Ukyo – Wandering Swordsman

All Information regarding Ukyo – Wandering Swordsman in AFK Arena. Ukyo – Wandering Swordsman Faction: Dimensional  Type: Agility  Class: Warrior  Role: Continuous Damage  Rarity: Ascended Ukyo’s Skills HIENTORAJIN Ukyo leaps at his enemies and unleashes 10 swift attacks against them, dealing 70% AoE damage per … Read more

Oden – Bitterblight

Oden – Bitterblight Faction: Graveborn  Type: Intelligence  Class: Mage  Role: AoE  Rarity: Ascended Oden Skills Unlock Level (Hero) Name Icon Description 1 Soul Burn Oden completely drains all energy from the enemy that possesses the highest amount of energy, dealing 160% base damage to them. … Read more

Mezoth Guide – The Abysmal Butcher

  Mezoth – Abysmal butcher Faction: Hypogean  Type: Strength  Class: Tank  Role: Tank  Rarity: Ascended Mezoth Skills Devour (Ultimate) Mezoth cannot be controlled whenever his health is higher than 50%, and the duration for the majority of debuffs affecting him is reduced by 50%. When … Read more


Cecilia – Purger of Sins Faction: Lightbearer  Type: Agility  Class: Ranger  Role: Assassin  Rarity: Ascended Cecilia Skills Unlock Level (Hero) Name Icon Description 1 Judgement Day Cecilia summons a divine blade down upon the head of the enemy which currently has the most ‘Symbols of … Read more

Solise – The Floral Wonder

Solise – The Floral Wonder Faction: Wilder  Type: Intelligence  Class: Mage  Role: Control  Rarity: Ascended Solise’s  Skills Unlock Level (Hero) Name Icon Description 1 Blossom Fall Solise deals 280% damage to all enemies on the battlefield, leaving them temporarily stunned. Using this ability causes cherry … Read more

Skriath – The Wise One

Skriath – The Wise One Faction: Mauler  Type: Intelligence  Class: Mage  Role: AoE  Rarity: Ascended Skriath’s Skills Unlock Level (Hero) Name Icon Description 1 Desert Vortex Skriath summons a sand vortex that appears in the center of the enemy formation which persists for 5 seconds. … Read more

Wu Kong – The Monkey King

Wu Kong is designed based on the most famous character (Sun Wukong) from Chinese Mythology. You’ve probably heard the name before as Sun Wukong is a very famous character from the Chinese novel, Journey to the West. Wu Kong – The Monkey King Faction: Celestial … Read more

Khazard – The Frozen Terror

Khazard – The Frozen Terror Faction: Hypogean  Type: Intelligence  Class: Mage  Role: Mage  Rarity: Ascended Khazard Skills Unlock Level (Hero) Name Icon Description 1 Frozen Mist Khazard explodes, dealing an initial 130% damage to all enemies on the battlefield, causing the battlefield to become enveloped … Read more

Rigby – The Brewmaster!

Rigby – The Brewmaster Faction: Lightbearer  Type: Strength  Class: Warrior  Role: Tank  Rarity: Ascended Rigby Skills Unlock Level (Hero) Name Icon Description 1 Barrel Bomb Rigby hurls his barrel towards an enemy target which deals 150% damage on impact. Rigby then throws his pipe into … Read more

Zolrath – The Voidbinder

Zolrath – Voidbringer Faction: Zolrath  Type: Agility  Class: Warrior  Role: Assassin  Rarity: Ascended Zolrath Skills Unlock Leve (Hero) Name Icon Description 1 Time Rift Zolrath expends 200 energy to open a time rift. Once inside the time rift, Zolrath will continuously lose 120 energy points … Read more

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