Vika – Whip-Wielding Wanderer

Vika – Whip-Wielding Wanderer Faction Mauler Type Intelligence Class Mage Role Continuous Damage Vika – Whip-Wielding Wanderer‘s Skills Signature Item: Sacred Whip Signature Item Skill: Superb Technique [Unlocked at Activation] [Unlocked at Activation] Vika gains 12 points of Insight and Proficiency when the gyro is … Read more

Lavatune – Abyssal Rocker

Lavatune – Abyssal Rocker Faction Hypogean Type Intelligence Class Support Role Buffer Lavatune – Abyssal Rocker’s Skills Signature Item: Bawling Bass Signature Item Skill: Electrifying Thrill [Unlocked at Activation] Energy restored by Torrent Metal is increased to 130 points.[Unlocked at +10] The proportion of Attack … Read more

Lady Simona – Bell Ringer

Lady Simona – Bell Ringer Faction Graveborn Type Intelligence Class Mage Role Control Lady Simona – Bell Ringer‘s Skill Signature Item: Scouge Speaker Signature Item Skill: Soaring Sonata [Unlocked at Activation] For every 260 Energy Lady Simona stores in her bell during this battle, her … Read more

Awakened Shemira – The Soulreaver

Awakened Shemira – The Soulreaver Faction Graveborn Type Intelligence Class Tank Role Tank Awakened Shemira – The Soulreaver’s Skills Signature Item: Cursed Soulchain Signature Item Skill: Dreadful Dance [Unlocked at Activation] When an enemy hero takes damage from a Tortured Soul 3 times, their Defense … Read more

Robin Hood – The Heroic Bandit

Robin Hood – The Heroic Bandit Faction Dimensional Type Agility Class Ranger Role Debuffer Robin Hood – The Heroic Bandit‘s Skills Signature Item: Nameless Bow Signature Item Skill: Righteous Legacy [Unlocked at Activation] For every 1 coins Rob the Rich distributes to an allied hero, … Read more

Jerome – Commander of the Waves

Jerome – Commander of the Waves Faction Lightbearer Type Strength Class Warrior Role Buffer Jerome – Commander of the Waves’ Skills Signature Item: Torch Bearer Captain’s Hat Signature Item Skill: Decisive Action [Unlocked at Activation] At the start of battle, Jerome gains 200 Energy points.[Unlocked … Read more

Awakened Lyca – The Dawnbringer

Awakened Lyca – The Dawnbringer Faction Wilder Type Agility Class Ranger Role Continuous Damage Awakened Lyca – The Dawnbringer’s Skills Signature Item: Nebula Bow Signature Item Skill: Starlight Protection [Unlocked at Activation] Starlight also increases Accuracy by 90 points and Magic Efficiency by 30 points. … Read more

Lucilla – Maiden of Dusk

Lucilla – Maiden of Dusk Faction Hypogean Type Strength Class Support Role Debuffer Lucilla – Maiden of Dusk’s Skills Signature Item: Crimson Scythe Signature Item Skill: Tidal Domain [Unlocked at Activation] While the domain is active, all allied heroes deal 5% more damage. Damage is … Read more

Liberta – Scion of Dawn

Liberta – Scion of Dawn Faction Celestial Type Intelligence Class Support Role Regen Liberta – Scion of Dawn’s Skills Signature Item: Gemini Equilus Signature Item Skill: Justice Reigns [Unlocked at Activation] Grants 50 Energy when an allied hero gains a Blessing Orb.[Unlocked at +10] Reduces … Read more

Naroko – The Dune Gremlin

Naroko – The Dune Gremlin Faction Mauler Type Strength Class Tank Role Regen Naroko – The Dune Gremlin’s Skills Signature Item: Tremor Bells Signature Item Skill: Symbiotic Bond [Unlocks] Each time Nadia grows, she permanently increases her allied heroes attributes by 2% of her Attack … Read more

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