AFK Arena v1.25 Patch Notes

Dear Adventurers,

Below is a list of the AFK Arena v1.25 update’s changes.

AFK Arena v1.25 Patch Notes

New Heroes

  • 1. Added the new Celestial hero: Orthros – The Seer of Origins
  • 2. Added the new Wilder hero: Lorsan – Wind Whisperer

New Additions and Optimizations

1. Added the new adventure The Fabled Forest” to the Voyage of Wonders, available from 20/09/19 at 00:00 UTC.
2. Added the new campaign chapter: Chapter 31 – The Damned Cemetery
3. Completely reworked the Guild Hall interface and added a new Guild Grounds feature, where each member can set up their own personal encampment.
4. Added a new guild role called “Exemplar”. Exemplars can be appointed by the Guild Master or Guild Deputy. Guild members will be able to send mercenary hiring requests to guild Exemplars. The maximum amount of Exemplars a guild may have is determined by the guild’s level.
5. Added the new guild event: Pillage & Plunder which will be available from 20/09/19 at 00:00 UTC
6. Added a smart-ascension feature to the Temple of Ascension which will intelligently auto-ascend recommended Rare+ tier heroes into Elite tier heroes.
7. Completely redesigned the Deals page.
8. Redesigned the hero display page and added each heroes’ brief description to the page.
9. Added a completely new visual effect which is displayed when receiving a new hero.
10. Optimized the way players check hero formations for multiple features.
11. The revert heroes feature is now locked by default. It may only be unlocked once the hero’s reversion requirements are met.
12. Added a feature allowing players to use diamonds to purchase Medals of Valor and Heroic Merits within the Regal Rewards and Champions of Esperia features 4 days before the events end.
13. Optimized the font of the English settings header.
14. Amplifying Emblems may be bought from the Store with Gold Coins once the player has passed Chapter 22 of the campaign.
15. Optimized the Regal Rewards description to help prevent players from incorrectly using the feature.
16. Optimized the icons of relics found within the Arcane Labyrinth and Peaks of Time.

Hero Balance Changes

1. The abilities below have been adjusted so that they now prioritize non-summoned targets first:
  • Nemora’s “Life Force”
  • Nemora’s “Nature’s Touch”
  • Angelo’s “Encourage”
  • Belinda’s “Blessing”
  • Lucius’ “Divine Blessing”
  • Mirael’s “Flame Shield”
  • Lailah & Elijah’s “Grace”
2. Skreg – The Cunning
  • Made significant adjustments to Skreg’s abilities. For more details please view his ability page.
3. Ezizh – Hellborn
  • Increased Ezizh’s defense rating by approximately 7%
  • Adjusted the ability “Mental Fury” so that allies now recover 40/40/50 energy points every 3 seconds instead of the previous 12/12/14 energy points every second per each respective skill level.
  • Allies will now retain 70% of “Mental Fury’s” effects after Ezizh dies instead of the previous 50%.
4. Thoran – The Fallen King
  • The damage coefficient for the ability “Domination” has been raised from 120%/120%/140%/155% up to 120%/140%/140%/160% for each respective skill level.
  • Adjusted the level up effects from level 2 to 3 for the ability “Domination”
  • The duration of the ability “”Taint”” has been increased from 10/13/13 seconds up to 15/25/25 seconds per each respective skill level.
5. Nara – Heartcarver
  • The ability “Butchery” will now always be automatically cast within Team Hunting.
6. Golus – The Bladestorm
  • Golus’ normal attacks are now close-range AoE attacks.
7. Safiya – Daughter of the Desert
  • Ability “Static Field” will now always deal damage to the enemies of the hero that it is cast upon.
  • The ability “Spectral Disruption” will no longer be interrupted by single high damage attacks.
8. Fawkes – Death’s Defeat
  • For the ability “Confine”, if an enemy is confined within Fawkes’ coffin when all of the enemy’s allies are slain, the remaining confined enemy will be released earlier from the coffin.
9. Vurk – The Devious
  • Modified Vurk’s pre-legendary ascension appearance.
10. Antandra – Desert Fury
  • Fixed a bug causing the ability “Knockdown” to allow Antandra to recover energy despite the enemy not being knocked down or killed.
11. Fixed Issues
  • Fixed a visual imperfection affecting Numisu – The All Seer
  • Fixed a visual imperfection affecting Lyca – Keeper of Glades
  • Fixed a visual imperfection affecting Warek – The Untamed
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Lyca’s health to be erroneously reduced after battles while possessing certain relics.
Thank you for your support.
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