Esperian Idols Event Quizzes & Answers

Looking for the answers for Quizzes in the Esperian Idols Event? By giving the correct answers, you can earn the tickets which can be used to vote for the new Hero skin and everyone will earn a lot of rewards.

Esperian Idols Event Questions & Answers

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How many types of furniture are there at the Oak Inn which give Attribute Bonuses?3
Which hero faction can be used at the Tower of Light?Lightbearers
In the Arcanists Unicon story, Vedan - the Demise adopted who?Silvina
Who is Mehira - Mind Cager obsessed with?Fawkes
Rowan - The Roamer's brother is devoted to what kind of work?Song of Dawn
Who can start the Guild Team Hunting?Guild Master & Guild Deputy
Dimensional HeroesNot affected by factional advantages or disadvantages
When do Heroes can enter the Oak Inn?Ascended
Khazard - The Frozen Terror is is which hero's predecessor?Seirus - Savior of the Sea
Who was Talene before she turned into a god?Finch / Apricot
Which hero faction can be used in the World Tree?Wilders / Green Team
Who is the rival (enemy) of Tidus - Shadowmane?Warek - The Untamed
Eironn's Signature Item "Elemental Blades" haveIce & Winds
When we don't get what we purchased, what should we do?Contact the Supports / Customer Care
Angelo's best friendCat
When does the Tower of Light open?Monday / Friday / Sunday
Union Defenders of the Forest has Nemora, Arden and?Ogi
In the Union Castellans, what is the relationship between Thand and Estrilda?Teacher
Which faction are the Wilder heroes strongest against?Graveborns
Rowan's petDuck
Who says "May the light protect us."?Belinda
The effect of Rowan's Signature Item SkillRecover Energy
How many Companion Points can a player send each day?30
The Forsaken Necropolis opens onThursday / Saturday / Suunday
Which structure is not in Arcane Labyrinth?Wall of Legends
To open the Team Hunting Soren, which is required?Activity Points
When a hero leaves the Resonating Crystal, how long do you need to wait to place another hero into that spot?24 hours
Drez - The Quicksand Recluse Signature Item name isIvory Piercer
Grezhul is loyal to what king?Thoran
To hire heroes from a Guild member, Guild Master or Guild Deputy need to appoint that member which title?Exemplar
Which hero is not a Intelligence hero?Mezoth
Which of the following is not an Agility based Hero?Baden / Mezoth
Within the Abbysal Expedition, when your territory and another player's territory are connected, you can: Work together to occupy more distant territories or defeat bosses
Which Graveborn hero used to be a tailor?Shemira
When a Lightbearer faction gear is reset, it will not be changed to which faction?Dimensional
The Oak Inn's elevator operator, aside from sleeping, usually likes to do what?Drink
Which of the following descriptions belongs to the "Sands of Time"?Stars shine down...
The Rosaline - The Kind's Signature Item?Broom of Life (B)
After losing a battle, which of the following can improve your chances of success next time?All of them
Which of the following is not an Intelligence Hero?Cecillia
Which hero faction can be used in The Brutal Citadel?Maulers
During the Abyssal Expedition, which method can be used to increase the Stamina of the heroes?Nothing
Who cut off the arm of Thane – The Exalted?Brutus
When it comes to Dimensional Heroes, which is true?Dimensional Heroes can activate factional bonuses with other Dimensional Heroes
Orthros - The Seer of Origins considers who to be his nemesis?. Zolrath - Voidbinder
Eironn training sword skills withThane and Brutus
Mehira is obsessed withFawkes
Anoki is loyal toSkriath
Who is the commander of the Dusk Watch?Lyca
Safiya and Ankhira are in the UnionThe Sisterhood
Shemira's mood can only get better when she meet which Hero in the Oak Inn?Daimon
Who is Brutus's student/disciple?Khasos
Dolly, manageress of the Noble Tavern, is whose daughter?Rigby
In the Abbysal Expedition, the Militia's Leader cannotKick other players out of the Militia
Describe Athalia based on her storyWeapon
Duca's Call effectRecover Energy faster & use Ultimate skills faster
Which Store has different reset time comparing to the others?Barracks
First Dimensional hero appearing in EsperiaArthur
Who is the Carpenter / Woodworker in The Oak Inn's Workshop?Ulric
Which of the following names does not appear in a Mythic Gear's item list?Crone
In a hero's Arena of trials, how many arena guardians are there?12
What happens when you do the Soul Fusion for a Dimensional Hero?Increase their level and ascension level
How many furniture a hero can have?9
How many starlights does the Taurus have?12
Crystal Pentagram slots 5
Bounty Board maximum level is8
Orthos's enemy/rivalZorath
Which ally does Rosaline follow?Who has the highest combat rating.
Shemira and Daimon areMother & Son
Which of the following names does not appear in a Mythic Gear’s item list?Crone
The Oak Inn’s carpenter used to work under whose service?Hogan
Which attribute affects hero casting and attack speed?Haste
The Oak Inn's ReceptionistArkadios
What does Lyca-Keeper of Glades Signature item 'Starfall' not have?Bowstring
Shemira's Signature ItemThe Spirit Orb
When visiting other heroes at the Oak Inn, to whom does Cecilia give flowers to?Athalia
Which hero hails from the same world as Ukyo Tachibana - Wandering Swordsman?Nakoruru
Who is the only hero at the Oak Inn which Athalia has a favorable impression of?Cecilia
Weapons can be categorized into which of the following three types?Heavy weapon, light weapon, and magic staff
Who does Ezizh see as his ultimate enemy?Tasi
"The torch holder gave great brilliance and warmth to the world." Is which constellation's description?The Big Torch
The maximum tier a piece of Mythic gear can be raised to is?T2
