Halloween Event – Noctis Animarum Treats

AFK Arena Halloween Event is here with a ton of rewards, including the new Thoran Skin, Flora Skin, and more! Give heroes candies and earn rewards!

Halloween Event: Noctis Animarum Treats

1. During the event, players can give candy to 3 surprise visitors every day, with which they can receive corresponding rewards | after successfully gifting away each piece of candy.

2. When the number of candies reaches the number required by the corresponding visitors, a reward shall become available. And if a visitor is given ALL of their favorite candy, a new message will be triggered (it’s not a reward). You can give any candy to any hero, no issue at all.

3. Give candy to a total of 30 visitors during the event to receive Thoran’s Exclusive Skin – Treacherous Tyrant.

4. If a player does not give candy away to visitors, the number of times candy can be given away shall be accumulated. Players can use the refresh function to re-summon surprise visitors by spending diamonds after visitors have already successfully received their candy. It costs 50 Diamonds to summon each visitor.

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5. Players can acquire candy from Daily Activity Chests and by doing battle in the Noctis Animarum event. The type of candy received shall depend on which faction heroes players use in their formations. The number of battles you can do every day is unlimited, and it doesn’t cost anything to start the battle. Spamming a Dimensional team is best as it gives all type of candies.

6. Candy shall be automatically recalled at the end of the event.


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