Silvina – Skills and Information

Silvina – The Taken Breath

Tier A-Level
Faction Graveborn
Class Rogue
Dmg Type Physical
Range 1

Silvina’s Skills

Shadow Slayer

(unlocks at Level 1)

Cooldown: 2s
Range: 1 tile
Initial Energy: 400

Silvina deals 300% damage to an enemy and reduces their Energy by 200.

Level 2 (unlocks at level 51): Increases damage to 320%.
Level 3 (unlocks at level 111): Increases damage to 340%.
Level 4 (unlocks at level 171): Increases damage to 360%.
Level 5 (unlocks at level 231): The Energy reduction is increased by 300.

First Strike

(unlocks at Level 11)

Range: Global

Silvina marks the closest enemy in a symmetrical position, flashes next to them, and launches an attack when a battle starts, dealing 300% damage.

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Level 1 (unlocks at level 71): Increases damage to 320%.
Level 2 (unlocks at level 131): Increases damage to 340%.
Level 3 (unlocks at level 191): This attack stuns the enemy for 5s.

Blade Vortex

(unlocks at Level 31)

Range: 1 tile

Silvina’s normal attack becomes Whirl Assault for the first 12s of battle. Each Whirl Assault deals 140% damage. Defeating the marked enemy prolongs the Whirl Assault duration by 6s.

Level 1 (unlocks at level 91): Each Whirl Assault deals 150% damage.
Level 2 (unlocks at level 151): Each Whirl Assault deals 160% damage.
Level 3 (unlocks at level 211): Each Whirl Assault deals 170% damage.

Shield of Light

(unlocks after reaching Mythic+)

Range: 1 tile

Silvina gains a shield that can block up to 450% damage after casting First Strike.

Unlocks at Ex. Weapon +5: Shield value is increased to 500%.
Unlocks at Ex. Weapon +10: When a marked enemy is defeated, Silvina frightens enemies within 2 tiles of the defeated enemy for 4s while this skill is in effect.
Unlocks at Ex. Weapon +15: Shield value is increased to 600%.

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Hero Focus

(unlocks after reaching Legendary+)

Range: 1 tile

Increases Crit by 24 during battle.

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Level 2: Increases Crit by 32 during battle.
Level 3: Increases Crit by 40 during battle.


Enhance Force

(unlocks after reaching Supreme+)

Affects: Skill 2

Silvina also reduces the target’s Vitality by 60 for 3s with each Whirl Assault.

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