Yennefer – The Vengerberg’s Sorceress

Yennefer – The Vengerberg’s Sorceress Faction Dimensional Type Intelligence Class Mage Role Buffer Yennefer – The Vengerberg’s Sorceress’ Skills Signature Item: Yennefer’s Necklace Signature Item Skill: Aligned Defense Increases Energy Recovery by 30% for allied heroes within the Magic Barrier when they suffer damage. [+10 … Read more

Geralt – The White Wolf Witcher

Geralt – The White Wolf Witcher Faction Dimensional Type Agility Class Warrior Role Continuous Damage Geralt – The White Wolf Witcher‘s Skill Signature Item: Wolf School Medallion Signature Item Skill: Wolf’s Sword Increases the attack range of Whirl and Rend. Every time Geralt uses Rend, … Read more

Awakened Solise – Water Animator

Awakened Solise – Water Animator Faction Wilder Type Intelligence Class Support Role Regen Awakened Solise – Water Animator’s Skills Signature Item: Crescent Staff Signature Item Skill: Water’s Call Upgrade Skill Water’s Call Lvl, when Solise’s skills heal allies other than water spirits, they will also … Read more

Tarnos – The Atoner

Tarnos – The Atoner Faction Celestial Type Strength Class Warrior Role Continuous Damage Tarnos – The Atoner’s Skills Signature Item: Avenger’s Blade Signature Item Skill: Avenger’s Blade After using the Oathbearer’s Strike, Tarnos’ normal attack damage increases by 75% within the next 4 seconds. [+10 … Read more

Eorin – The Forest Sting

Eorin – The Forest Sting Faction  Wilder Type Agility Class Ranger Role Burst Damage Eorin – The Forest Sting’s Skills Signature Item: Parasitic Spear Signature Item Skill: Parasitic Spear Each stack of Poisonous Mushroom the enemy has reduces the damage they deal to Eorin by … Read more

Joan of Arc – Dawn Protector

Joan of Arc – Dawn Protector Faction Dimensional Type Strength Class Support Role Buffer Joan of Arc’s Skills Signature Item: Iris Standard Signature Item Skill: Standard Protection After Joan of Arc places the Phantom Standard in the enemy’s backline, allied heroes take 6% less damage. … Read more

Awakened Brutus – Lion’s Pride

Awakened Brutus – Lion’s Pride Faction Mauler Type Strength Class Tank Role Tank Special Skill: Mountain’s Strength When a shield is generated on the battlefield, by using the Earth Emblem, the “Mountain Breaker” absorbs the Power of Earth to absorb an amount of energy equal … Read more

Kalene – The Bloody Feast

Kalene – The Bloody Feast Faction Graveborn Type Intelligence Class Mage Role Continuous Damage Kalene – The Bloody Feast Skill Signature Item: Necrohound Signature Item Skill: Blood Feast Kalene recovers 2% health per second while torturing her victim. [+10 Unlocks] Kalene recovers 2.5% health per … Read more

Thoratus – The Fallen Blood Claw King

The Hero Fusion Concept is NOT Affiliated with the AFK Arena game in any way! Brutus and Thoran are two heroes loved by the AFK Arena community. However, today they come together to combine into a force that cannot be reckoned with. Introducing their fused … Read more

Anasta – The Sacrifice

Anasta – The Sacrifice Faction Mauler Type Strength Class Warrior Role Continuous Damage Anasta – The Sacrifice Skills Signature Item: Windcleaver Signature Item Skill: Inextinguishable Might Throughout the confrontation period, Anasta gains 15 Tenacity points, and the duration of most debuffs she may be suffering … Read more

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