Spring Spree Event Guide: Get the New Talene Skin!

The Spring Spree Events are coming to AFK Arena. Let’s take a quick look!

Event time: From February 8th to February 21.

spring spree event main screen

Heart’s Desires

Duration: 14 days.

Players may exchange heart desires Heart’s Desires for rewards up until the event ends. Rewards contain the new Phoenix Skin, Phoenix’s Vow

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How to get Heart’s Desires

  • Daily Logins: 80 heart desires
  • Voyage of Wonders: 50heart desires
  • Daily Quest Chests: 20 heart desires daily = 240heart desires max.
  • Daily deals
    • $1 = 8heart desires per day.
    • $5 = 12 heart desires per day.
Free players can get 370 heart desires Heart’s Desires at max.

What should I exchange Heart’s Desires for?

Phoenix’s Skin is optional. In case you love her, just get it.

  1. Emblem Choice Chest.
  2. Celestials/Hypogeans: Phoenix/Mezoth/Ezizh
  3. Poe Coins / Gold Emblems.
  4. Blue Cards.

Hearts Desires rewards

Event Notes

Check the Notes on the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 6th day of the event to get a lot of special rewards!

spring daily event notes

Fiery Days: Daily Login Rewards

Log in every day to obtain a lot of rewards, including an elite Hero from the list below, including 80 heart desires Heart’s Desires.

spring daily login event

It’s recommended to get Wu Kong from the chest. However, if you lack any specific hero, just get it.

Field of Ice

Complete the new Voyage of Wonders map, Field of Ice, to obtain a lot of rewards, including 50 heart desires Heart’s Desires.

Phoenix Flowers

Send gifts to your friends via the Player Info menu during the event:

phoenix flowers

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Leaderboard rankings will be determined by the total amount of “Phoenix Flowers” players receive during the event. Players will have the chance to rewarded with a limited edition Spring Spree frame, which is determined by their final leaderboard ranking.

Players that reach Gold division during the Legends’ Challenger Tournament can obtain Phoenix Flowers.

Phoenix’s Calling

Legends’ of Challenger ranking will be recorded every day at 01:00, 09:00, and 17:00 UTC while the event is underway.

The amount of rewards received by a player is based on their daily ranking received (out of three daily ranks), and will be sent to players via the in-game mailbox.

phoenixs calling event

Players that reach Gold division will be sent Phoenix Flowers.

Players that have still not opened the Legends’ Challenger Tournament feature will still receive a small quantity of rewards via their mailbox.

During the Legends’ Challenger Tournament, all heroes will start with a hero level of 240. A hero’s overall level when fighting within the Legends’ Challenger Tournament may then increased based upon their own base level. Battles within the Tournament will no longer display player Combat Ratings.

Bookmark this page to keep updated! We will bring more information regarding the Spring Festival Event to you soon!

SPRING SPREE: Rising Phoenix, Phoenix Flowers, Fiery Days, Phoenix

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