10th Anniversary Invite

This is a special anniversary event that allows you to choose a hero copy and win some prizes.

During the 10th Anniversary Invite event, you will receive a Fidelia seedling. By completing certain quests, you can acquire Water Drops to cultivate Fidelia. Once your Fidelia has grown to Sprout and Bud phases, you will receive corresponding rewards.

Once your Fidelia has grown to the Bloom phase, you can send a letter inviting your favorite hero to join your team! (Only Celestial, Hypogean, and Four Factions heroes released before 2023 can be invited.)

On the image below, you can see the prizes you will receive when you get 400 Water Drops, 1000 Water Drops and 1800 Water Drops.

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You will earn 200 Water Drops every day during the event. You can also earn extra Water Drops by completing some quests:

– Defeat the Labyrinth Bosses 6 times to earn +400 Water Drops.

– Acquire all rewards in the Voyage of Wonders to earn +400 Water Drops.

– Draw furniture 20 times in the Workshop to earn +200 Water Drops.

– Lure beasts 10 times during the event to earn +200 Water Drops.

Don’t worry, if you’re an active player, you will be able to easily collect all prizes.

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