Temporal Rift Guide & Teams

Hi everyone, below is the complete guide and some special tips for the Temporal Rift in AFK Arena!

This mode unlocks after Campaign Chapter 19-40.

This mode plays somewhat similar to King’s Tower where you have to climb countless floors however with a wide variety of different rules and restrictions.

Which heroes to choose for Temporal Rift

All heroes mentioned on the tier list below can be useful. Heroes that are not mentioned here are not good in this game mode, so avoid using them.

S+ alna
S    afk arena silas Haelus Merlin Albedo mortas Scarlet
A+Awakened Phoenix   Desira Astarv Oden Mishka
Akren Framton   Treznor Hodgkin   Ezio
B+arthur Leonardo joker Lucretia Raku Audrae daimon
BAwakened-Ezizh Mezoth Oku   Prince of Persia  

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At the moment, awakened heroes like ABelinda, ABrutus, ASolise, AThane and ABaden are the best carries for this game mode.

If you do not have those awakened heroes ascended, you can try Scarlet, Eorin, Ainz, Grezhul, Daimon, Oden, Mulan, Raku, Rem, Olgath, Kren, Athalia, Kalene and they’ll do a decent job. Some secondary damage dealers can also be great: Crassio has a good damage and good immunity skill to help you. Framton has a good damage and CC. Ezio is good at finishing off enemies.

Supports that increase your team’s survivability, buffs your carry’s damage or gives energy to your allies are also valuable. So Palmer, Silas, Rowan, Raine, Mortas, Rosaline, Desira, Nevanthi, Merlin, Joan of Arc, Salaki, Astar, Haelus are great heroes on this game mode. A cycle comp with Ezizh, Talene and Elijah & Lailah is also useful.

Alna with level 9 furniture is great to give immunity to her frontline partner. Zolrath with level 3 furniture is also a strong warrior because he allows your heroes to activate their skills sooner at the beginning of the battle. Albedo with signature level 30 is a huge buff to your dimensional heroes.

ATalene, Treznor, Canisa & Ruke, Veithael, Sonja are heroes with good survivability and a decent damage. Hodgkin is a tank/buffer with good CC skills. Skreg can also buff your heroes and he has a great survivability against melee damage. Mishka is a tank with great CC skills. Arthur, Oku, Mezoth, Titus and Orthros can be pretty tanky, so they’re useful in some situations.

Tamrus is very flexible. Ferael has a good energy drain skill. Lyca can give extra haste to her allies. Emilia has a good CC and good damage. Yen has shield, CC and damage. Geralt has good survivability and CC. Leonardo has a great CC and decent damage.

To understand what is the recommended investment for each one of those heroes, check our Signature Tier List, Furniture Tier List and Engraving Tier List.

Best teams to use

alna (Subs: Haelus, Haelus ⇄ , Haelus ⇄ )
alna afk arena silasDesira (Subs: , TreznorOdenHaelus, mortasMerlinafk arena silas, AstarvHodgkinDesira)
alna Odenafk arena silas (Subs: TreznorHaelusmortasHodgkinOden, mortasafk arena silas, AstarvDesira)
ABelinda without Alna
alna (Subs: Haelus, Haelus ⇄ , Haelus ⇄ )
ABelinda without Alna
(Subs: Haelus, )
AThane without Alna
Haelus (Subs: , afk arena silasHaelus, Treznor, Astarv)
ABaden without Alna
Oden (Subs: TreznorMishka, afk arena silasmortasDesiraHodgkin, afk arena silasmortasDesira, MishkaHaelusafk arena silasmortasOden)
ABrutus dimensionals
Albedo Merlin (Subs: Ezio ⇄ , EzioFramton ⇄ , Merlin)
ABrutus invade
FramtonHaelus (Subs: Awakened PhoenixTreznorMerlinEzioAstarv ⇄ , MerlinAwakened Phoenix, AstarvMerlinEzioAwakened PhoenixFramton, AstarvHaelus)
Dimensional comp without ABrutus
AlbedoMerlin  (Subs: EzioAwakened Phoenix ⇄ , EziodaimonAwakened Phoenixjoker, EziodaimonAwakened Phoenixjoker)
ASolise comp
Mishka AstarvScarlet (Subs: Mishka, Haelusmortas ⇄ AstarvScarlet, mortasDesira)
Hypogean comp
Framtonmortas (Subs: MezothAwakened-Ezizh, ScarletOden, ScarletAwakened-Ezizhafk arena silasDesiraFramton, Awakened-Ezizhafk arena silasDesiramortas)
Burst comp
(Subs: , kren, DesiraHaelus)
Cycle comp
mortas (Subs: Awakened Phoenix, Lucretia ⇄ mortas, DesiraMerlin, )

Badges and Seals

Axe of Fury is great for ABelinda teams and cycle teams.

Dagger of Disaster is only good on ABrutus comps, AThane comps or Eorin comps.

Meteoric Rise and Cloud of Tempest are great on any team. They’re very strong badges.

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Use Boulder Armor on teams with shields.

Each Badge can have 3 Seals equipped: 1 circle, 1 diamond, 1 hexagon. Seal tiers operate on a color basis (Yellow > Purple > Blue > Green. So yellow has the best effects). All seals are cleared after defeating Raven boss.

Sworn to Death is the best circle seal, Endless Energy is the best diamond seal, Soul Drainer is the best hexagon seal. Unfazed (circle) and Call to Arms (hexagon) are also great.


Trait Enhancer is by far the highest priority, so max this whenever possible. 

At least Level 1 of Fearsome Alliance, Silent Alliance, Unforeseen Power and Dimensional Force is recommended.

Lightning Duel is the best purple beacon, it is recommended to upgrade this to level 3 or 4. Noble Legacy is the second best, you can level up this one if you think you need it.

Blue beacons are not worth it.


Between Grievous Realm or Realm of Exploration, choose the one you think will be easier. Avoid enemies like Leonardo, Zolrath, Zaphrael when you can. Satrana, Isabella, Morrow can also be very annoying.

Always choose Flora’s Dew and Blessed Realm. They are free passes.

Beckoning Place is by far the most important floor. Always choose Beckoning Place. It will give you a strong mercenary.

Vexing Realm is a free floor, you just need to click on abadon to skip it.

You will fight against a boss every 20 floors. The hardest boss for most players will be Rigby (floor 70 and 140), but you can kill him with anti-heal heroes like Silas, Ferael with signature level 20 or 30, Treznor with engraving level 30, and heroes with a very high burst damage.

Award Swap Section

This is the Temporal Rift’s store where you can exchange Medals of Courage for rewards.

The most valuable item on this store is Awakened Solise. The second most valuable item is Awakened Brutus if you’re planning to ascend him soon. If you already have Awakened Solise ascended and you’re not building Awakened Brutus, go for Time Emblems.

All Medals of Courage will be reset to zero when the current Temporal Rift event ends.

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