Temporal Rift Guide & Teams

Hi everyone, below is complete guide and some special tips for the new exciting game mode – Temporal Rift in AFK Arena!

This mode unlocks after Campaign Chapter 19-40.

This mode plays somewhat similar to King’s Tower where you have to climb countless floors however with a wide variety of different rules and restrictions.

Guide by Arty & Alpattex

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Best Teams for Temporal Rift

Credits: DJ-McMuffin-Gaming and inSeason

At the moment, Mage heroes are the best carries in Temporal Rift.

Temporal Rift formations

Recommended Badges 

Badges are a unique trait to Temporal Rift which are equipped to your heroes, as you progress these get higher levels and grant you with effective stats. Each of these also has unique effects which is what my focus is going to be on.

Typically if you have to choose between a higher leveled, badge or one with a better effect, compare the power increase you’ll get to the loss of the effect and see if that’s worth it to you.

Please use common sense here and recognize that damage badges are not good on supports, your main DPS probably doesn’t want to boost their healing, etc.

Also note that there are some cursed badges you can come across that have a strong upside but also harsh downside, take these at your own risk if you feel they’re useful enough, I avoided these on my runs.

Badges which apply CC are not very effective the further you climb as enemies grow in tenacity.

Badges which require you to kill multiple enemies are typically weak as by then you’ve mostly won the battle.

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Heroes who rely on CC such as Zaphrael or Awakened, Ezizh may want insight on their badges, or a way to reduce tenacity.

Grezhul specifically I’ve found that Master of All underperforms on him, I suggest Protecting Light and then use Master of All on Hodgkin.

Temporal Rift Quick Guide


  • Priority: Rising Phoenix → Flora’s Dew → Blessed Realm → Realm of Exploration → Realm of Survival → Grievous Realm → Gladiator Realm
  • It’s best to focus on Tank, Mage (Ranger), and Support tree in the Temporal Beacon.
  • Avoid multiple-team battles.
  • Avoid battle with debuffs.
  • Focus on getting high attack-rating badges first. After maxing badges, optimize the relic ability.
  • Use the first Rewind when you lose a hero. Use the second one upon a team wipe.
  • Make sure to check the enemy Athalia position so that you can use Merlin to counter that. Use Graveborn team against Thoran.
  • Leonardo is very strong in this mode.
  • Alna is not good good for Temporal Rift at the moment as she would die fast in higher stages when her immunity runs out. Also, building her forces you to split the resources into 4 talents, which is too many.
  • All your heroes are set to level 360 and equip t3, gear without bonuses, if your heroes have t3 equipped than the bonuses are applied. The bonuses are equipped artifacts do not impact Temporal Rift.
  • You have 7 attempts each week to climb the tower, more can be purchased with diamonds.
  • Battles are all on auto, there is no pausing and retrying mid-battle, however after battles are concluded you have a limited number of resets.
  • Heroes receive “badges” which are unique hero buffing attributes that are critical to pay attention to.
  • Enemies grow in signature items, furniture, and engravings over time, eventually gaining extremely high levels of tenacity which makes your CC incredibly unreliable. As such wide AOE CC is very unreliable although some heroes ignore the tenacity like Oden or Grezhul.
  • If you aren’t confident in your pushing abilities beyond a boss, if you stop 4 levels in front of the boss and exit your run you’ll start at a Flora’s Dew, which with the “Energy Well” Beacon will give you max energy going into the boss and save you from investing in the “Steady Preparations” Beacon unless you wipe later on.
  • Being tenacious and learning how your teams matchup into others is the most important part of pushing, you always want to be as safe as possible as one hero dying can destroy your run.
  • Be careful around Nara, Athalia, Zolrath, Morrow, Thoran, Lyca + Mishka, and any other troublemakers who can give you a rough time. These types of heroes are how you’ll lose a battle or a few heroes without paying attention.
  • When attempting to rewind on a stage which you’ve completed all battles on, do NOT claim the badge and instead tap away from them, otherwise you’ll be forced to go onto the next floor without any way to rewind.

Temporal Beacon Picks

Before diving into teams and strategies, I feel it’s important to outline the buffs and reasons you’ll use certain heroes and focus down some paths.

These are due to temporal beacons, which buff your heroes in unique ways based on elder tree branches primarily but also on faction and roster wide. These only affect Temporal Rift.

Strategy-wise the general consensus is to focus on THREE of the elder tree branches for the most effect, these are traditionally Tank + Sustenance, alongside either Mage or Celerity, both of which I’ll outline later.

I suggest getting your Supporter’s Tenacity, Tank’s Fortitude, and either Mage’s Might or Ranger’s Rage to level 25 before considering any other investments.

From there you can continue to upgrade those trees or put points into a selection of these beacons.

Temporal Beacon Picks

You should customize your beacons to your teams and find a set that you are comfortable with.

There is no solid absolute best set of opinions, so read them and pick what fits your teams the best.

Need more sustain? Renewed Hope helps.

