Fane – The Wicked Warden

Fane – The Wicked Warden

FactionGraveborn Graveborn
TypeAgility Agility
ClassSupport Support
RoleDebuffer Debuffer

Fane‘s Skills

Malign Judgment

Fane uses chains to restrict the enemy with the highest Attack Rating.
During the following 5 seconds, the restricted enemy loses health equal to 120% of Fane’s Attack Rating every second and cannot move or use skills.
If the control effect prematurely ends, the enemy will be immediately dealt damage one time that is equal to 310% of ‘Fane’s Attack Rating which ignores all of the enemy’s Defense.
If a Bone Prison exists on the battlefield, its duration will be extended by 5 seconds.

Lvl 2: When the control effect prematurely ends, the enemy will be immediately dealt damage one time that is equal to 410% of Fane’s Attack Rating which ignores all of the enemy’s Defense.
Lvl 3: Enemies cannot recover health or Energy while restricted by chains.

Prisoner of Despair

Fane summons a Bone Prison on the enemy side of the battlefield, that exists for 30 seconds.
Enemies that leave the Bone Prison lose 2% of their max health every second, but shall not lose more than 150% of Fane’ s Attack Rating.
Enemies within the Bone Prison have their Energy Recovery reduced by 25%.

Lvl 2: Enemies outside of the Bone Prison also lose 15 Haste points. ‘ Lvl 3: Enemies within the Bone
Prison have their Energy ‘Recovery reduced by 40%. Lvl 4: Bone Prison exists for 35 seconds.

Unscrupulous Jailer

Gigantic rolling logs hurtle towards enemies within the Bone Prison, dealing 100% of Fane’s Attack Rating as damage to them, also knocking them backwards.
Each time damage is dealt, 65% of the damage value is divided equally between Fane and his most injured ally and returned to them both as health.
If there are no other allies on the battlefield, the full amount of health is returned to Fane.

Lvl 2: Damage dealt is increased to 110% of Attack Rating.
Lvl 3: Damage dealt is increased to 120% of Attack Rating.
Lvl 4: Enemies struck by rolling logs are terrified for 4 seconds.

Soul Impaler

An enemy outside of the Bone Prison is pulled inside of it and dealt damage equal to 5% of their max health, and cannot move for 2 seconds.
Damage dealt to the enemy cannot exceed 250% of Fane’s Attack Rating.

Lvl 2: Enemy is dealt damage equal to 8% of their max health. Damage cannot exceed 400% of Fane’s Attack Rating.
Lvl 3: Enemy cannot move for the following 3 seconds.
Lvl 4: Each time you successfully impale an enemy, the Unscrupulous Jailer skill cooldown is immediately reset.

Signature Item: Bone Hook

Signature Item Skill: Prison Master

Each time an ally enters or leaves the Bone Prison, they are granted a shield that has a value equal to 250% of Fane’s Attack Rating that exists for 5 seconds. This effect can be triggered once every 8 seconds.

[+10 Unlocks] Each time an ally enters or leaves the Bone Prison, they are granted a shield that has a value equal to 320% of Fane’s Attack Rating.
[+20 Unlocks] When entering or leaving the Bone Prison, the majority of the enemies’ buffs are removed.
[+30 Unlocks] For every 8 seconds the enemy is in the Bone Prison, Crit Amplification is permanently reduced by 6 points and Crit Damage Resistance is permanently reduced by 6 points. This effect stacks up to a maximum of 5 times.

Furniture Ability: Soul Torture

3/3 Ability: Duration of the Bone Prison is extended by 5 seconds for every enemy that dies within it

9/9 Aibilty: Fane receives 10% less damage for each enemy within his Bone Prison.

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Eternal Engraving:

E30: Enhance the skill Soul Impaler, Each time you successfully impale an enemy, the Unscrupulous Jailer skill cooldown is immediately reset.

E60: Enhance the skill Unscrupulous Jailer, Enemies struck by rolling logs are terrified for 4 seconds.


Even as a child, Fane had worked out how to get his “enjoyment” from butchery.
He toiled with his cousin, the butcher, in the open-air abattoir in Bantus.
There were heaps of catfish from the Andades Archipelago next to mountains of cattle and sheep carcasses. As the city’s meat supplier, every day was busy and tiring.
Occasionally, some special “delicacies ” appeared—plundered Ya, trussed up in piles and smuggled into the abattoir through dark and shady channels.
These “livestock,” despite their resemblance to humans, usually tickled Fane’s fancy.

Fane possessed the singular talent of being able to flawlessly skin a Ya in one go. Even though his work gave him no time to rest, Fane found “extra delight” in coming up with inventive ways of “handling” these Ya.
For example, should the thick ropes which restrained them be loosened even slightly, many Ya would begin fighting to escape. The greater they struggled, the greater the pleasure in cutting their throats.
In time, word of Fane’s knack for flaying spread across the city. At least the residents of Fisherman’s Lane began to avoid him, averting their gaze should they be forced to pass him in the street.
As the conflict with the Lenu continued, Fane was sent by General Morden to a place where his unique talents could be put to good use—a prison where captured enemy combatants were interrogated.
There were no reeking, open sewers like those on Fisherman’s Lane, nor any rotting, fly-blown meat, nor strange glances from passers-by. The only things in the tiny cells were the constant shrieks and howls of agony bubbling up from tortured human souls.
Here, Fane found the perfect place to hone and perfect his talents.
It was not long before Fane welcomed a familiar face to his dank, oppressive interrogation chamber: General Morden. The venerable old veteran was suspected of collusion with enemy forces and treason against the crown.
“Ah, suspicion… As I’m sure you know, General, suspicion is a terrible enemy who can never be totally stamped out. What do you think?” Even when Fane thrust his white-hot hook through the old man’s jaw, the veteran of countless battles remained expressionless, divulging none of the “intelligence” that Fane so keenly sought.
After all, there is much more backbone and character to grizzled old soldiers than to dainty, pampered nobles.

It was while Fane was contentedly tidying up his beloved instruments of torture that he had an idea.
A few days after his interrogation of the General, a riot broke out in the prison.
It was during the chaos that a very important prisoner managed to get free from the depths of the dungeon and escape. The value of this mystery prisoner became apparent when Fane was summoned forthwith to the emperor, to whom he duly submitted a detailed report of the interrogation.
The report not only contained confirmation of a personal connection between General Morden and the current prison warden but also presented “ evidence” of collusion between the two to instigate a riot. The General was executed, and Fane ascended to the position of the warden himself, gaining the very thing he desired most—the circlet denoting himself as the ultimate authority in prison.
After Thoran returned to Bantus to rule in the name of the Fallen King, the old war prison became the Black Prison, in which all those Graveborn who dared revolt against Thoran were incarcerated. Now a Graveborn himself, Fane was also given his biggest stage yet.
The emerald green eye, placed in the center of his circlet, suddenly opened.
This evil eye was an extension of Thoran’s despotic power, able to peer into even the darkest corner of the deepest dungeon. Fane, too, had already become the most cunning and cruel of all Thoran’s minions.
“The land of the dead is in chaos anyway, so why not enjoy myself?”

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