Summer Vow Events: New Lucius/Belinda/Tavern Skins

Series of outstanding AFK Arena events for this summer! Stay safe at home and play AFK Arena!

A guide by whitesushii

Summer Vow Guide

Free Players:

Daily Quests Voyage of Wonders AFK Rewards
pledge stones Heart 10pledge stones per day
120pledge stones total
60 pledge stones total 12-24pledge stones per day
144-288 pledge stones total
pristine pearls Pearls 20pristine pearls per day
240pristine pearls total
600pristine pearls total 240pristine pearls per day
2880pristine pearls total
So, free players could get between 324-468 pledge stones at max during the event.
If you purchase the event deals every day.
sumer vow event afk arena
Credits: G-Salvation

The Summer Vow A Cordial Exchange

What should I get?

  1. Emblem Chest / Twisted Essence: Best value. Regular players should go for Red Emblems while whales should go for Essences.
  2. Zolrath / Orthos: Celepogeans come in second but if you have to choose one, I recommend Zolrath and committing to ascending him for +3 furniture.
  3. Amplifying Emblem / Rare Cards: These are alright if you specifically need a couple but wouldn’t recommend going deep on them.
  4. Primordial Emblem / Belinda / Faction Reset: These are either low value or low impact (reset scrolls). Would like to emphasis once again that if you need specific heroes, use your hero choice on it and spent event tokens on one of the better rewards.
  5. Belinda Skin: Purely cosmetic reward (skin for Belinda) that has no tangible benefits. Picking her up equates to trading off 80 faction emblems which is like 213 days worth from AFK re-wards. Overall decent for collectors/completionists (especially if you have all the other hero skins) but personally I don’t use Belinda anymore and the trade-off is too significant.
  6. 3000 PoE Coins: Only worth 1200 diamonds (store refresh) or 2123 diamonds (store refresh + buy with diamonds). Comparatively, the same amount of hearts buys you 26 faction emblems which is approximately 3900 diamonds and that is going off roamer prices almost double that of PoE Coins. As such, think it’s a pretty poor choice to go for them.

Duration: 14 days

afk arena pc download
  • During the event, players can exchange the pledge stones Pledge Stones for the rewards in the image above.
  • Players can acquire the pledge stones Pledge Stones via Daily Activity Chests, AFK Rewards, and Voyage of Wonders Rewards.
  • Player’s campaign progress affects the drop rate of pledge stones Pledge Stones.
  • Players must possess at least one Mythic hero in order to redeem exclusive gear.

new belinda skin

Pearl Prevents

Players can send pristine pearls gifts to other players via their “Player Info” page during the event.

Leaderboard rankings will be determined by the total amount of pristine pearls “Pristine Pearls” players receive during the event. Players will have the chance to be rewarded with a limited edition Summer frame, which is determined by their final leaderboard ranking. Frames shall be sent to player’s inbox at the end of the event.

pristine pearls Pristine Pearls can be obtained via Voyage of Wonders and AFK Rewards (in 12 days only).

If you purchase pledge stones Pledge Stones from the store, you will receive free pristine pearls Pearls as well.

NEW EVENTS ANALYSIS. Best rewards guide for Summer Vow, Pearly Presents [AFK ARENA]

Summer Delights

Log in every day to acquire a lot of rewards.

Log into the game for 7 days to unlock the last chest, which contains one of the following Heroes (your choice!): Lucius, Skreg, Nemora, Baden or Flora.

treasure hunters

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Treasure Hunters

There are 15 quests in total. Finish quests to complete a horizontal/vertical row to unlock the rewards wishing bottle which can be further exchange for new Dolly skin, Summon Scrolls, and other valuable items via the Ocean Treasures menu.

  1. Players can complete quests on the event page in exchange for a variety of rewards.
  2. Every completed quest will further your progress towards unlocking a new chest. If a complete row or column of quests are completed, a chest will be unlocked and you may claim the rewards it holds within.
    • Each quest gives 20 wishing bottle.
    • Unlock a full row to get 40wishing bottle
    • Unlock a full column to get 50wishing bottle
  3. Mercenary heroes as well as the Labyrinth’s Rickety Cart heroes may be used to fulfill the Treasure Quests’ hero requirements.
  4. Every single victory of multi-formation Campaign battles that occur after Chapter 31 or onwards will count towards the summer event.
  5. Complete all quests to acquire Lucius’ Exclusive Skin: The Mariner.
Quest Description
1 Use 2 or more Support heroes in a single Battle to achieve victory 20 times within the Arcane Labyrinth, Campaign or King’s Tower.
2 Acquire 2 Elite Mauler Heroes during the Event.
3 Send 100 Companion Points
4 Acquire All Rewards in a Voyage of Wonders 1 Time
5 Use 2 or more Mage heroes in a single Battle to achieve victory 20 times within the Arcane Labyrinth, Campaign or King’s Tower.
6 Acquire 2 Elite Graveborn Heroes during the Event.
7 Acquire 2 Elite Lightbearer Heroes during the Event.
8 Defeat Labyrinth Bosses 15 Times
9 Use 2 or more Warrior heroes in a single Battle to achieve victory 20 times within the Arcane Labyrinth, Campaign or King’s Tower.
10 Use Fast Rewards 10 Times
11 Use 2 or more Tank heroes in a single Battle to achieve victory 20 times within the Arcane Labyrinth, Campaign or King’s Tower.
12 Participate in 15 Guild Hunts
13 Use 2 or more Ranger heroes in a single Battle to achieve victory 20 times within the Arcane Labyrinth, Campaign or King’s Tower.
14 Acquire 2 Elite Wilder Heroes during the Event.
15 Complete 12 Team Bounty Quests

ocean treasure

Ocean Treasures

  1. Players may exchange wishing bottle Wishing Bottles for rewards up until the event ends (14 days).
    summer event rewards
  2. Players can acquire lots of Wishing Bottles in the Treasure Hunters and Summer Delights events.
  3. Players must possess at least one (1) Mythic hero in order to be able to redeem exclusive gear.
  4. Players may exchange Poe Coins in this event after unlocking the Oak Inn feature.
  5. Excess Wishing Bottles will be recalled for 10k Gold per bottle once the event has concluded.
  6. Players can select the Summer-Dolly skin from the Noble Tavern’s ‘Skins’ page after acquiring it.

new skin for dolly

Cool Refreshments

Get the free trial Summer Dolly skin for 7 days!

new tavern girl skin

Treasure Hunters, Ocean Treasures, Summer Delights, Cool Refreshments, Vault of Time [AFK ARENA]

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