AFK Journey Artifacts Tier List

This is the complete artifact guide for AFK Journey. There are 6 artifacts currently available in the game and you unlock them as you progress through the main story.

Select suitable artifacts during battle preparation to increase the stats of all heroes and use their assist effects to turn the tide. Level up artifacts to increase stats. Reach the designated level to enhance your Assist effects.

Below you can check the tier list explaining which artifacts are the best and which are the worst in the current meta:

Tier S+

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Confining Spell
3s into a battle, deals magic damage equal to 25% of the team’s ATK to 2 enemies in the back, making them unable to move or act for 1.5s. Repeats the attack every every 12s.
At +4: The Prison duration is increased to 2.5s.
At +8: The cooldown of this ability is reduced to 10s.
STATS (AT +10):
ATK +6.6%
HP +7.8%
Locks down enemy backline and also deals damage to them. This will be your first pick of artifact when tackling a new stage. Good against squishy, backline-heavy teams. It is used basically everywhere – Arena, AFK Stages/Campaign, Battle Drills, Legend Trial.

Tier S

Starshard Spell
Every 4 Ultimate cast by allies creates a flame wave that attacks all enemies, dealing true damage equal to 16% of their current HP and up to 60% of Team ATK. The flame wave also reduces their ATK SPD by 60 for 4s.
At +4: Increases the damage to 24% of the current HP.
At +8: Triggered after allies use 3 Ultimates.
STATS (AT +10):
Haste +4.8
HP +10.2%
Reduces enemy ATK SPD and deals HP% damage every 4/3 ults. A more aggressive option you pick if you feel you don’t have enough damage with Confining Spell, takes slightly longer to come online. Good against tanky, healing-heavy turtle teams. It is good in Arena and AFK Stages. The best artifact for bosses, works pretty much everywhere due to the Haste buff, good as long as you can survive long enough to get enough Ults out to activate its effect.

Tier A

Enlightening Spell
At the start of a battle, the ATK SPD of 1 rearmost allied hero in the back is increased by 80 for 15s. While the skill takes effect, the buffed allied hero gains control immunity.
At +4: The bonus ATK SPD is increased to 100.
At +8: The effect duration is increased to 20s.
STATS (AT +10):
ATK SPD +7.2
HP +11.4%
Makes your backline hero attack faster for a few seconds at the start of the battle. Good in theory, but this effect is special in that it doesn’t stack with other buffs, so if you have Lyca in your team her ATK SPD buff will be wasted, and the effect by itself ends up not being all that impactful overall. It can be used in Arena to counter Confining Spell.

Tier B

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Awakening Spell
5s after the battle starts, summons Radiant Life to restore 3 weakest allies heroes Max HP by 7% every 10s.
At +4: Increases the healing amount to 10% of Max HP.
At +8: The number of allies to receive this buff increases to 4.
STATS (AT +10):
ATK +4.2%.
Physical/Magic DEF +26.4%
Heals your team every 10s. Usable in very aggressive teams that forgo healing altogether or rely on low-healing compositions such as Rowan or Shakir solo sustain. It is especially useful in Arcane Labyrinth and Legend Trial.

Tier C

Ironwall Spell
Blesses the frontmost allied hero at the start of a battle, increasing their Phys DEF and Magic DEF by 15% and Energy on Hit by 20 for the rest of the battle. At the start of a battle and every 12s thereafter, grants blessed ally a shield by 20% of their max HP for 6s. The blessing can’t be dispelled.
At +4: The value of gained Phys DEF and Magic DEF of blessed allied hero is increased to 20%.
At +8: The blessing effect will be transferred to a living allied hero in the frontline when the blessed hero is defeated. The blessing can only be transferred 1 time in each battle.
STATS (AT +10):
Haste +6
Vitality +9
Makes your frontline hero tankier. A good option if you haven’t managed to get a good amount of dupes for your tank hero yet, since if your tank dies the rest of your team dies shortly after. Most useful early on if you don’t have a good tank, or any tank. It can be used for AFK Stages/Campaign/Dream Realm/Legend Trial, but it is pretty niche.

Tier D

Blazing Spell
Shoots a fireball at the weakest enemy every 5s, dealing magic damage equal to 20% of the Team ATK.
At +4: The damage dealt is increased to 30% of the Team ATK.
At +8: Deals extra damage equal to 4% of the target’s lost HP.
STATS (AT +10):
DEF Penetration +7.8
Physical/Magic DEF +13.8%
Deals damage to the weakest enemy every 5s. Effect is too weak to matter much over the course of a battle. Just run Starshard Spell instead if you need the extra damage, or run Confining Spell if you want to go after enemy squishy backline.

This tier list indicate which artifacts to prioritize for a competitive edge in AFK Journey, focusing on those that adapt well to various game modes and team compositions to tackle the prevailing meta tactics effectively.

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