AFK Journey Beginner’s Guide

This is the most comprehensive AFK Journey Beginner’s Guide that covers the most important and basic information you ever need to know for getting started!

We’re trying to cover them using the most basic words so that you can easily understand the game and enjoy playing it right from the beginning.


In AFK Journey, all playable characters belong to one of 6 factions: Lightbearers, Maulers, Wilders, Graverborns, Celestials, and Hypogeans. The last two factions from this list are special factions, so their characters are harder to obtain.

All characters from Lightbearers, Maulers, Wilders and Graveborns factions are split into A-Level and S-Level. There are no A-Level characters from Celestials and Hypogeans factions.

A-Level characters are easier to obtain compared to S-Level ones, but this doesn’t make them weaker. Some of the best characters in the game are actually A-Level.

All playable characters also belong to one of 6 classes: Mage,  Warrior, Rogue, Tank,  Marksman, and Support. Each class have their own equipment to make your characters even stronger.

Wishlist Recommendation

Lightbearer: , when you get your first Rowan copy, replace him with Vala.

Mauler: , when you get your firt Brutus copy, replace him with Shakir.



In the Epic Recruitment, select these heroes:

For more info, checkout our Wishlist Guide.


In the Guild Store, be sure to buy a daily Invite Letter and, if possible, Acorns, and monthly Epic Invite Letters and Stellar Crystals. Also, the heroes from this store should be collected in the following sequence: > > > . First of all, focus on getting a Mythic+ Reinier before investing on any other celestial/hypogean.

Priority of heroes in the Arena Store: > > > > >

In Dream Store, buy copies of these characters first: > > > . Use the currency of this store to buy copies that are not enough for ascension.


Each class can equip 6 different pieces of equipment: Weapon, Gloves, Accessory, Helm, Armor, and Boots. Each piece also comes with different stats – some are more offensive, some more defensive – and this means that for different classes, you want to prioritize upgrading different pieces first.

Mage: Weapon > Acessory > Helm > Armor > Gloves > Boots
Warrior: Weapon > Boots > Acessory > Helm > Gloves > Armor
Rogue: Weapon > Helm > Gloves > Acessory > Armor > Boots
Tank: Boots > Armor > Acessory > Helm > Gloves > Weapon
Marksman: Weapon > Helm > Gloves > Acessory > Armor > Boots
Support: Helm > Boots > Armor > Acessory > Weapon > Gloves

While you can drop higher item level equipment from the AFK stages or obtain them as rewards from quests, you can also Forge and upgrade the pieces manually using Casting Shards you obtain from Recycling gear you no longer need. The level of the equipment you can forge is tied to your Resonance level.


There are 6 Artifacts currently available in the game and you unlock them as you progress thought the main story. You must select one that’s going to be used in the battle.

Confining Spell is overall the best artifact in the game, it is great in almost every situation.
Starshard Spell is the best artifact for bosses.
Enlightening Spell is the best artifact to counter Confining Spell.
Awakening Spell, Blazing Spell and Ironwall Spell are niche artifacts.

For more info, checkout our Artifacts Guide.


Thanks to the Resonating Hall, you just need to level 5 characters and automatically every other character on your account will be leveled up to the lowest level among those 5. Also at any point, you can change the top 5 characters in the Resonating Hall by simply dragging them around.

To level up a character you will need  Gold and Experience, both can be obtained from AFK Stages and as various rewards. Still, every 10 levels, on top of Gold and Experience you will also need Essence. And Essence will usually be the material you will lack the most

The level up system changes once you reach the 240 level cap on your top 5 characters and now instead of leveling them, you will level the Resonance Hall. And the level cap will increase by 5 for every Supreme+ character you posses. You will also need only Essence moving forward and on top of that you will obtain Diamonds every time you level past level 300.

Each character has 3 skills which will automatically level up whenever they reach the required level:

– A character needs to reach the Legendary+ tier to unlock Hero Focus that gives them bonus to one of their stats or gives a brand new effect.
– A character needs to reach the Mythic+ tier to unlock Exclusive Weapon which gives them a new passive skill (that can be upgraded up by leveling the EX Weapon).
– A character needs to reach the Supreme+ tier to unlock Skill Enhancement that give an additional effect to one of the their skills.

A-Level characters are usually easier to ascend, and S-Level characters from Lightbearer, Mauler, Wilder and Graveborn factions are easier to ascend than S-Level characters from Celestial and Hypogean faction. On the image below you can see the details about what you need to ascend each hero:

Team Building

When creating a team, prioritize maximizing your faction bonus. Having more than 2 characters from the same faction on a team boosts the entire team’s stats by a certain percentage. Therefore, it’s best to limit your team comp to two factions at most, although Celestial and Hypogean characters can help mitigate this restriction.

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Celestial and Hypogean heroes are unique because they function as ‘neutral’ characters that can contribute to any faction. For example, if you have 4 Lightbearer faction characters and add either a Celestial or Hypogean hero, you’ll activate the 5-character faction bonus.

However, aiming for a mono-faction setup isn’t recommended. Most factions lack a full set of 5 strong, synergistic characters, and the additional stats gained aren’t typically worth it compared to using meta characters. Instead, most teams operate around a ‘core’ of 3 characters from the same faction, with the remaining two units chosen based on synergy or individual power.

To choose which character you should use on your team, check out our Tier List to see which are the best.. When building a team, it is recommended to have 1 tank, 2 damage dealers, 1 support, and 5th slot will be a flex slot that you can use to add another tank, another support or any other hero with a specific skill that can help your team.

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