The Realm of Denial (Peaks of Time / Wandering Balloon)

This is the step-by-step guide for The Realm of Denial, which is available in the new Wandering Balloon section of Peaks of Time!

The map requires players to get to at least Chapter 29-40 to open. You also need to complete at least 60% of the “Cinder Grottoes” in order to play this map.

Simply follow our guide map below to finish the adventure.

The Realm of Denial
(Peaks of Time / Wandering Balloon)

Tap on the Pumpkin Candy Can to fill it up with candies and bait the ghost.

Get  Ainz and Albedo from the hero camps. You need to use them to fight against the #6 team to unlock the first big chest.

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Light up the candles so that the ghost cannot walk through the lightened tiles.

The enemies are easy. Everyone should be able to defeat them without any issue.

The Realm of Denial Rewards

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