Need more Anti Heal? Silent Alliance.


Understanding The Floors

There are a few different types of battles, or floors, of which knowing the names of will make your run much easier. These are:

REALM OF EXPLORATION: This is your standard, generally easiest fights. Rewards you with a badge selection.

GRIEVOUS REALM: Harder battle for a better badge reward, sometimes this fight may be easier as well.

REALM OF DEFIANCE: Same as Grevious realm except it will gift you a free badge reset if you can complete the assigned quest.

BLESSED REALM: A floor that gives you the option between a free badge, a badge reset, or a cursed badge, avoid the cursed badge, no battles occurs.

FLORA’S DEW: Heals all your heroes to full HP, No Battles Occur.

PHOENIX’S AFTERGLOW: Resurrects one dead hero to full HP. No Battles Occur.

BECKONING PLACE: Allows you to recruit a hero for this current run of Temporal Rift, when you wipe out you lose this hero, No Battles Occur, this here does come with a lower rank badge so look for upgrades.

GLADIATOR’S REALM: This is a miniboss which, if killed, will reduce the HP of the next boss by 10%. I suggest doing this if you have a solid bossing plan.

VEXING REALM: Avoid at all costs, Reduces your energy to 0 and health to around 10%, only useful if you’re about to wipe out and want one extra floor of progress. No Battles Occur but the next battle will be extremely difficult, and additional battles have reduced health recovery.
(Shoutout to Silent Reaper for suffering on this for me)

REALM OF DECIMATION: This is every 50 Floors, the main boss appears, you must have a boss team or a selection of heroes available to counter him. Anti Heal is extremely important as he rewinds time to heal. I suggest Silas or Mortas for effective anti heal however many others may be applicable.
Note that Daimon should not be used on the boss even with anti heal as the blood shield returning health is amplified so you deal no damage overall.

Strategy to Pushing in Temporal Rift

To start, you just want to push as far as you can. The more you push the more passive income you’ll generate. I suggest pushing twice a week, once when the event starts and then halfway through the week. You should use teams which have sustain during fights, as such I suggest having one healer on all teams.

For one Team you can easily get by with Anz Ainz or Grezhul based GBs, I’ll share exact teams in section 5. You want to push when you reach max level badge breakpoints or more hero slots, these can be increased based on your “Temporal Armillary,” which is basically your Temporal Rift player level.

Again more pushing means a better increase to your generation rate. You want to prioritize avoiding battles if your heroes have maxed badges, however if they do not then fight any battle you’re comfortable with so you’re prepared for power increases.

When choosing between battles you can click on the magnifying glass to see what enemy teams are on each stage, use these to see what you’re more confident in beating while taking enemy power into account.

If battles go poorly you can reset them by clicking the bottom right arrows and clicking rewind. Beyond this you’ll need to learn how your teams matchup against your enemies through trial and error.

Temporal Rift Summary

At the start, players need to pick 10 specific heroes and start climbing the tower – Temporal Rift using those heroes and defeat the final boss.

Defense heroes Temporal Rift

It’s unable to change the selected heroes. However, if all of the heroes are defeated, players can reset the challenge. When you start the challenge once again, you will be able to skip a certain amount of floors, and be able to pick specific badges (gears) for your heroes!

Each floor, you will face different enemy formation, including boss floors. Defeat them and get either badge, blessing (healing, reviving, etc.), and rewards. After that, you will then be able to progress to the next level.

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Equipping badges gives your heroes a lot of power and perks. Do remember that each hero can equip a specific badge at a time, so try to get the correct ones you want to use without decreasing the hero attack rating by a lot.

Temporal Beacon is where you can upgrade the stats and some special perks of each hero class. More powerful and advanced badges will become available as the player progresses through the Temporal Rift’s levels, increasing their heroes’ Combat Rating as a result.

Players can obtain Continuum materials, which are used for upgrading the talent here, from Temporal Rift and Temporal Rift AFK Rewards.

Unlocking and increasing the stats within the Temporal Beacon can increase a hero’s Combat Rating, which may only take effect until the current season ends. Continuum Cores and Continuum Essence that have already been obtained will be destroyed at the end of each season.

Increase your Temporal Rift level to increase the amount of AFK rewards you could earn from the Fountain of Time!

Increasing your Temporal Armillary level will increase the rate of resource acquisition, and also unlocks other modes of play, Hero Badges, and Temporal Beacon stats.

The Temporal Armillary’s level is reset every season. Continuum Sequence can be used to increase the Temporal Armillary’s level.

Temporal Rift Rewards

The higher floor you can get to, the more rewards you can get!

Take a look at the huge amount of rewards below to see what you could earn from the event!

Temporal Rift rewards

Temporal Rift Rules

1. This event will run for 90 days. In this game mode, all heroes will have a level of 360, and all gear they are wearing will be Mythic T3 (including gear slots which are empty) that excludes Hero bonus effects. If a hero already has Mythic T3 gear equipped, the hero’s bonus effects will remain. Hero tiers will remain unaffected, and they will not enjoy artifact attribute and effect bonuses. If a hero already has Mythic T3 gear equipped, the hero’s bonus effects will remain. Hero tiers will remain unaffected, and they will not enjoy artifact attribute and effect bonuses.

