Magician Hat & Gift Card Event

During the this event, complete the daily quests to obtain Arcane Scrolls, which will be used to get the new Lorsan skin and a lot of rewards via the Magician Hat menu.

For every 10 pulls in the Magician Hat bar, players will receive 10Circus Medal, which will be exchanged for various rewards, containing top tier Heroes, Scrolls, Emblems, and more!

The event starts on July!

magician hat event

How to obtain the Arcane Scrolls?

  • Daily Quest Chests: 275arcane scroll per day (12 days = 3300arcane scroll max)
  • 3300arcane scroll = 110Medals
  • Can be purchased more from the Event Deals.

Best Rewards to get

  1. 7red chest Red Emblem Chests + 30 primordial emblems Primordial Emblems = recommended.
  2. Talene/Mortas + 1 Red Emblem Chests + 30 primordial emblems Primordial Emblems.
  3. Lorsan Skin + 3red chest Red Emblem Chests + 30 primordial emblems Primordial Emblems (Optional, not recommended).
  4. Rowan/Izold+ 3 red chest Red Emblem Chests + 30 primordial emblems Primordial Emblems. (Only pick this if you need the last copy of the hero during the early game).

Rewards Priority Breakdown

Credits: Whitesushii

Twin Skin (Optional): This is the equivalent of 80 faction emblems and really up to personal preference. Better to buy skin with $ and red emblems with event tickets.

  1. red chestRed Emblems: The gold standard for event rewards and the resource most player would lack. Players should always prioritize this.
  2. Artifact Chest Artifact Fragment Chest: Excellent for the value if you are in the late stage of the game!
  3. Twisted Essence: Pretty much the same value as always. Spenders with complete signature items should opt for these especially if competitive in PvP.
  4.  Talene: Talene is actually a decent choice albeit less so than faction emblems.
  5. Lucretia Lucretia: Grab her if you are already Stargazing her! Very powerful hero for both PvP and PvE contents.
  6. amplifying emblems Gold Emblems: The best value gold emblems have ever been so there is no better time to pick them up. That said, faction emblems are still more valuable.
  7. rare hero card Rare cards: These are slightly better valued than faction emblems at about 2471 diamonds per 12 emblems (vs 2400). The decent choice actually.
  8. poe coin Poe Coins: 3000 PoE Coins is worth 1200-2100 diamonds while giving the equivalent of 4000 diamonds worth in Faction Emblems. Not worth it.
  9. Skin/Avatar: Up to you!
  10. Normal Faction Heroes: Before, heroes were alright if going for the last copy because you couldn’t reliably get them. However, with the hero choice release, these are terrible.

giftcart rewards

Note: A lot of people ask me why faction emblems are always recommended over Celepogeans. If we consider the existence of a pity timer, a Celepogean is worth roughly 38 Stargazer tickets or 19,000 diamonds. Since Celepopgeans are worth 120 Faction Emblems in most events, 120 Faction Emblems is worth 18,000 diamonds going by roamer prices. On the surface, it appears that the Celepogean is slightly more valuable (1000 diamonds more) but we have to consider how firstly, Stargazer tickets not only give you Celepogeans, but also other rewards which are easily worth more than 1000 diamonds over 38 pulls. Secondly, faction emblems are pegged to roamer which is the lowest they can be and it isn’t even that accessible. Lastly, faction emblems will generally have a greater impact on the player’s strength than a single copy of a Celepogean

Update: After a lot of complaints, Lilith increased the rewards from 125arcane scroll per day to 275arcane scroll per day.

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Grotesque Mage Boss

Unfortunately, the boss is not available in the Halloween event this time.

Grotesque Mage Boss

Grotesque Mage Boss

Attack the boss to obtainarcane scroll Arcane Scrolls, which are used in the Magician’s Hall to draw a variety of items.

Skill Description
electric spark

Electric Spark

Normal attacks shoot a bolt of lightning which ignores summons and prioritizes targets in formation order.

Lightning bolts will end if they reach a certain length or after dealing damage 20 times.

When a target is hit by the lightning, their attack power will be reduced by 7% for 5 seconds. Attack debuff duration is calculated separately for each time a target is hit by lightning.

Escape Plan

Magically escapes from the battlefield after enemies have used the ultimate 6 times, ending battle instantly.

Phantom Magic

Damage the entire enemy team and create a phantom which removes most buffs from enemies, gaining any attribute bonuses the buffs granted.

Damage taken by the phantom does not count towards total damage dealt.


  1. Use 4 strong single-target Heroes without using their Ultimates. Use Elijah & Lailah and trigger the Ultimate 5 times.
  2. Use 5 Heroes with strong burst Ultimates. Only trigger their ultimates before the battle ends.

Some working teams:

Team Ultimates

Shemira → Rosaline → Shemra x3

Shemira + Twins at once (2 Times) → Shemira
Arthur → Talene



  1. Players are only able to raid the boss once per day.
  2. Players are awarded Magic Tickets according to the amount of damage done to the Grotesque Mage.
  3. Players can use Magic Tickets to obtain random rewards at the Magical’s Hall
  4. The Grotesque Mage’s difficulty will be determined by each player’s own combat rating.
  5. Players can choose to repeat battles without the deduction of any battle attempts, however, the rewards earned in the previous battle will subsequently disappear.

magician hat

Magician Hat

  1. By Completing daily tasks whilst participating in the Grotesque Mage event, players can obtain Arcane Scrolls (or Magic Tickets).
  2. Players in the Magician’s Hall can use Magic Tickets to obtain random rewards.
  3. Players are awarded Circus Medals according to the number of draws made. Circus Medals can be exchanged at the Gift Cart for fabulous prizes.
  4. Magic Tickets will be recalled for 5k Gold Coin per ticket once the event has concluded.
  5. For every 10 pulls, players will receive 10  Circus Medals, which can be exchanged for various rewards in the Gift Cart

afk arena gift cart event

Gift Cart

  • Heroes can only be exchanged 2 times. Celestials + Hypogeans Heroes can be exchanged 4 times.
  • Players may exchange Circus Medals for rewards up until the event ends (14 days).
  • Players can obtain a large number of Circus Medals in the Magician’s Hall.
  • Players must possess at least one (1) Mythic hero in order to be able to redeem exclusive gear.
  • Event items may be exchanged for Twisted Essence at the Elder Tree, which can bee used to strengthen heroes after completing Stage 12-40.
  • Circus Medals will be recalled for 150k Gold Coins per ticket once the event has concluded.

Have fun with the Magician Hat & Grotesque Mage Event!


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