In the Wisdom & Hope Union, the "Wisdom" and the "Hope" refer to which heroes?Tasi - Dreamhopper & Ulmus Aldermarrow
Where can you buy hero skins?Wardrobe
Thane and Baden were Comrades
What was Orthos before he transformed into a god?Clock
Which two heroes comprise The Young & Old Union?Hendrik & Gwyneth
Which of the following is not a Strength based heroFawkes
Which hero is the student of Arden – Nature’s Voice? Nemora
Within the Abyssal Expedition, using an appropriate hero to manage a settlement causes the settlement toProduce additional Blessed Essence
What is the maximum amount of Support Heroes you can set at the Library Union page?6
What happens when Estrilda - knight of valor moves into the inn?She leads her horse in with her
Where is the King's Tower located?Dark Forest
How many cards is the stargazer holding?4
Which Heroes are not related by blood?Hendrik & Gwyneth
In the story "The Gallant Three", what type of beast did Morvus hunt and kill?Bear
What is Saurus - The Risen Warrior's signature item?Hope's Edge
Who is currently the Abyssal Expedition's final boss?The Devourer
Which hero is Durri?All heroes
In the Castellans Union, the heroes Thane and Estrilda have what kind of relationship?Teacher and pupil
Star that increases Daily AFK Reward Hero's Essence Base Quantity?Star of Winter
The level limit of the Resonating Crystal can be increased when all 5 heroes on the Crystal Pentagram reach level240
What is the maximum floor limit of each building at the oak inn?20
In the current version of the game, when Gate bosses are defeated, the settlement:Becomes the property of the whole militia
Which hero faction can be used at the Forsaken Necropolis?Graveborns
Who raised Gwyneth – The Fair Maiden like a father?Hendrik – The Defender
Abyssal Expedition season rewards are determined by what?Total Damage Leaderboard Ranking
The Longhorn constellation has how many starbursts?12
When does the Brutal Citadel open?Tuesday/Friday/Sunday
In The Dusk Patrollers Union, the heroes consist of Ira - Rogue of the Forest, Lyca - Keeper of Glades, and which other hero?Kaz - Hand of the Wood
What is the highest Perk Level of Twisted Bounties, Champions of Esperia and Regal Rewards in the game?5
The name of the campaign’s chapter 20 is called? The Barred Gate
Which is NOT an agility based hero?Cecilia
To activate all Union Attribute Bonuses, heroes much reach which Ascension tier?Legendary+
Which of the following actions can increase Lightbearer Ladder Points in Wall of Legends?Acquiring a Lightbearer hero you’ve never owned before
What effect does Safiya – Daughter of the Desert’s Signature Item Skill have?Increased Attributes
What item must be spent to fight at the king’s tower?Nothing
Which of these is not an AFK Arena class?Assassin
Who is the attendant at the Oak Inn?Arkadios
Which of the following attributes can be used to defend against enemy control effects?Tenacity
Which of the following heroes equipment is classified as “Plate Armor” and “Heavy Weapon”?Thoran – The Fallen King
‘The Soul Star’ can be found in which constellation?The Big Torch
In the Flame & Spear Union, the ‘Flame’ and the ‘Spear’ refer to which heroes?Satrana – Flame weave & Antandra – Desert Fury
Which of the following heroes is not a Ranger?Daimon – The Forsaken Child
Which of the following heroes is not a Support hero?Nara - Heartcarver
In the current version of the game, how many buildings can a player own at the Oak Inn?4
How many Artifacts are there currently in the game?7
Which of the following heroes is not a Warrior?Raine – Death’s Denier
Hoe many friends can each player have?30
What is Eironn – Stromsword’s Signature item?Elemental Blades
In the Gallant Three Union, the heroes consist of Hogan – Knight of the Kingdom, Morvus – The Far Stalker, and which other hero?Angelo – Song of Dawn
Where is the Guild located?Ranhorn
Raine, Mirael and Fawkes are together in which union? Bounty Hunters
Theowyn - The Wailing Widow & Thoran - The Fallen King have what kind of relationship?Brother and sister
Which of the following heroes is not a Ranger?Mezoth - The Abysmal Butcher
If players are abusive in the chat channel, what do we do?Tap the player's avatar and report player
Which faction are the Maulers heroes strongest against?A green alliance (Wilders)
What is the highest level obtainable for Legendary Tier Heroes?160
What is the max number of health potions that can be placed with Rowan – The Roamer’s healthy supply each time?3
How many classes are there currently in AFK Arena?5
How many hours is the refresh period of the Arcane Labyrinth?48
Which of the following heroes is not a Tank?Isabella
Which of the following is not an agility-based hero?Arden
Which of the following is not an agility-based hero?Shemira
Which of the following heroes cannot be found at the Labyrinth Store?Skriath – The Wise One
When does the World Tree open?Wednesday/Saturday/Sunday
Which of the following heroes is not a Mage?Gwyneth
Which of the following heroes is not a mage?Thane
What is Gwyneth – The Fair Maiden’s Signature Item?Shooting Star
Which two heroes comprise the Lightbringers Union?Lucius – Lightbringer & Belinda – Beam of Hope
Which of the following is not a Strength based hero?Skriath
“Gear can be enhanced to reach a total of how many stars?”5
What effect does the Arcane Labyrinth’s Fountain of Vitality have?Replenishes 50% Health
What is the name of Drez – The quicksand recluse’s signature item?Ivory Piercer
At what tier can a hero unlock their signature item?Mythic
Who is the commander of the Dusk Patrollers?Lyca
What are the effects of the Artifact ‘Dura’s call?Allows the wearer to gain energy and cast their ultimate ability more quickly
Which of the following heroes is not a Tank?Lyca

