Bountiful Trials Team Walkthrough: Mishka & Haelus

Bountiful Trials is the new AFK Arena mini-event that occurs whenever a new hero is released. Defeat the enemies using the newly released hero and specifically given heroes to get a lot of valuable rewards. For Guild Trials, please visit this page. Bountiful Trial Hero … Read more

Cinder Grottoes (Peaks of Time / Wandering Balloon)

This is the step-by-step guide for Cinder Grottoes, which is available in the new Wandering Balloon section of Peaks of Time! The map requires players to get to at least Chapter 29-20 to open. You also need to complete at least 60% of the “The … Read more

Cursed Realm Guide & Teams

Cursed Realm is the new AFK Arena mode where players have to fight the boss and 5 small teams using different team formations to grab a lot of huge rewards. Players with a high Resonating Crystal level or high Resonating Crystal max level limit are … Read more

Haelus – The Crafter

Haelus – The Crafter Faction: Celestial  Type: Intelligence  Class: Support  Role: Buffer  Rarity: Ascended Haelus Skills Laws of Creation Haelus forges an obelisk in front of himself which is imbued with all of his own starting attributes which is immune to control effects and is … Read more

AFK Arena v1.75 Patch Notes

Below is the complete changelog of the upcoming AFK Arena v1.75 Update. New Hero 1. New Celestial Hero: Haelus – The Crafter. 2. The new hero Haelus – The Crafter will be available to test play 3. Added the Bountiful Trials event for Haelus – … Read more

Voyage of Wonders Guide Map: The Forgotten Frontier

Voyage of Wonders is one of the most interesting events in AFK Arena. Bringing a new fresh air into the game, Voyage of Wonders gives players tons of fun, tricky puzzles as well as a lot of valuable rewards while discovering different maps! The new … Read more

Guild Trials Team Guide for Mishka

Below are the best working AFK Arena Guild Trial teams for the current challenge. I didn’t want to share them here first due to the nature of this event, where people compete for the best score with the same condition. However, I believed that people … Read more

Magician Hat, Gift Cart & Circus Tour Event

During the this event, complete the daily quests and Circus Tour Boss to obtain Arcane Scrolls, which will be used to get a lot of valuable rewards via the Magician Hat menu. For every 10 pulls in the Magician Hat bar, players will receive 10 … Read more

Mishka – The Wild Child

Mishka – The Wild Child Faction:  Wilder Type: Strength  Class:  Tank  Role:  Tank Mishka Skills Werebear Mishka transforms into Werebear form and jumps into the densest area of enemies, dealing 250% damage to surrounding enemies as she hits the ground, knocking them into the air and … Read more

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