How to Purchase Fast Rewards Effectively

The cheat sheet below shows you the chapters where you should start purchasing Fast Rewards with Diamonds to get 2x value in return!

  • Pick your Player level on the Left Column
  • Pick your VIP Level on the top row.
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Credits: inSeason

It’s always recommended to use the Fast Reward at the end of the day, before the game daily reset,  as you could get into a higher chapter in the day to get more rewards.

How to Use the Fast Reward Cheat Sheet

In the sheet above, select your player level from the left row and your VIP level from the top row and then check the corresponding cells.

The cells show the most optimal campaign chapters for you to spend the Diamonds on Fast Rewards to get the 2x value in return. This includes Mythic Gears, Equipment Upgrade Stones, Artifact Fragments, Dust, EXP, Twisted Essence, Gold, PoE Coins, etc.

You can purchase the Fast Rewards 3 times every day and it respectively costs 50, 80, and 100 Diamonds.

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For example, if your player level is 120 and your VIP level is 10, it’s recommended to start paying the 50-Gem Fast Reward from Chapter 18-40 and paying 80-Gem Fast Reward from Chapter 32-60.

The optimal chapters easily get you 2x value of the Diamonds you paid for in return.

For example, If you purchase the Fast Reward for 50 Diamonds, you will get 100 Diamonds in resource value.

How The Fast Reward Data Sheet Was Built

The sheet above was built based on a lot of complex formulas evolving around plenty of factors such as VIP levels, Field of Stars, Chapter Progression, Player Value, etc.

All of the resources are calculated and converted into the raw diamond value so that they can be compared with each other.

If you are below level 180, it’s not recommended to purchase the 100-Diamon one each day. At most, spend 50 or 80 Diamonds each day.

Before, At high campaigns, where you got a lot of resources every day, it’s hard for players to determine whether or not it is worth it to spend Diamonds on Fast Rewards. It made players find to spend diamonds ineffectively.

Hopefully, people, especially high-level ones, will find this datasheet helpful!

Calculation Explanation

First and foremost, I want to give u/Artrizet and u/mrpanafonic a huge thanks because without their given data, I really just cannot finish this calculator.

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Northern Helm, Sands of Time, and Longhorn values are adjusted to Exp or Gold hours from idle rewards data [u/mrpanafonic], then converted into diamond values based on Diamonds per 2 Gold/Exp Hours.

Original Gold hours were pegged at 2 diamonds per hour, and 8 diamonds per experience hour from the store.

These values are unsatisfactory for the majority of players.

Even whales and competitive players would benefit more from buying Exp Chests from the Merchant Store, and there is never a justifiable case to buy gold chests.

Therefore, values were adjusted based on Special Daily Bundles from the Merchant Store.

These values are approximately 2x lower than previously accepted values.

Original estimates of Upgrade Stones and Mythic Gear, at least from idle rewards, were too high. These values were based on labyrinth roamer.

Because Idle rewards are random, players are unable to choose their desired upgrade stone or mythic gear type / faction. For these reasons, a lower / more accurate value was determined.

Upgrade Stone value was determined from Special Weekly Bonuses in the Merchant store. Then a ratio between upgrade stones and mythic gear was determined through guild coins.

The calculated values are approximated 2x lower than the previously estimated values.

Dynamic Values – Dust:

Dust values were determined from average dust accrued daily, 2 refreshes from the store and average bounty board dust [u/Artrizet].

The idea is that the diamond value of dust is averaged between these two sources.

Further, Dust is calculated dynamically with idle rewards, and thus scales with progression [u/mrpanafonic]

Dynamic Values – Poe Coins:

Poe values were determined from average poe accrued daily, through 2 refreshes from the store.

This calculation is exactly the same as the Dust calculation, excluding the bounty board adjustment.

Poe coins are calculated dynamically with idle rewards, and thus scales with progression [u/mrpanafonic] similarly to Dust.

Dynamic Values – Silver & Gold Emblems:

Silver and Gold Emblems were calculated dynamically with idle reward progression. Because Silver and Gold Emblems can be obtained from the store through gold, it makes sense to scale these values with baseline gold availability.

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