Luminous Feast – Gourmelee

Gourmelee is not a normal Voyage of Wonder. Like the recent Merchant’s Adventures event, there are daily quests and bosses available for short time frames.

Luminous Feast Event Summary

The Great Escake is the new Voyage of Wonders (you can check the guide for this VoW here). Delicous Duds is where you can spend money to buy the new Nevanthi skin. Yearbook is where players can review their adventures in Esperia over the past year.

And Gourmelee is the new special event where adventurers travel with Rosaline to various places to gather special ingredients, create delicious culinary delights, fight against bosses, and earn rewards. Check the guide below to see how to get S recipes and hidden recipes, and the best teams to use against the bosses.

Gourmelee Event Guide

Chef’s Challenge

Once the event starts, one new area can be unlocked and explored each day. While exploring the map, you can collect ingredients from different areas to prepare dishes. On your journey, you will occasionally encounter sous-chefs with different qualities. After joining your team, they can assist you in cooking.

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Within the first 7 days of the event, 2 dishes will be unlocked on Day 1, and then 1 dish will unlocked every day. However, the first dish must be completed before the next dish can be prepared.

The higher the final culinary points for a dish, the higher its rating. Ratings are defined as S, A, B, C, and D. By achieving a higher culinary score and rating for your dish, you can complete the quest and receive a different reward.

Also, each dish has a hidden recipe. You can unlock it by using a specific focus point combination. You will receive diamonds after unlocking the recipe.

Do not worry if you do not get S rating in your first try. Your sous-chefs will gain a little culinary experience every day after cooking. The higher their culinary experience, the higher your cooking score. So you will eventually get S rating.

Here are the right combination to get S rating on all recipes and to unlock each hidden recipe:

Powerful Enemies

While exploring the map, player can collect Heirlooms on the map. When fighting against bosses, each of your teams can arm themselves with a maximum of three Heirlooms to increase their strength.

After you find the boss on the map, you can enter the battle by clicking on the “Powerful Enemies” icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

First Boss: Thesku

Grezhul, Awakened Thane, Elijah & Lailah,  Palmer,  Estrilda is the strongest team against this boss. Scarlet Scarlet, Awakened Belinda, Drez Drez, are also great damage dealers if you do not have Awakened Thane. mortas Mortas is a great replacement for Estrilda.

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Cloaked Daggers, Firebringer and Swift Bow are the best Heirlooms here.

Second Boss: Treznor

Use the same comp that you used against Thesku. The meta is basically the same.

Just remove Firebringer and add Close Up Claw heirloom.

Third Boss: Sonja

Awakened Belinda, Awakened Solise, Rosaline, Palmer, Elijah & Lailah is the strongest comp against this boss. mortas Mortas can replace Rosaline and Grezhul can replace Awakened Solise.

Grezhul, Awakened Solise, Elijah & Lailah, Palmer, mortas Mortas is the best comp for those who don’t have Awakened Belinda. Scarlet Scarlet or Awakened Baden can also do pretty well as Grezhul’s frontline partner.

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