Hunter’s Notes: Hidden Village Event Guide

A new game mode has been added to AFK Arena known as Hunter’s Notes, as well as an event called Hidden Village in that mode. Here in this AFK Arena Hidden Village Event Guide we are going to discuss everything about this event, as well as give you some tips on passing the hardest stages.

Game Mode – Hunter’s Notes

So, Hunter’s Notes is a new game mode added to the AFK Arena and it is quite similar to mini-game modes like Misty valley.

Hidden Village is a progressive event within Hunter’s Notes and you have to collect three stars, a total of 19 stages to pass, and a lot of challenges left for you to complete. All of this makes it one of the best events so far in AFK Arena history.

Requirements and Rewards

For completing various stages and the event itself, you will be given Hunter’s Reward like Beast Food, Time Emblem, and some summons. Besides this, there are chests as a reward for Hunter’s Notes.

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You will need to have completed stages 32 to 60 to be able to unlock this event.

It is for a limited time of a month and it isn’t sure whether Hunter’s Reward will come back after a month like the Misty Village Event, stay forever or simply disappear into the abyss after 30 days.


Keep in mind that besides being available for 30 days, there are attempts for the whole event, and you are limited to around 80 attempts. Being something similar to the other events in-game and much harder as well, you will have to be careful about the attempts.

The reason behind Hidden Village being so hard is that it doesn’t scale with power and there are limited attempts you get for the whole month, till it disappears.


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There are also a few rules that are included in the Hunter’s Notes Hidden Village Event like you can’t have mercenaries for short term, trial heroes, and relief forces. All the heroes are on the same level, meaning they are all at 360 level and come. with T2 Mythic gear.

They also have various Faction bonuses but they aren’t un-enhanced. In case there is T3 Mythic gear or something higher than this, the given Hero Bonuses which are given won’t count.

Finally, in Hunter’s Notes, you can’t make use of Artifacts.

Guide to Hidden Village Event

For the Hidden Village Event in Hunter’s Notes, there are various stages that you need to pass through. Each stage has its own Goals like Stage 1 had three goals, each one giving you a star upon fulfillment. You need to complete Stage 1 to get Stage 2.

Besides the Goals, each stage also has its own given effects on the battlefield; like a positive effect helping you in the field and a negative effect that will help the opponents.

At the end of the Stage window, you will see the formation of Opponent characters and you get to know what type of enemies are upfront. After you pass the stage, you will be given diamonds and the next stage.

As you proceed further, you will unlock various rewards in Hunter’s Reward section, which you can gain from that window.

Yes, you can also do this if you don’t have Awakened Heroes, but because of the few attempts, you will have to make sure that every attempt is a success and you will also have to invest heavily in heroes to make sure you succeed in the higher stages. There are also retries available every Monday to the limit of 80 not beyond that.

If you have around 100 attempts left, that means you won’t get extra or replenish the used ones, rather when you are at 60 there will be 20 added on each Monday for a total of 80.


You will have to attempt to reset it every seven days

  • For faster clear, you need to go for maxing ranger out or you can also max out the mage tree temporarily.
  • If you are not sure about the team, you can go for Lucretia 5-Pull from stage 1 to 10.
  • If you are not pulling the enemies towards your side, the effects like the standing firm will make them invulnerable.
  • For stages 19, 16, and 13, you will have to keep the opponents on their side and not get them on yours for heavy damage.

Stage Formations

Below are tested formations from stages 10 to 19 that are proven to help you succeed especially with how difficult this event is.

Stage 10 and 15

Stage 11

Stage 12 and 13

Stage 13 Alternative

Stage 14

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Stage 16

Stage 16 Alternative

Stage 17

Stage 18

Stage 18 Alternative

Stage 19


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