Damian – Skills and Information

Damian – Woody Wonder

Tier A-Level
Faction Wilder
Class Support
Dmg Type Magic
Range 20

Damian’s Skills

Explode, My Chariot!

(unlocks at Level 1)

Cooldown: 0s
Range: Global
Initial Energy: 200

Passive. Damian cannot be attacked during the battle. He builds a toy chariot that inherits 85% of his HP and 100% of his other stats to take his place when a battle starts. He then stays out of the battlefield and will run away after all allies are defeated.
Active. If there is a toy chariot, Damian make it to charge to the target and explode, dealing 320% damage to surrounding enemies within 1 tiles and inflicting blind for 3s. Damian restores 80 Energy for every 10% of the chariot’s HP ratio. If there is no toy chariot, he builds a new toy chariot and move it to the target location.

Level 2 (unlocks at level 51): Increases damage to 330%.
Level 3 (unlocks at level 111): Increases damage to 340%.
Level 4 (unlocks at level 171): Increases damage to 350%.
Level 5 (unlocks at level 231): Increases damage to 360%.

Emergency Support!

(unlocks at Level 11)

Cooldown: 7s
Range: Global

If there is a toy chariot, Damian controls it to play music for the weakest ally within 3 tiles, restoring 120% HP to this ally 4 times. If there is no toy chariot, Damian restores himself 300 Energy.

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Level 1 (unlocks at level 71): The healing amount is increased to 130%.
Level 2 (unlocks at level 131): The healing amount is increased to 140%.
Level 3 (unlocks at level 191): The healing amount is increased to 150%.

It’s a Plane!

(unlocks at Level 31)

Cooldown: 14s
Range: Global

Damian controls a toy plane to fly towards the farthest enemy and throw fireworks at them, dealing 250% damage and stunning the target for 3s.

Level 1 (unlocks at level 91): Increases stun duration to 5s.
Level 2 (unlocks at level 151): Increases damage to 275%.
Level 3 (unlocks at level 211): Increases damage to 300%.

Inventor’s Will

(unlocks after reaching Mythic+)

Range: 3 tiles

Each toy chariot activates a music halo when it responds to Emergency Support! for the first time, inspiring non-summoned allies within 2 tiles and increasing their Haste by 40 for 10s.

Unlocks at Ex. Weapon +5: Heals allies within 2 tiles for 80% of her ATK as HP per second.
Unlocks at Ex. Weapon +10: Inspires non-summoned allies and grants them 50 Haste.
Unlocks at Ex. Weapon +15: Inspires non-summoned allies and grants them 55 Haste.

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Hero Focus

(unlocks after reaching Legendary+)

Range: 1 tile

Increases ATK by 12% during battle.

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Level 2: Increases ATK by 16% during battle.
Level 3: Increases ATK by 20% during battle.


Enhance Force

(unlocks after reaching Supreme+)

Affects: Ultimate

The blind duration is increased to 7s when the toy chariot’s HP ratio is above 50%.

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