Mystic Starzone guide

Mystic Starzone is a PvP game mode where four militias will battle each other on one map for the best ranking. Every 70 players will form one militia and you will be matched with other players according to your enrollment.

A season of Mystic Starzone contains a total of 3 round of battles. Each round of battle consists of an enrollment stage, a matching stage, and a 3-day combat stage.

All heroes in the event shall have level of 480, with their gear and tiers unaffected. They will not receive any Artifact attribute and effect bonuses. Trial heroes and short-term mercenaries cannot be used during the event.

If you wanna know what are the best PvP comps to use on this event, check our updated PvP guide.

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The best strategy

Three different levels of Meteorite Ores will be generated randomly on the map. After defeating the guard or other occupying players, you can then start mining and earn points over time.

Premium meteorite: 54 points per minute. You must win 4 of the 7 battles to get the meteorite.

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Intermediate meteorite: 18 points per minute. You must win 3 of the 5 battles to get the meteorite.

Basic meteorite: 6 points per minute. You must win 2 of the 3 battles to get the meteorite.

You can only occupy 1 Meteorite Ore at a time. If you successfully occupy another Meteorite Ore, you will automatically abandon the one you’ve occupied.

You can mine for 3 hours per day. Once the time has elapsed, you can no longer occupy any Meteorite Ore, but you can attack other enemy militia players who are still mining. Each Meteorite Ore has a certain time limit for mining and will disappear when depleted. You can then search for a new Meteorite Ore to continue mining.

Each time you successfully occupy a Meteorite Ore, you earn a 15-minute protection period, during which you cannot be attacked and your enemies cannot see your defensive formations. Once you have left a Meteorite Ore, it cannot be occupied by anyone within your militia for 5 minutes.

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1 challenge point will be consumed to launch an attack. Your challenge points recover over time, at 1 point every 30 minutes. During the combat phase, your points and number of challenge attempts are reset to 10 each day at UTC+0.

So, the best strategy is very simple: farm 3 hours of Premium meteorite, then spend all of your remaining challenge points by defeating other militia meteorites.


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