2. Battles require 1 Heavenly Card. Players shall have 7 Heavenly Cards restored each week.

3. Each level of the Temporal Rift poses a different kind of challenge to players. Players will receive additional rewards the first time they complete a level, and will then be able to progress to the next level.

4. Players shall have the chance to choose Hero Badges after defeating enemies on specified levels. Badges can be used within the Temporal Rift to strengthen a player’s heroes.

5. Hero Badges are a special item that can only be activated and viewed in the Temporal Rift. All Hero Badges shall be destroyed after a challenge ends or is reset.

6. The Sanctioned Realm will be unavailable in the test version, however in the official version it will be open for a duration of 21 days. For specific details please refer to the Sanctioned Realm page.

7. The Sanctioned Realm is divided into 3 types of arenas, Elite Arenas, Courageous Arenas and Godly Arenas. Players must reach certain designated levels within the Temporal Rift before they can enter the aforementioned arenas.

8. Players can battle against each other within the Sanctioned Realm to increase their rankings and earn rewards.

9. Players can increase their heroes’ Combat Ratings within the Temporal Rift and Sanctioned Realm through the Temporal Beacon. Increasing a hero’s Combat Rating requires the expenditure of Continuum Essence and Continuum Cores.

10. Continuum Essence and Continuum Sequence may be acquired from Temporal Armillary AFK Rewards, Temporal Feedback events and by completing a Temporal Rift level for the first time. Once a season has ended, Continuum Essence and Continuum Sequence will be destroyed.

11. While the event is in progress, increasing your Temporal Armillary level will increase the rate of resource acquisition, and also unlocks other modes of play. For specifics please refer to the Temporal Armillary page. The Temporal Armillary’s level shall be reset with the commencement of each new season.

12. Unlock additional Defense Force rewards by completing certain Temporal Rift floors for the first time.

13. By reaching specific rankings on the Temporal Rift and Sanctioned Realm leaderboards, players will be able to acquire avatar frames, medals and Fortune Chests when leaderboard results are calculated. (Rewards are not included in test versions).

Battle Rules

1. Explore the world and acquire an assortment of loot and rewards while the event is underway.

2. After each battle has been concluded, the health and energy levels for heroes and enemies will not be reset.

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3. If a battle timer runs out, the attacking side’s heroes will be wiped out.

4. Players may restart the adventure at any time. Resetting the adventure will return all heroes and enemies to their original state.

5. The strength of enemies is based upon each player’s own strength. Enemies’ strength levels will not change once the event has begun.

6. Rewards may only be collected once per event.

Temporal Beacon

1. Unlocking and increasing the stats within the Temporal Beacon can increase a hero’s Combat Rating, which may only take effect until the current season ends.

2. Consumable items such as Continuum Cores and Continuum Essence that have already been obtained will be destroyed at the end of each season.

3. Talents are divided into two lists. Temporal Rift talents shall only take effect in the Temporal Rift and Sanctioned Realm talents shall only take effect within the Sanctioned Realm.

4. Temporal Beacon Talents can be reset, however, they cannot be reset during the middle of a Temporal Rift run.

5. Increase the level of the Temporal Armillary to unlock more talent effects and remove restrictions.

6. Out of the following Badges: Tank’s Fortitude, Warrior’s Spirit, Ranger’s Rage, Mage’s Might, Supporter’s Tenacity, the 3 highest level Talents cannot have a level differential which exceeds the specified level.

The Grand Hunt

The Grand Hunt Season 1

The Grand Hunt S1 Round 1:

The Grand Hunt S1 Round 2:

The Grand Hunt S1 Round 3:

This feature also has bosses that you need to defeat. Below you’ll find videos walking you through how to defeat these different bosses and the buffs you need.

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The Grand Hunt Season 3

The Grant Hunt S3 Round 1:

The Grand Hunt S3 Round 2:



Temporal Feedback

1. The Temporal Feedback event will persist throughout the Temporal Rift event.

2. Excluding Advancement Rewards, Climbers Packs, Subscriptions and Noble Privileges, players will receive a corresponding quantity of Continuum Points when they purchase bundles during the Temporal Feedback event.

3. When the corresponding quantity of Continuum Points is acquired, players can claim Continuum Essence, Continuum Cores and Rewinding Keys.

4. During each Temporal Rift season, the Temporal Feedback event will be reset once every 14 days. Any remaining Continuum Points will be retained and counted in the next Temporal Feedback event. If there are fewer than 14 days remaining before the Temporal Rift season ends, then the current Temporal Feedback rewards will not be reset until the season ends;

5. Excess Continuum Points, Continuum Essence, Continuum Cores and Rewinding Keys will be removed when a season ends, and will not count towards the next season.

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