The Frosty Isles Event

New The Frosty Isles Event (or Celestial Island) event is coming soon to the official AFK Arena server! Let’s grab some Celestial Keys and find the final rewards!

The Frosty Isles

During this event, players will be able to pick the highest reward from the available list (screenshot below).

After choosing the ultimate reward, all of the rewards will get hidden and shuffled. Your main goal will be finding the ultimate reward and getting to the next stage (island).

The Frosty Isles Event AFK Arena

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After Island level 10, for every 10 islands, these Ultimate Rewards will be available:

ultimate rewards celestial island event

Opening tiles require keys, which can be acquired for free from Daily Quests.

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Trick to Open Frosty Isles (Celestial Island)

The old trick we used for the previous event is still working well this time:

  • The rewards are usually placed in the outer ring (Blue/Cyan/Yellow) and the middle ring (Red/Orange).
  • Rewards are often found at blue, cyan, and red tiles.
  • 2 continuous islands almost never have the gate placed at the same tile.
  • The Floor 10 Rewards are usually placed next to the corner (Cyan tiles).
  • Note: Try to open all 3 chosen rewards at island 10, 20, 30, etc.

celestial reward trick

Trick shared by Llama Vincent.

Best Rewards To Get?

Normal Rewards (Every Island)

  • New Players: Blue Shards, Faction Scrolls, Red Chests
  • Mid/Late Game: Poe Coins, Red Chests, Twisted Essence.

Ultimate Rewards

  1. Twisted Essence (Whales)
  2. Emblem Choice Ches
  3. Stargazing Cards
  4. Elemental Shards

The other rewards not listed here are not as good. Gold emblems can be purchased using gold and aren’t great this time round either. 

Plentiful Delights (Exchange)

  1. Emblem Chests
  2. Twins/ Mortas (if you are getting them to Elite+)
  3. Alna/Mehira (if you are getting her to Ascended)
  4. Twisted Essence
  5. Poe Coins

Where to get the Celestial Keys?

  1. Daily Quest Chests: 30 per day, 360 in total.
  2. In-Game Merchants

In total, an entirely free to play player can get 360 glacial key keys total from this event

The Frosty Isles Rules

1. glacial key Glacial Keys can be acquired by completing daily quests while the event is underway.

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2. Players must select three treasure items per floor before they can begin their search. Players can modify their treasure items at any time, so long as they have not already discovered the treasure.

3. While searching for treasure, players may acquire treasure or Rock Orchids Rock Orchids. Dragonberries have a chance to trigger a Critical Strike, which grants players double the amount of Rock Orchids they can receive, and even more!

4. Rock Orchids Rock Orchids can be exchanged at the Store in return for rewards. Surplus Dragonberries will be recalled for 24k Gold each once the event has ended.

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5. Once one of the floor’s treasures has been discovered, players can choose to advance to the next floor or may also continue to stay searching on the current floor. However, if players choose to advance, the remaining slots on the current floor will disappear.

6. Remaining glacial key Galacial Keys will be recalled for 40k gold per key once the event has ended.

Plentiful Delights

Players can exchange Rock Orchids Rock Orchids getting from islands for various valuable rewards:

The Frosty Isles Event Rewards


Few traces of treasured items left by the deities many ages ago remain, but that does not hamper the joy that ordinary Esperians feel when they embark upon their search for these coveted items. The mortals’ creativity has unlimited possibilities. The treasured boxes created by the gods have been gradually dismantled and imitated by mortal craftsmen over many years, giving rise to an annual celebration, an event that many folk look forward to. When autumn arrives in Esperia, it can only mean one thing: the celebration is about to begin. Many folk create their own exquisite treasured boxes and await those who are smart enough to unlock the delights hidden within them. Some folk rejoice in their new findings, others are left empty-handed, sighing with disappointment. But it is precisely this type of anticipation which makes this celebration so special.

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