AFK Arena v1.111 Patch Notes

Hi everyone, the AFK Arena v1.111 update is getting released soon. Please take a look at the changelog below for the full details regarding the update.

Our Servers will be unavailable during Local Time: 09/03/2023 04:00 – 06:00 while we are updating the game. You will be unable to log in during this time. We apologize for the inconvenience this may bring and would like to offer you a 1200 diamond compensatory gift.

New Heroes

1. Added a new Awakened Hypogean hero: Maetria – Duskfeather.

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2. The new hero Maetria – Duskfeather will be available to test play from Local Time: 09/03/2023 21:00.

3. Added the Bountiful Trials event for Maetria – Duskfeather, as well as the Arena of Trials event “Guild Trials”, which shall commence on Local Time: 09/03/2023 21:00.

New Additions and optimizations

1. Added a new Maetria – Duskfeather themed Voyage of Wonders adventure called “The Last Obsidian Finch”, which will be available from Local Time: 13/03/2023 21:00.

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2. Added a new event, “The Gift of Time”, which will be available after this update. Adventurers that reach Stage 16-1 during the event can claim 50 Time Emblems for free, while a limited-time offer will be available in the Temple of Time. Players will receive a 20% discount on their first six 10-draw summons.

3. Added a new chapter to the campaign – Chapter 56 – Ruined Shipyard, and reduced the difficulty for certain stages of chapter 55.

4. Added a new event, “Scrumptious Feast”, which will be available from Local Time: 21/03/2023 21:00. During the event, adventurers across all test servers will work together to prepare a feast and contribute to its progress, while earning daily preparation rewards and cumulative all-servers progress rewards.

5. The “Lyrical Exploration” event will be available from Local Time:11/03/2023 21:00. Some of its quests have two goals, where you only need to achieve either one to complete the quest and claim the corresponding rewards.

6. Fixed an issue in Arcane Labyrinth that was causing enemies’ Combat Ratings to be abnormal in certain extreme situations.

Hero Adjustments and Changes

1. Granit – Desert’s Stone

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– Fixed an issue that, in rare circumstances, was causing the additional Sand Vortex unleashed when Granit died, to be cast at an incorrect time and with wrong effects.

2. Tamrus – The Jungleroamer

– Improved the descriptions of the skills “Painwheel” and “Get Over Here” to make them consistent with their in-battle effects. For specifics, please refer to the game.

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