Judgment Chronicles: Silent Wasteland

Judgment Chronicles is a game mode very similar to Hunter’s Notes and Fantastic Beasts game modes.

Silent Wasteland is the first event of Judgment Chronicles and it is available for players who have cleared the stage 32-60 on Campaign. After the limited-time event ends, the condition for unlocking the event will change to “clear stage 21-60” and the enemies’ difficultt for the event will also be reduced.

This is a guide where we will post solutions to get all rewards.


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Combination of teams that can get three stars on all stages

Option 1
Team 1:  
Team 2: alna Mishka
Team 3: daimon Oden afk arena silas Hodgkin
Team 4: arthur Albedo Merlin


Option 2
Team 1: Mishka Raku   
Team 2: alna   
Team 3:   Oden afk arena silas Desira
Team 4: Albedo Merlin


Option 3
Team 1: Mishka   Scarlet    
Team 2: arthur Albedo Merlin  
Team 3: Hodgkin  afk arena silas Oden
Team 4: Astarv


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Option 4
Team 1:
Team 2: Haelus Scarlet
Team 3: Merlin Albedo  
Team 4:  


A few other suggestions of comps that can be used as your first team to easily beat all stages

Mishka Raku Astarv
Mishka Astarv
Mishka Astarv
Mishka Astarv


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