Pillage & Plunder Guide & Camp Layouts

The Guild Grounds, Pillage & Plunder, has finally come back to AFK Arena with a lot of new improvements! Let’s take a closer look to see how it works!

afk arena Pillage & Plunder

Guild Grounds: Pillage & Plunder

1. Only players that own an encampment are eligible to participate in this event.

2. Arcane Ponds found within players’ encampments are active while the event is underway and will generate resources that can be harvested.

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3. Resources generated by Arcane Ponds are determined by the player’s campaign progress. Once the event has begun this quantity will remain fixed.

fountain of jewels

4. During the event, players can place down defensive structures to fend off other players’ attacks.

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5. A player’s Martial Rating is used to participate in this event. Heroes shall retain their ascension tier, and every hero’s level is set to 240. A hero’s level may be increased by a number that is based upon the Resonating Crystal’s level.

6. All hero gear (including parts not worn) are unenhanced and have a tier level of T1. If a hero is already equipping Mythic or higher tiered gear, the Factional Attribute Bonuses that they possess shall remain in effect. Artifact and Union bonuses do not have any effect.

ballon fuel

7. Players can use the Balloon to find and then challenge other players of similar strength. Reaching their Arcane Ponds grants rewards.

8. Attacking another player’s Arcane Pond will reward resources equal to a certain amount of that player’s own Arcane Pond resource output.

9. Balloon Fuel is required to attack other players. All Arcane Ponds will produce one bottle of Balloon Fuel.

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10. When challenging another player’s territory, you may only fight a limited number of times. Each time a battle commences, one battle attempt will be consumed.

11. Players that leave their guild while the event is in progress still have a chance to be attacked by other players up until the event has ended.

12. All event rewards that were not collected before the conclusion of the event will be mailed to the player’s inbox for collection.

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13. While the event is active, players can dispatch heroes to reinforce their guildmates. Dispatching heroes will not affect the player’s own encampment defenses.

How to protect all mines?

Below are the two best camp layouts right now for Pillage & Plunder.

Shared by Tzuyu (ID: 24400951)

Layout 1

  • Forces at least 3 fights for a relevant loot (1 big and 2 small), before a possible exit.
  • Forces 4 fights for the big loot (2 big).
  • Force at least 2 fights for any loot (no free loot).

Pillage Plunder layout 2

Layout 2

  • Forces 4 fights for the big loot (2 big).
  • Forces 5 fights for the full loot.

Pillage Plunder layout 3

Old Guild Grounds Information

Once the update has been implemented, you’ll be able to enter the all new guild grounds and set up your own personal encampment. Within the encampment you’ll be able to set up watch towers and bolster your encampment’s defenses by garrisoning your own heroes as well as your guild mates’ heroes there!

The horns of war are calling. It’s time to defend your guild!

Let’s get to it! Below you can see the all new guild interface.

guild grounds

Within the main page you can see the familiar Guild Store, Guild Hunting and Guild Hall as well as the new “Pillage & Plunder” feature. Aside from all this, you’ll notice that there’s a large open space which will be at your disposal. It’s here that you’ll be able to place your own personal encampment. You can place your encampment wherever you want, so long as the space is vacant, however you may only change locations three times per day!

Once you’ve chosen a suitable location, you can enter the encampment.

guild grounds encampments

Pressing the “Structures” tab in the bottom right will bring up three structure options:
The “Watch Tower” – This structure allows you to select your own heroes and create a defensive hero formation after the tower has been placed.

The “Auxiliary Watch Tower” – This structure allows for your guildmates to garrison their heroes here to help defend your encampment. You can do this by signaling to your guildmates with a “Reinforcement Request”.

The “Barricade” – This can be used to block your enemies’ way.

If you’re not happy with your initial placements of your structures, you can change the location of these structures at any time, including the heroes that reside within them.

guild grounds encampments

When you’ve placed your “Auxiliary Tower” don’t forget to message for your guildmates, so as to notify them of your reinforcement requirements!

guild grounds afk arena

Within your encampment you’ll also notice some Arcane Ponds. These ponds have the power to manifest all types of resources and treasures, which can be collected once every 12 hours (Resources can be collected from the chest located at the top right of the Guild Grounds page). But remember, you must always stay vigilant! Other, unfriendly, greedy players have their eyes set on your arcane treasures! Thus, your defense is paramount to fending off any uninvited visitors. If your defenses aren’t up to scratch, then they’ll most definitely get away with your resources.

Luckily, your guild can help you out, because that’s what guilds do! You can call upon your guildmates’ heroes to help fend off the invaders, but keep in mind, you may only request reinforcements from two guildmates at any given time. You may also reinforce your guildmates with heroes of your own without affecting your own watch tower’s formation!

guild grounds

So how do you go about helping your guildmates? As you can see within the image, there are several yellow exclamation marks above your guildmates’ encampments. These exclamation marks show that your guildmates’ are signaling for reinforcements. In order to reinforce them, tap on an encampment and then tap “Visit” to enter your guildmate’s encampment. Once inside their encampment you may dispatch your heroes to their auxiliary watch tower.

If your defenses are inadequate and an enemy successfully plunders your encampment, then a portion of your resources will be lost to the enemy. So, make sure to bolster your encampment defenses with a powerful fighting force. But don’t worry about losing resources too many resources, you also have the opportunity to plunder your enemies’ encampments!

guild grounds 4

At the start of the event, all players will receive two bottles of “Balloon Fuel”, which is required in order for the “Pillager’s Balloon” to take flight. Balloon fuel is generated every 12 hours, however if you’d like to speed up the process you may also choose to use diamonds to acquire some.

Once you’ve entered an enemy’s encampment you can take a look at their defenses. If you fear their defenses are too powerful, you can search for a more suitable victim! You’ll be able to change your enemy target up to 6 times, after that you can use diamonds to increase the amount if you so choose.

Now, that’s enough talking, let’s get down to business; pillaging!

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