Eternal Engravings Guide

The new Eternal Engravings system in AFK Arena is a great way to power up ascended hero stats and abilities. In this article, let’s see how this new function works and the best ways to make the most of it! Eternal Engravings Players must complete … Read more

Voyage of Wonders Guide Map: Forgotten Ruins

Voyage of Wonders is one of the most interesting events in AFK Arena. Bringing a new fresh air into the game, Voyage of Wonders gives players tons of fun, tricky puzzles as well as a lot of valuable rewards while discovering different maps! The new … Read more

Titus – Guardian of the Mountain

Titus – Guardian of the Mountain Faction: Celestial  Type: Strength  Class: Tank  Role: Tank  Rarity: Ascended Titus Skills Temple Guardian Passive: Titus is immune to control effects throughout battles and receives 35% less damage. At the start of battle Titus enters a dormant state until … Read more

Bountiful Trials Event Walkthrough: Titus & Thali

Bountiful Trials is the new AFK Arena mini-event that occurs whenever a new hero is released. Defeat the enemies using the newly released hero and specifically given heroes to get a lot of valuable rewards. Bountiful Trial Hero Guides Titus Thali Merlin Walker Leofric Desira … Read more

AFK Arena 1.68 Patch Notes

Greetings Adventurer, below is our full changelog of the upcoming AFK Arena update v1.68! New Heroes 1. Added the new Celestial hero: Titus – Guardian of the Mountains 2. The Bountiful Trials event will be available for Titus – Guardian of the Mountains. New Additions … Read more

Magician Hat & Gift Card Event

During the this event, complete the daily quests to obtain Arcane Scrolls, which will be used to get the new Lorsan skin and a lot of rewards via the Magician Hat menu. For every 10 pulls in the Magician Hat bar, players will receive 10Circus … Read more

Fight of Fates Event Guide

Fight of Fate is the new Event coming to AFK Arena in the upcoming update. In this article, you can find all of the information regarding this event and the best tips to win the battles here. Fight of Fates Event Summary Each play chooses … Read more

AFK Arena Redemption Codes (Complete List)

You can find the complete list of the working AFK Arena Codes right now on this page. Be quick, redeem them to get a lot of free rewards, and have a better start in the game! → How to redeem codes? All Working AFK Arena … Read more

Which Hero To Buy in Challenger Store?

If you are finding it hard to choose the best hero to buy in the Challenger Store, this guide is for you! First of all, never buy the normal faction heroes in the Challenger Store as they are very easy to obtain as you play … Read more

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