is by far the weakest Awakened hero on PvP. He can be useful on Stall comps or Kalene comps, but those comps have been falling off from the meta.

Cursed Realm

ABelinda is meta on all Cursed Realm bosses. ABaden is meta on five of the six CR bosses, but he is usually the carry of the strongest comp, so he is arguably the most relevant Awakened hero for CR. ABrutus and ASolise are also meta on five CR bosses.

These are by far the top four Awakened heroes on this game mode.

ATalene and AThane are great against two bosses only. And AEzizh is not meta on any of the bosses.

Temporal Rift

The current meta above floor 600 and floor 800 is Might+Celerity+Sustenance or Might+Fortitude+Sustenance. Celerity+Fortitude+Sustenance is slightly weaker than those two combinations and Sorcery is by far the weakest class.

For those reasons, ABrutus and ASolise are both top-tier heroes on this game mode. ASolise is arguably the strongest hero for Temporal Rift. ATalene and AThane are also amazing if you’re using Fortitude and/or Celerity class. ABaden is also great, but slightly less strong than AThane.

Besides ABelinda being a mage, she works even with zero beacon. So she is a top-tier hero on this game mode. And she works fine at Legendary ascension.

Again, AEzizh is by far the weakest Awakened hero on this game mode.

Abyssal Expedition

ABelinda is by far the strongest hero for Abyssal Expedition. ABrutus and ASolise are also top-tier because Might and Sustenance are the strongest classes on this game mode. AThane is the best Celerity hero on this game mode. ABaden is good, but not as good as AThane. ATalene is a good Fortitude hero, but she is not meta. AEzizh is useless on this game mode.

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