What is Esperian Idols Event?

All information you want to know regarding the new event Esperian Idols – Popularity Contest in AFK Arena!

Esperian Idols Event afk arena

Esperian Idols Event Summary

  1. During the voting stage, players can choose 8 of their favorite heroes. The 8 heroes with the most votes shall be entered into the main draw.
  2. During the main draw, heroes will go head to head with one another, with the hero with the most votes claiming victory.
  3. During the main draw, players can answer questions on the Daily Quiz page to acquire “Esperian Idol”  Voting Tickets. Players can also acquire tickets by participating in the Legends’ Prestige event.
  4. The total number of voting tickets submitted by a player directly increases the player’s “Voting Rewards“. Each time a voting milestone is reached, players can claim more rewards.
  5. The final vote result is the total sum of all global regions’ votes combined (excludes test server votes).
  6. Surplus items will be automatically refunded after the event for 10 Gold coins/item.
Leaked Rewards by mrpanafonic
Leaked Rewards by mrpanafonic

Background Story

Esperian Idols, The Noble Tavern & The Lunar Cleansing

afk arena pc download

With the first flurries of Autumn, so too comes the most beloved festival of the Esperian people – the Lunar Cleansing.

For the Esperians, the festival signifies a time to take a break from the usual hustle and bustle of life, a day of wonderous peace and rest. Everyone puts aside whatever task they have at hand, don white clothes and bright accessories after taking a refreshing bath, and head out with friends to enjoy themselves.

Tradition dictates that copious volumes of wine brewed from the rich fruits of Autumn be drunk, and the ancient Lunar gods be prayed to in the pure white moonlight.

In previous years, the Noble Tavern has run many festival specific events such as wine tasting sessions and special discounts, all to draw in the tourists. However, this year is going to be different. The Noble Tavern has something entirely unprecedented planned…

“Esperia’s First-Ever Esperian Idols Popularity Contest!”

There’s never been anything quite like it. With the festival approaching, however, everyone taking it easy will be heading to the Tavern.

During the Lunar Cleansing festival, the tavern is full of merrymakers all night long. There is no shortage of conversation between the eating and drinking, and topics such as “who’s the best swordsman?” and “whose arrows hit their marks the most?” become heated debates that can escalate quickly into bawls.

With great enthusiasm and the help of a number of good folks, The Noble Tavern manageress, Dolly, was persuaded by Rowan’s suggestion to establish Esperia’s first-ever “Esperian Idols” contest!

The winner of the “Esperian Idol” title will be awarded a Noble Crown, wine brewed with Lunar Cleansing festival spring water, and the Noble Tavern’s special dessert.

To drum up business, the contest has all kinds of gimmicks and ploys, but neither Dolly nor Rowan anticipated the raw enthusiasm of anticipated _ the raw enthusiasm _ the contestants. The number of registered contestants is rising and the auditions are already a bloodbath.

afk arena pc download

The contest was a roaring success of the likes of which had never been seen. Citizens everywhere lauded it as their favorite part of the Lunar Cleansing festival, The Noble Tavern became a household name, and Dolly and Rowan made a tidy sum of gold.

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