AFK Journey Wishlist Guide

The wishlist unlocks after doing 30 pulls when it comes to the All-Hero Recruitment banner and is available from the start for the Epic Recruitment banner. When you fully fill the wishlist, any character you pull will come from the Wishlist. This will help you a lot in narrowing down the heroes you want to obtain and smoother your progression. That’s why properly setting up the tier list with strong heroes is very important.

For the All-Hero Recruitment banner Wishlist, you can select 2x A-Level and 2x S-Level characters per faction.

For the Epic Recruitment Banner the Wishlist has only 5 spots, so in most cases you will only fill it with S-Level characters. Keep in mind that you can select A-Level units on this Wishlist too, but you will always receive an Epic version of them if you pull them (this means that you get 4 soulstones of theirs if you already own the unit, a quick way to upgrade them to higher ranks).

Wishlist Tips for New Players

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When it comes to S-Level heroes, ascending them is very important and requires both dupes and Acorns. So making a mistake in focusing your resources and ‘wishlist’ spot into someone who doesn’t deserve it will slow down your progression.

As for A-Level heroes, you require a lot more dupes (64 compared to 8 for S-Level) to raise an A-Level hero to Supreme+, so again you have to wisely choose who you want to place on your wishlist.

In the section below, we will go over each Faction and what heroes inside them should you focus on.

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Wishlist priority list

S-Level:   (1 copy) >  > > >
A-Level: > > >


S-Level: (1 copy) >  > > >
A-Level:  (1 copy) > > > > >


S-Level: >  
A-Level: > > > >


S-Level: >
A-Level: > >

For more info, check out our Overall Tier List and our Beginner’s Guide.

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