Blooming Wishes & Forest Sonnets

Happy Valentine day with the new incoming special events in AFK Arena: Blooming Wishes and Forest Sonnets.

Event Summary:

  • Free players can earn 30 Flower Bloom Bracelets every day = 360 Bracelets in total, for exchanging gifts.
  • Players also get Sweet Sensations from raiding Twisted Realm bosses. Give them to your friends. Players with the highest amount of Sweet Sensations will receive exclusive rewards.

Best Rewards to Exchange?

  1. red chest Red Emblem Chests + 30xprimordial emblems Primordial Emblems = recommended. (Read more: Signature Item Tier List)
  2. Artifact Chest Artifact Fragment Chest + red chest Red Emblem Chests If you are looking to max out Dura’s Call.
  3. poe coinPoe Coins + 30xprimordial emblems Primordial Emblems (Read more: Furniture Tier List)
  4. rare hero card Rare cards If you are a new player and want more fodder heroes.
  5. Twisted Essence (Read more: Elder Tree guide).
  6. Elemental ShardElemental Core Engraving Materials (Read more: Engraving Guide).
  7. Morael/Titus/Zikis + 2 red chest Red Emblem Chests (If you need the last copy to get to ascend)

Otherwise, you can buy the $0.99 package for 10 extra Flower Blooms every day.

Blooming Wishes Details & Reward Unlocks

  1. Players can exchange Flower Bloom Bracelets for various rewards during the 14-day event.
  2. Players can obtain lots of Flower Bloom Bracelets from Daily Activity Chests
  3. Players must possess at least 1 Mythic hero in order to be able to redeem items for activating or enhancing Signature Item.
  4. Event items may be exchanged for Twisted Essence at the Elder Tree, which can be used to strengthen heroes after completing Stage 12-40.
  5. Players may exchange Poe Coins in this event after unlocking the Oak Inn feature.
  6. Event items can be exchanged for Mythic Variety Chests after completing Stage 23-60.
  7. Once a player has completed Stage 16-40 they may exchange Reset Scrolls in this event. Reset Scrolls can be used to reset the factional bonuses of Mythic tier or higher gear.
  8. Event items can be exchanged for Dura’s Artifact Fragment Choice Chests after completing stage 13-40.
  9. Event items can be exchanged for T1 Stone Choice Chests after completing Stage 20-60.
  10. Event items can be exchanged for Elemental Shards and Elemental Cores after completing Stage 21-60.
  11. Event items can be exchanged for T2 Stone Choice Chests after completing Stage 25-60.
  12. Event items can be exchanged for T3 Stone Choice Chests after completing Stage 29-60.
  13. Remaining Flower Bloom Bracelets will be recalled for 40k Gold Coins per bracelet once the event has concluded.

Forest Sonnets

  1. You can send gifts to other players via their ‘Player Info’ page during the event.
  2. Leaderboard rankings will be determined by the total amount of “Sweet Sensations” players receive during the event. Players will have the chance to be rewarded with a limited edition Forest Sonets frame, which is determined by their final leaderboard ranking. Frames shall be sent to the player’s inbox at the end of the event.
  3. Players who reach Twisted Realm Floor 252 will receive a base quantity of Sweet Sensations during each result calculation. When calculating results, divisions equal to, or higher than Gold division will be granted additional Sweet Sensations. Players below Floor 252 cannot obtain any Sweet Sensations.
  4. Players will get extra Sweet Sensations when they buy Flower Bloom Bracelets from the Merchant’s page.

Background Story

Blooming Wishes

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In the sweet wedding of the couple led out of the forest by deer, the bride threw flowers picked from the forest to the guests who came to wish them happiness, hoping the one who caught them would be as happy as they were.
The young man who caught the flowers amidst the lively uproar also received sincere blessings from people. Perhaps infected by the sweet atmosphere, he became absorbed in skillfully weaving the flowers into a bracelet.
He passed the crowed and went straight through the gates of happiness, running all the way, letting the breeze blow by him until he arrived at a small house, where a girl with a smile as beautiful as a flower lived.
Panting, the young man knocked on the door. Before the girl could react, he grabbed her wrist and ran all the way to the nearby forest. The girl was taken aback by the young man, but lifted the hem of her skirt to run with him. She was full of curiosity and affection, her eyes fixed on his back.
The young man had reached the forest, and even with a deep breath could not contain himself. He held up the rudimentary bracelet he had made himself, and said dryly “look!”
The girl’s rosy face was more beautiful than the flowers. She seemed to know what was about to happen, as she had a slightly expecting smile. The young man couldn’t think straight, but managed to ask loudly “Will you spend the rest of your life with me?”
From then on, lovers often used the flowers they received from weddings to make such bracelets for each other in the hope that their love would last. Nowadays, people also use their own flower bracelets to thank the people who have helped them and to pray for a happy and fulfilling life.

Forest Sonnets

Legend has it a long, long time ago, a pair of lovers went to the forest in anger at their families’ opposition to their love, but they were unable to find their way out for a long time. They were desperate, but they snuggled together under an ancient tree and made the decision “If we can never find a way out, we’ll simply live here”.
There was however, a miraculous turn of events. Deep from within in the dark forest came a beautiful doe, her whole body seemed bathed in light as it looked at them with bright, gentle eyes.
They looked long and hard at the doe, obviously of a different species, but they could see the emotions hid behind those serene eyes, as if the mother of life was blessing her child to be happy forever.
The beautiful doe then raised her head slightly as if to greet them, and turned away slowly to leave. The tip of her nose touched a branch that was growing sideways, bending the wildflower that grew from it. The two finally left the forest guided of the doe, and the girl took pity on the broken flower, so she picked it and carried it with her.
They came out of the forest as if blessed by the gods. They reconciled with their families, full of affection and trust despite their troubles along the way, and the lovers eventually went together to the temple of happiness.
Their meeting of the magical doe in the forest was announced at their wedding, and all those told thought it a miracle, and as time passed in gradually turned to legend: If two lovers go into the forest hand-in-hand and see a beautiful doe and return with the first flower it touches, their love will be blessed by the gods.
Though the legend can no longer be traced back to its origin, when you think about it, the forest must signify a predicament, and the doe the determination of the two to spend the rest of their lives together.
And nothing else matters, the most important thing is that the two join hands, hoping for a better future, and to overcome all unknowns the future holds.

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