Winter Bounties: Burning Brute

burning brute afk arena

Best Team Formations for Burning Brute



(Rosa supports Shemira)

(Rosa supports Baden)


  • Equip Dura’s Blade on Hero being followed by Rosaline. Rosaline should have Dura’s Eye
  • If you use Twins, give them Grace or Chalice.
  • The main idea is to have at least a melee that can counter the boss’s shield.

Guide to Defeating Burning Brute

Quick Team Composition Guide: 

  1. High DPS melee carry, followed by Rosaline: Kaz, Antandra, Baden, Thane, Eironn, Athalia
  2. Rosaline
  3. Rowan
  4. Melee supports: Estrilda, Warek, etc.
  5. Team buffers: Lorsan/Twins.

If you want to use ranged carry like Belinda/Shemira, you can put them in slot #2 then put Rosaline at slot #1. The Rosaline will walk in front of them and just be inside the shield to do mega damage towards the boss. If you use Belinda, turn of Auto ult when nearing the 20 and 50% damage mark so you hit him with his shield down.


The Burning Brute Event

Defeat the Burning Brute, earn Astrobells and unlock a lot of valuable rewards from the Winter Bounties Event in AFK Arena!

Players are able to attack the Burning Brute once every day. The more damage you can deal to it, the more Astrobells you get. Astrobell is the event currency, which can be exchanged for various rewards, including rare Heroes and Summon Scrolls.

Event Duration: 12 days

burning brute afk arena

Event Boss: The Burning Brute

The Burning Brute has 3 skills:



When his HP falls under 80% & 50%, he falls asleep for 5s. If the damage he receives while sleeping exceeds 10% of his total HP within 5s, he will awake, dealing insanely high nuke damage.
flame breath

Flame Breath

The Burning Brute breathes fire, dealing damage towards the enemies.

Once he awakes from the Doze state, he will burn the ground under enemies feet, dealing AoE damage to them.

blaze barrier

Blaze Barrier

The Brute creates a fiery barrier around him at the beginning of the battle. The barrier is able to reduce all of the damage coming towards him by 80%.

The shield is deactivated once he gets into the Doze state.

Event Rewards

burning brute rewards

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What dates will it run from? And what do you feed it to make it fart flames like that?


I did 100% with Thane as carry followed by Rosaline and Rowan/Estrilda/Belinda as healer+attackraiser


100% with Rowan, Wu Kong, Rigby, Estrilda and Rosaline, She boosted Wu Kong


I did 100 with Shemira, twins, Rosaline, Rowan and Monkey King, the MK was awesome 2, You should add to your team if you have it


i don’t have Rosaline 🙁


from my experience this event use how many hit you give rather than how high damage u give . cause i use all elite hero carry like thane , mk , antandra , brutus , warek ,shemira or anything that hit plenty of time or ult that hit plenty rather than just once but high damage . for buff yes twin the best + rowan for me rosaline are second choice (90-100bell all the time with it). i even got 100 bell with ira pair with rosaline as the main carry .