The Celestial Island Event

New The Celestial Island event is coming soon to the official AFK Arena server! Let’s grab some Celestial Keys and find the final rewards!

The Celestial Island

Guide by whitesushii

Playing this event, players will be able to pick the highest reward from the available list (screenshot below).

After choosing the ultimate reward, all of the rewards will get hidden and shuffled. Your main goal will be finding the ultimate reward and getting to the next stage (island).

Update: June 12th 2020.

the celestial island afk arena

From Island level 10, for every 10 islands, these Ultimate Rewards will be available:

the celestial island afk arena

Best Celestial Island Rewards?

Normal Rewards (Every Island)

  1. Blue Cards.
  2. Scrolls.
  3. Stargazer Cards.

The other rewards are not only less valuable, but are also tangible purchases (players don’t always opt for them) so we can immediately rule them out. As such, the priority should be as follows:

  • For whales (don’t need heroes): Twisted Essence.
  • For people gazing with diamonds: Stargazer Cards.
  • For people needing wishlist heroes: Scrolls.
  • For everyone else: Blue Fodder

Special Rewards (Per 10 Islands)

  1. Talene is the better choice between the two but either one is excel-lent value and you should look to pick them up every 10th island starting from the 20th.
  2. Twisted Essence (Whales): Staying relevant in LC currently heavily hinges on elder tree levels so if you are a whale with less need for other forms of rewards, this is an excellent choice.
  3. Emblem Choice Chest: It’s not bad but there are better events for these. That said, you should still get these for the 10th island (or essences) since these are valued at 9000 diamonds.
  4. Saurus: This guy is insane for bosses even at Elite so if you don’t have any copies of him, put him on your wishlist and then consider picking 1 up. Otherwise, heroes are generally terrible value.

The other rewards not listed here are terrible value. Gold emblems can be purchased using gold and aren’t great this time round either. Reset scrolls have no guarantee of giving you what you want plus just outright getting more gear via the mythic trick is better. Heroes are much better off received from wishlist unless you are literally one copy off from ascended (“completing” it).

afk arena pc download

Where to get the Celestial Keys?

  1. Daily Quest Chests: 15 per day, 180 in total.
  2. Voyage of Wonders: 100 in total (one-time reward).
  3. AFK Rewards: About 12 keys per day. 144 in total.
  4. In-Game Merchants

In total, an entirely free to play player can expect 388 to 424 keys total from this event

AFK reward keys seem to depend on island progression but most late-game players are getting around 1 key every 2 hours while my Chapter 11 account on test servers got 6 from 16 hours (which is 1 key every 2.67 hours).

The Celestial Island Rules

  1. Players can acquire Celestial Keys via AFK Rewards, completing Daily Quests or playing The Depths of Time adventure.
  2. Players are required to choose a high-value reward on each new island before they can begin opening slots.
  3. Once an island’s high-value reward has been discovered, players can choose to advance to the next island/floor or may also continue to stay searching on the current island. However, if players choose to advance, the remaining slots on the current island will disappear.
  4. During the Celestial Isles event, players are able to unlock one ultimate reward every 10 floors/islands.
  5. Remaining Celestial Keys will be recalled for 35k gold per key once the event has concluded.

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