Haelus – The Crafter

Haelus – The Crafter Faction: Celestial  Type: Intelligence  Class: Support  Role: Buffer  Rarity: Ascended Haelus Skills Laws of Creation Haelus forges an obelisk in front of himself which is imbued with all of his own starting attributes which is immune to control effects and is … Read more

Mishka – The Wild Child

Mishka – The Wild Child Faction:  Wilder Type: Strength  Class:  Tank  Role:  Tank Mishka Skills Werebear Mishka transforms into Werebear form and jumps into the densest area of enemies, dealing 250% damage to surrounding enemies as she hits the ground, knocking them into the air and … Read more

Granit – Desert’s Stone

Granit – Desert’s Stone Faction: Mauler  Type:  Strength  Class:  Tank  Role:  Tank Granit’s Skills Sand Vortex Granit is born from the earth and cannot be knocked into the air. Granit unleashes a tempestuous sand vortex that deals 320% damage to all enemies within its Area … Read more

Zikis – The Languid

Zikis – The Languid Faction: Hypogean  Type: Agility  Class: Ranger  Role:  Debuffer  Rarity: Ascended Zikis Skills Burning Sight Zikis teleports to the edge of his team’s side of the battlefield and attacks enemies within range, with an Infernal Beam every 0.13 seconds over a duration … Read more

Morrow – The Dark Crow

Morrow – The Dark Crow Faction: Lightbearer  Type: Intelligence  Class: Mage  Role: Control Morrow Skills Eye of Evil Morrow summons an Eye of Evil that deals 200% damage 5 times to enemies within range. Enemies that are burned are unable to use their Ultimate abilities … Read more

Hodgkin – The Reviled Captain

Hodgkin – The Reviled Captain Faction:  Graveborn  Type:  Strength  Class:  Tank  Role:  Tank Hodgkin’s Skills The Immortal Hodgkin summons a ghost ship that crashes into the most concentrated area of enemies, dealing 330% AoE damage to enemies, simultaneously siphoning the souls of all enemies on … Read more

Titus – Guardian of the Mountain

Titus – Guardian of the Mountain Faction: Celestial  Type: Strength  Class: Tank  Role: Tank  Rarity: Ascended Titus Skills Temple Guardian Passive: Titus is immune to control effects throughout battles and receives 35% less damage. At the start of battle Titus enters a dormant state until … Read more

Thali – Maniacal Mage

Thali – Maniacal Mage Faction: Mauler  Type: Intelligence  Class: Mage  Role: DPS  Rarity: Ascended Thali Skills Pyromaniac Thali enters a state of frenzy which lasts for 12s. While in a frenzy, Thali’s Energy recovery is reduced by 40%, her Attack Rating is increased by 30%, … Read more

Merlin – Seer of Destiny

Everything you want to know about Merlin – Seer of Destiny, the second non-limited Dimensional Hero in AFK Arena! Merlin – Seer of Destiny Faction: Dimensional  Type: Intelligence  Class: Support  Role: Regen  Rarity: Ascended Players can test play Merlin or purchase him for half price. … Read more

Walker – The Lone Ranger

Quick look at the new AFK Arena Lightbearer hero: Walker – The Lone Ranger Walker – The Lone Ranger Faction: Lightbearer  Type: Strength  Class: Warrior  Role: Continuous Damage Walker’s Skills Saloon Blast (Ultimate) Walker uses his shotgun to fire a shell at the enemy directly … Read more

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