Vyloris – The Deceitful Demoness

Vyloris – The Deceitful Demoness Faction Hypogean Type Intelligence Class Mage Role DPS Vyloris’s Skills Signature Item: Annulus of Lethality Signature Item Skill: Havoc The actual amount of health Vyloris uses to manifest a shield for “Fatal Embrace”is reduced by 30% (does not affect shield … Read more

Awakened Thane

Awakened Thane Faction Lightbearer Type Agility Class Ranger Role Burst Damage Awakened Thane’s Skills Special Skill: Wind Veil At the start of the battle, Thane, receives 5 layers of “Wind Veil”, and other allied heroes receive 3 ‘layers. Each Wind Veil layer increases Attack Ratings … Read more

Oku – Ironfist

Oku – Ironfist Faction  Wilder Type Strength Class Tank Role Tank Oku’s Skills Signature Item: Chitinous Shield Signature Item Skill: Forest’s Restoration 20% of Oku’s Thorned Volition that! is expended due to him actively using skills is converted into health for himself. [+10 Unlocks] 40% … Read more

Audrae – The Chaotic Star

Audrae – The Chaotic Star Faction Celestial Type Agility Class Ranger Role DPS Audrae’s Skills Signature Item: Stellar Bow and Arrow Signature Item Skill: Astral Enclosure Enemies that receive damage from “Cosmic Shower” have their Received Healing reduced by 50 points for 6 seconds. This … Read more

Alaro – Desert’s Eye

Alaro – Desert’s Eye Faction Mauler Type Agility Class Support Role Buffer Alaro’s Skills Signature Item: Mauler Warhorn Signature Item Skill: All Too Easy Passive. Allies within a certain range of Alaro recover health equal to 190% of his Attack Rating, and gain 30 Dodge … Read more

Ezizh – Lord of Nightmares (Awakened Ezizh)

Ezizh – Lord of Nightmares Faction Hypogean Type Intelligence Class Mage Role Continous Damage Awakened Ezizh’s Skills Special Skill: Dream Veil After every 10 seconds of battle, Ezizh enters a dream state that allows him to become immune to all damage and control effects for … Read more

Fane – The Wicked Warden

Fane – The Wicked Warden Faction Graveborn Type Agility Class Support Role Debuffer Fane‘s Skills Signature Item: Bone Hook Signature Item Skill: Prison Master Each time an ally enters or leaves the Bone Prison, they are granted a shield that has a value equal to … Read more

Melusina – Baba Yaga

Melusina – Baba Yaga Faction Dimensional Type Intelligence Class Mage Role DPS Baba Yaga‘s Skills Signature Item: Staff of Domination Signature Item Skill: Soul Taker When the skill “Soul Pilfer” is continuously stealing attributes from an enemy, it shall also steal 30 Energy points from … Read more

Scarlet – The Arcane Shadow

Scarlet – The Arcane Shadow Faction Lightbearer Type Intelligence Class Mage Role DPS Scarlet‘s Skills Signature Item: Arcane Stabilizer Signature Item Skill: Lingering Power Residual dark energy surrounds enemies who are struck by Scarlet’s Ultimate skill, which randomly explodes within a span of 8 seconds. … Read more

Talene – The Resurging Flame (Awakened Talene)

Talene – The Resurging Flame Faction Celestial Type Intelligence Class Tank Role Buffer Awakened Talene’s Skills Special Skill: The Solaran Realm Whenever an allied hero deals a Critical Strike to an enemy, Talene uses the power of Solaris to deal 240% additional damage to the … Read more

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