AFK Arena Update v1.40: New PoT Map, Event, Hero & More!

The full changelogs of the coming AFK Arena Update v1.40 are here!

New Heroes

  1. Added the new Mauler hero: Anoki – The Blood Guard

New Additions and Optimizations

  1. Added the new Voyage of Wonders adventure: The Depths of Time 2.
  2. Added a new feature to the Peaks of Time called the Wandering Balloon, wherein The Depths of Time 1 can be played. This feature will be unlocked after players complete stage 20-20.
  3. Added the new Twisted Bounties event which can be found under the Merchants tab. Players can activate this event by unlocking and entering the Twisted Realm.
  4. Added a slider to item/resource interfaces in order allow players to more conveniently select the quantity of resources they require.
  5. Added the option to allows players to only view their friends’ details if they so choose to for Elite stages.
  6. Optimized Dura’s Virtues so that hero class details are displayed correctly.

Balance Changes

  1. Khasos – The Unruly
    Optimized the visual effects of Khasos’ animations and increased his character model’s resolution. Reworked Khasos’ ultimate ability “Spinning Obliteration”. Please view his in-game skill description for more details. Reduced the difficulty of the stages within the King’s Tower and main campaign which include Khasos.
  2. Satrana – Flame Weaver
    The ultimate ability “Fireseeds” will now explode when used against enemies found in the Guild Hunting, Twisted Realm and Abyssal Expedition features.
  3. Ogi – Nature’s Strength
    Fixed an incorrect description for the second level of Ogi’s “Bombard” ability. No other changes have been made to this ability.
  4. Fawkes – Death’s Defeat
    Fixed an issue where the level 3 description for the ability “Abate” was inconsistent with the ability’s effects. The ability now correctly causes enemy targets’ energy regeneration to be reduced by 60% when they are attacking or being attacked.
  5. Tasi – Dreamhopper
    Optimized the description for the ability ”Teleportation”. The actual effects of the ability remain the same.
  6. Estrilda – Knight of Valor
    Fixed an issue that was preventing the shield produced by the ability “Royal Charge” from being correctly dispersed.
  7. Eironn – Stormsword
    Fixing an issue with Eironn in the previous update resulted in a new issue, that would cause Eironn’s enemies to be knocked back too far when using his ability ‘Twin Force’. As of now, Eironn has been reverted back to before the previous update. The kno
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