AFK Arena 1.58 Patch Notes

Greetings Adventurer, below are the complete Patch Notes of the upcoming AFK Arena v1.58 Update!

afk arena Eluard
Eluard – Shared by Mr. Panafonic

New Hero

Added the new Lightbearer hero: Eluard – Protector of Souls.

Eluard avatar

The Bountiful Trials event will be available for Eluard – Protector of Souls.

New Additions and Optimizations

  1. Players can enroll for the Abyssal Expedition which shall open up again after they have completed Stage 15-40 of the campaign.
    new abyssal expedition boss
  2. A new Misty Valley round!
  3. Added the adventure “The Fractured Gallery” to the Voyage of Wonders feature!
  4. Added the adventure “The Frozen Hinterland” to the Trials of God feature. Players can unlock this adventure by completing Stage 32-60 of the campaign and by completing 100% of the same adventure found within the Wandering Balloon.
  5. Added a new Support Class-Exclusive Artifact called “Seraphic Tide”, which can be acquired from the Trials of God – The Frozen Hinterland instance.
    new support artifact
  6. Added the new campaign chapter – Chapter 40 – Tidal Monuments.
  7. Reduced the difficulty of enemy teams for certain stages within Chapters 33 through to 36 of the campaign. For specifics please refer to the game.
  8. Reduced the Signature Item levels of some enemies found within Chapters 35 through to 37 of the campaign. For specifics please refer to the game.
  9. Reduced the difficulty of certain floors between 751 and 800 of the King’s Tower, and also added more floors, bringing the total number of floors to 850.
  10. Optimized the conditions required to enter the Fabled Realm. Players that meet the Resonating Crystal level or Resonating Crystal max level requirement are able to enter the Fabled Realm.
  11. Optimized the order in which Guild Contributors are sorted.

Hero Adjustments and Changes

afk arena pc download

Kelthur – Plaguegrip

Fixed an issue that was preventing the ability “Ethereal Resurgence” from being triggered correctly, which resulted in battles ending prematurely.

afk arena silas

Silas – Augmented Death

Fixed an issue that was preventing the effects of the ability “Healing Haze” from dissipating when the last remaining allied hero “Talene -The Rising Phoenix” was in her “Fireball state”.

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